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By Dr John Spurge, N.D.

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From my personal and clinical experience of using Dynamiclear I have compiled what I believe to be the main Advantages and Disadvantages that a user can expect.


I find that Dynamiclear consistently gives good results for over 95% of my clients and customers with only some minor disadvantages in some cases

– the core advantage Dynamiclear has over other treatments is that it requires just a single application for total treatment.

Add to this it is a safe and non-toxic formulation that has been used successfully throughout the world for over a decade.

The main disadvantage, if there is one, with Dynamiclear is that it can cause a moderate antiseptic stinging sensation when first applied to an outbreak. This pain will quickly subside and relieves burning, tingling and irritation.

Dynamiclear does not cure the herpes simplex virus – it only detroys the viral cells it can make direct contact with.

Review of Dynamiclear - Clinically tested, effective relief of HSV symptoms.


Advantages of Dynamiclear

Single application treatment

This sets Dynamiclear apart from other herpes treatments. Dynamiclear only has to be applied one time per herpes or cold sore outbreak, not five times every day until symptoms clear. This means you can apply it and forget it, it all takes less than 30 seconds.  One application does a complete job of healing symptoms from start to finish. I have witnessed this even on stubborn long lasting outbreaks and have been amazed.

Fastest and easiest treatment I have ever seen

In total a correct application of Dynamiclear takes 30 seconds to complete. Nothing else on the market even comes close to this speed. Take a look at a video of the treatment being applied below:

Noticeably faster healing

Dynamiclear works fast, very fast.. The speed at which the outbreak heals differs from person to person but in my experience Dynamiclear halves the healing time.

The speed at which it can clear outbreaks is related to how its active ingredients work. When Dynamiclear is applied to a breakout it penetrates deep into the cell where the herpes simplex viruses (HSV) are hosting and destroys any virus that it encounters on the skin’s surface.

This is not to say that all herpes symptoms will be healed overnight after applying Dynamiclear, but a person should be able to see noticeable signs of their outbreak healing much quicker than normal.

Virtually side effect free

One very positive, but yet underestimated benefit of Dynamiclear, is that it is virtually side effect free. All of its ingredients are well-known natural compounds that have a very low risk of causing reaction. What makes this treatment particularly safe is that Dynamiclear is not a pill that is taken internally; it is an antiviral gel that is applied onto the skin in a very small quantity — in a single application.  Unlike internal medications, there is absolutely no risk whatsoever of toxicity when using Dynamiclear.

Peer reviewed published effectiveness and tolerability

The claims about the safety and effectiveness of Dynamiclear are supported in Clinical Trial. A peer-reviewed study featured in PubMed has shown Dynamiclear can heal HSV symptoms (including redness, burning, pain, itching and blistering) faster than Acyclovir based creams in a single application.  In February 2012 a review of the Dynamiclear study was published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology. Read more.

Works at any stage of a breakout

Many of my clients have had success in stopping a cold sore in its tracks by applying Dynamiclear to the blister in the early stage before it is noticeable. I think this benefit is more important for people with oral herpes (cold sores) than it is for genital herpes because when a breakout is in a visible place the biggest concern is usually concealing it.

I’ve found two things to work best here; if the applicator is held on the spot for 20-30 seconds it allows for better penetration of the medicine to the virus, and secondly you should wait until there is at least some sign of the virus on the skin before making the application or else there may be nothing for Dynamiclear to make contact with.

Disadvantages of Dynamiclear

Dynamiclear is not a preventative

Dynamiclear will not be useful if there are no visible symptoms at the time of application. It is not something that is applied daily to help prevent an outbreak from happening. This is a treatment that must be applied to an “active” herpes infection on the skin’s surface, and the more active the better. The greater the degree of contact with the virus the better the results are likely to be.

Expect to feel stinging

Some of my clients are surprised when they feel an antiseptic stinging sensation when Dynamiclear begins destroying the HSV viral particles. Applying it is similar to applying an antiseptic cream – nothing at all will happen if it is applied to healthy or unbroken skin. Dynamiclear will only sting when it comes into contact with the live virus. In fact it is clinically shown to have no effect on the surrounding skin tissue. The stinging sensation usually only lasts for a few minutes and relieves other irritations like itching and burning.

It is only available online outside of Australia

If you live outside of Australia you won’t be able to buy Dynamiclear from your local pharmacy, CVS or Wal-Mart. There is a warehouse in Buffalo, New York and another in Northern Ireland where it is available both locally and worldwide through US Postal Service, UPS or Royal Mail delivery.

The infected area needs to be kept dry

Because Dynamiclear continues to work hours after the application it is critical not to get the area wet when showering, or to rub the solution off. Some of my clients get very creative when I tell them this and use different types of plasters to cover the wound and protect it, but generally the best approach I’ve found is to avoid the spray of the shower directly hitting the sore for at least 3 days after.

The outbreak will heal much quicker if it is kept dry, so the longer a person can prolong it getting wet the faster the symptoms are likely to disappear. This can be inconvenient and takes a little bit of care, so for this reason it makes my list as a disadvantage.

The scab has a trace of color to it

This isn’t an issue for breakouts that are not on the face, but when Dynamiclear is applied to a cold sore the healing crust sometimes has a slight blue or grey tinge. Scabbing is a normal stage of a cold sore and is a sign that the skin is beginning to heal.

An outbreak reaches this healing stage a lot faster than normal when using Dynamiclear and generally the scab doesn’t last long, but it is still the worst stage of a facial breakout for most people. To reduce the appearance of any scabs I advise clients with cold sores not to apply Dynamiclear before going out in public. Instead, apply it in the evening before bed. This way the most important stage of the treatment has several hours to take effect and the time when the color of the application is most noticeable will occur during sleep.

Rating 5

If outbreaks worry you then try Dynamiclear for yourself – over 95% of the people I see using it find it far superior to anything else and for the other 5% it comes with a satisfaction guarantee – no risk only the possibility of easier, faster treatment.Dr John Spurge ND

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