Dynamiclear Pros & Cons

Dynamiclear Review (pros and cons)

Our support team have reviewed the Australian medicine Dynamiclear and from continued experience with this product we have compiled a list of the top advantages and disadvantages to consider before purchasing.

We found Dynamiclear gave consistently good results and had only minor disadvantages. It was easy to use, required only a single application and is a TGA listed medicine.

Our recommendation?

Consider trying Dynamiclear only if you experience active or “visible” symptoms of Herpes simplex (HSV). It is ideal for those who are looking for pain relief and fast healing of symptoms.

How to use?

Apply a single application of Dynamiclear gel to an outbreak site.  Keep dry after the application.

Read our full report below:

Review of Dynamiclear - an all natural gel clinically tested to be effective for relief of HSV symptoms.Dynamiclear's Patented Applicator (allows you to apply the medicine hygienicly, helping to prevent spreading)


Dynamiclear - It is a “single dose” applicationIt is a “single dose” application

Straight away this sets Dynamiclear apart from the rest of the topical treatments out there because it only needs to be applied one time per outbreak, not five times each day for several days like we are used to.

Because the Dynamiclear gel does not have to be applied more than one time per breakout (lesion, cut or tear, blister, pimple, etc) you can quickly begin to forget about it after you have made that initial application, or at least forget about applying anything further. One application does actually do the job.

Unlike some creams and ointments the Dynamiclear does not have to be applied at times when there are no symptoms, like before or after an outbreak. If you have tried other creams and ointments you might appreciate the concept of a clean and concise ‘single’ application that does the trick.

Dynamiclear - There are no known side-effects There are no known side-effects

This is a huge plus in terms of long term health, especially since side-effects are a common concern with conventional herpes treatments, i.e. prescription antiviral pills.

Dynamiclear is made entirely of all natural ingredients – a copper mineral plus antiseptic and antiviral herbs. The negative is that you can’t use the product if you are allergic to copper (which is quite rare?) and it does sting some when applied. In some ways though it is a ‘good sting’ because you can feel it working and usually results follow.

Dynamiclear - Fast healingFast healing

Dynamiclear tends to work fast, and is possibly one of the best ointments there is for quick pain relief. We can say that noticeable results generally start within several hours of the application, but you can usually feel a change within minutes. Might be why it is called DYNAMI-Clear or “POWER-Clear” in Greek.

Now this is not to say that the outbreak will be completely healed overnight, but you should see signs of it healing rather quickly and expect the outbreak to be gone sooner than normal. For some people the results are dramatic – and yes that may mean completely clear skin by that wedding day on Saturday, but generally for most people it should just speed up the healing by a few days or so.

Dynamiclear - Fast healingPeer-reviewed and Published Clinical Trial results are encouraging and give new hope to people affected by Herpes simplex virus (HSV) symptoms

We are often left with few options that can really make a difference for effective relief and management of this condition. Many products are available which claim to help but rarely do they live up to expectation. This medicine is one that is unlikely to disappoint if used correctly, and unlike many of the available ointments and lotions the fast results that you can expect from using Dynamiclear are supported by clinical research.

There are currently 2 clinical trials that are published which support the effectiveness of Dynamiclear

One is a study done by the Maryland University on behalf of the FDA which tested the Dynamiclear active (Cupric ions) and its impact against Herpes simplex virus (HSV), while the other is a phase III trial which was published in February 2012 in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology for it’s progress in the development of new HSV treatments.

Dynamiclear - Future outbreaks can be affected and could possibly reduce with each applicationFuture outbreaks can be affected and could possibly reduce with each application

Considering that this is a topically applied product (not a pill) this has got to be one of the best advantages of Dynamiclear, the fact that once it is applied it has the potential to affect the virus’ cycles. Its been reported a lot that the symptoms have become less severe and less frequent when used consistently, once per outbreak. This is possibly related to one of the active ingredients, cupric sulphate pentahydrate, which has been shown to be able to inactivate the DNA of the herpes simplex virus in research.

Dynamiclear - The Dynamiclear website offers supplements which may help prevent recurrencesThe Dynamiclear website offers supplements which may help prevent recurrences

You can buy Dynamiclear as part of a ‘combination package’ which contains a selection of supplements and herbs that are recommended to help prevent outbreaks.  It’s called the Dynamiclear Combat Kit. There is some clinical evidence to support the claims and the supplements are manufactured to GMP certification.

Dynamiclear - There is a money-back guarantee if it does not work for youThere is a money-back guarantee if it does not work for you

No product will work for everyone and in the plight to overcome herpes it is likely that you will spend a lot of money trying to find that one product, or combination of products, that actually works for you. Dynamiclear has a good success rate but even better is the fact that you can get a refund on your money if it doesn’t work for you and you have a six month trial period to do so.

Dynamiclear - Hygienic applicatorHygienic applicator

The applicator that you use to apply Dynamiclear is pretty neat. What we like most about it is that you don’t need to use your fingers to apply it. Too often people use their fingers to smear cream onto a contagious cold sore or HSV blister, potentially spreading the virus and creating new outbreaks. This applicator works in such a way that you don’t need to touch the infection. It’s kind of cool.

Dynamiclear - Fast healingNon-sticky, Odorless, Alcohol-Free

Unlike a lot of creams, oils and ointments out there that are sold for relief of herpes and cold sore breakouts Dynamiclear thankfully has no smell and contains no alcohol, preservatives or parabens. It also has not essential oils so you’re not left feeling like a honey trap or smelling like you have just been to a beauty spa. The application is not messy or obvious and you only need to do it once (a single application per breakout).

Video of Dynamiclear being applied to a cold sore using the sterile applicator:


Dynamiclear - This product is only suitable for people who experience ‘active’ outbreaksThis product is only suitable for people who experience ‘active’ outbreaks

If you do not have any visible skin irritation with your outbreaks (such as a lesion, pimple, cut, tear or break in the skin) then Dynamiclear will not be of any use to you. It needs to be applied to an ‘active’ infection in order for the solution to be able to make contact with the virus and to be effective.

If you fall into the category of feeling some discomfort – like pain, itching and tingling but never have any skin irritation, or if you don’t have outbreaks anymore but still want to take added precautions to protect a partner, then prescription antivirals could be the way to go. If they don’t work for you (it happens) or you prefer a natural approach you could try Dynamiclear’s supplement range which is aimed at improving the way in which the body suppresses the virus.

Dynamiclear - It has to sting to workIt has to sting to work

When applied to normal unbroken skin the Dynamiclear gel will not cause any stinging, you won’t feel anything at all BUT when it is applied to viral, bacterial or fungal matter a stinging or ‘tingling’ feeling should be expected. It is very similar to applying an antiseptic lotion in the sense that the stinging or tingling is a sign that the application is working.

Dynamiclear - Over-applying the solution is a big no-noOver-applying the solution is a no-no

The Dynamiclear solution is quite strong, which is why it possibly appears to work so powerfully on outbreaks when a lot of other things won’t. The “golden rule” is it only needs to be applied once (that is one application per sore or infection site). Give it time to work and don’t get impatient if you look the next morning and the sore is still there – it actually works better and faster if you only apply it once.

Dynamiclear - This product does not work for everyoneThis product does not work for everyone

No product ever will.  Be realistic in your expectations. Although Dynamiclear may work pretty well for a lot of people there are those who will not respond to it. There is a six month satisfaction guarantee so if it does not help it can at least be returned for a refund.

Discount for HC Support Network members

If you want to try Dynamiclear just purchase through the link below. A 10% discount on most items is available for HC members and visitors if you quote the code HCS1001.

Buy Dynamiclear here

If you make a purchase at Dynamiclear after reading our information here it will help in a small way to support the costs involved in running the HC Support Network. The hosting of our support service is funded by Dynamiclear, which means supporting this product has a trickle on effect to all of our services here.

Any revenue we receive at the HC Support Network will always be secondary to providing helpful, accurate and truthful information. Above all we recommend this product because it is clinically supported and we believe it truly helps – we know that if you are suffering with outbreaks this medicine is likely to help and give you some much needed relief.

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