Keep up-to-date with new trials and treatment research

There are often new trials commencing in all areas of treatment and participants are always in high demand.

The web sites below should be able to point you in the right direction if you are interested in following the progress of these. Visit the Herpes Clinical Trials section of our message forum or perform a search there for current herpes studies, vaccine research and other clinical trials.

Potential New Herpes Treatments in Clinical Trial


Type of research – “Inhibit virus – HSV”
More information – Vironova’s antiviral approach

Peregrine Pharmaceuticals (Bavituximab)

Type of research – “Inhibit virus – HSV1 AND HSV2”
More information – Study shows Peregrine’s bavituximab may help halt lethal viral infections

Duke University, Professor Bryan R. Cullen

Type of research – “Inhibit virus – HSV1”
More information – Personal, Time Magazine Article, Dr. Sanjay Gupta – When will we see a herpes cure?

Approved New Treatment/s Available

Dynamiclear Single Application HSV Therapy

Type of research – “Inhibit virus – HSV1 and HSV2 in single topical application”
More information – Dynamiclear Homepage, Cupric Ions and HSV Study (PDF), Peer-reviewed Clinical Trial in Journal of Drugs and Dermatology; Pubmed Dynamiclear Trial Reference

Herpes Vaccine Research

BioVex, Biotechnology Company

Type of research – “HSV2 Vaccine” A Phase 1 study commenced in February 2010
More information – Bio-Medicine article

Harvard Medical School, Professor David M. Knipe

Type of research – “HSV2 Vaccine”
More information – Personal, Knipe Lab, Herpes Vaccine Developed, Meet The Scientist Interview

Southern Illinois University Medical School, Professor Bill Halford

Type of research – “HSV2 Vaccine”
More information – Herpes Vaccine, Bill Halford Awarded $400,000 grant, SIU Med School Receives NIH Grant to Study Herpes Vaccine

GenVec Inc.

Type of research – “HSV2 Vaccine”
More information – Grant For HSV-2 Vaccine Program, Grant for HSV-2 Vaccine Program (PDF), GenVec and Partners Get NIAID Backing

University of California, Irvine Professor Dr. Anthony Nesburn

Type of research – “HSV1 Eye Vaccine”
Webpage – Halting herpes eye disease, Discovery Eye article


Type of research – “HSV2 Vaccine”
More information – Company homepage, HSV Vaccine


Type of research – “HSV Vaccine”
More information – HSV Introduction, HSV Article

Cel-Sci (Leaps)

Type of research – “HSV Vaccine”
Webpages – Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Disease, LEAPS Technology Has Ability to Modify Immune Response

University of Rhode Island

Type of research – “HSV Vaccine”
More information – Current Herpes Studies

Genocea Biosciences

Type of research – “HSV2 Vaccine”
More information – Secures licensing to extensive HSV antigen patent estate

Biomedical Research Models Inc.

Type of research – “HSV2 Vaccine”
More information – Herpes research grant for Biomedical Research Models Inc.
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