The HC Support Network was started on the 25th March in 2000 from a generous donation from Global Herbal Supplies. The online support forum was developed to provide a place where people affected by the herpes virus could talk openly and honestly about their real life experiences, without judgment or stigma.

Global Herbal Supplies is an Australian company owned by Dr John Spurge, ND author of the Herpes Free Diet Guide and creator of the product Dynamiclear.

It has always been a key agenda of the management staff of HC to make sure the website remains impartial and independent. The forum is a place where people can freely express their opinions and will not be tainted by advertising.

Since its introduction the HC Support Forum has grown into the largest and most active website specifically related to herpes on the net. The website consistently has over a quarter of a million visitors each month and has thousands of active users.

The phenomenal success of the forum has been due to many valued moderators donating their time and efforts selflessly. Without the efforts of our moderators and the donation from Global Herbal Supplies the forum would not exist. To every person and company that has supported the HC Support Network since its beginning – thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we hope life blesses you with much happiness.