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1/2? HSV/HPV?..too many ???

Discussion in 'Newly Diagnosed' started by gnitruh, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. gnitruh

    gnitruh Member

    Hi....I have 2 questions, both of which I have tried to research myself with no success so any feed back will be apprciated:D

    1. I'm diagnosed with 1 and 2 and am unsure if they are both genital, or if my 1 is oral and my 2 is genital. I dont get cold sores but do get vague oral irritations (ulser like). My genital OB's if any are extremely mild. Is there a test that can determine if both 1 and 2 are genital.

    2. Are HSV and HPV in the same category? Ive noticed on a Herpes dating forum (yes I've been looking because I wont ever be able to reveal my condition to a non-infected person) that some list HPV as there condition and not HSV. Are they related? Can they be inter-transmitted (is that a word:confused:).

    Thanks to anyone who can shed some light. Have a great day.
  2. Caliope

    Caliope Well-Known Member

    both hsv and hpv are sexually transmitted and are completely different viruses in completely different families.

    perhaps because the forum includes individuals who have both viruses some people only disclose the one they have. you don't necessarily have to have both to participate.

    if you have a swab done during an active ob in the genital area and it can be cultured in the lab this would probably be able to tell you if both are located genitally. the fact that you get some types of mouth ulcers may indicate an oral infection but without a swab and a culture It would be difficult to determine which one it is or if it is both.

    I am unsure if when someone who has both viruses has an ob if both strains are active at the same time.
  3. well. agreeing with caliope. and just to shed a little more light on your situation... type 1 most typically affects the oral area. type 2 the genital. but they both can be interchanged. so it is possible for you to have both type 1 and 2 in the genital area. but not very likely. you probably have oral type 1 and genital type 2. and HPV is actually genital warts. so something entirely different. just so you know what hpv actually is.
  4. uk girl

    uk girl Active Member

    I have HSV and HPV and to be honest have never had an occurence after the initial outbreak of HPV.

    I am always aware i have HPV and when i go for a smear i ask for them to have a look to see if warts are present, the two virus's together can in some cases cause cervical cancer, so i have to be up to date with my smears.

    The HPV and HSV virus are very contagious, and can rear their ugly head at any time.

    Hope this has helped
  5. BoxofRain

    BoxofRain Active Member

    HPV is the human papilloma virus and actually only a few strains of it cause genital warts. HPV has over a hundred strains and contracting the virus does NOT mean you have necessarily contracted the type that causes genital warts; the strains that DO NOT cause warts are actually the strains being associated with higher risk of developing cancer later down the line. HSV is herpes simplex virus, and two strains are looked at: type 1 and type 2. It is possible to contract both HSV and HPV at the same time if both viruses are active at the time. With the strains of HPV that cause genital warts, most people only experience the initial outbreak of warts and if treated in most cases never return, as the virus lays dormant in the system. HPV strains that cause warts, for whatever reason, tend to lie dormant after the initial outbreaks of warts and in most cases never return, although the virus still is asleep in their bodies forever. A small percentage will get reoccurences of warts after the initial outbreak. However, herpes virus reactivates much more often for the majority affected and is easy to contract even when a person who has it is not showing ANY signs of an outbreak. They are two very different viruses but if a person has one or the other, they can still contract the opposite virus, just as if a person has one or either, they can still transmit both of their viruses to others. Hope this helps a bit :)
  6. uk girl

    uk girl Active Member

    Box of Rain, i have learnt more from your post about HPV than i was ever told by the STD clinic.
    I was just told that i had to have regular smears as i had a greater chance of cervical cancer.

    Many thanks