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Discussion in 'Herpes Cure Research' started by wwdamron, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. wwdamron

    wwdamron Well-Known Member


    A laboratory at Harvard Medical School has developed dl5-29 (now known as ACAM-529), a replication-defective mutant virus that has proved successful both in preventing HSV-2/HSV-1 infections, and in combating the virus in already infected hosts, in animal models. It has been shown that the replication-defective vaccine induces strong HSV-2-specific antibody and T-cell responses; protects against challenge with a wild-type HSV-2 virus; greatly reduces the severity of recurrent disease; provides cross-protection against HSV-1, and renders the virus unable to revert to a virulent state or to become latent.[98] His vaccine is now being researched and developed by Accambis (acquired by Sanofi Pasteur in September 2008), and is due to be applied as an Investigational New Drug in 2009.[99] However, the status of ACAM-529 became after the acquisition somewhat unclear. According to Jim Tartaglia, a company representative of Sanofi Pasteur, ACAM-529 is still under development and should be enter phase I clinical testing in 2012.

    Now I can understand why Sanofi-Pasteur was so eager to snatch it up.
  2. jarjar

    jarjar Newbie

    i really really really believe the days that this disease has been running rampant are numbered.
  3. Hottfoxxy

    Hottfoxxy Active Member

    Ohhhhh how we all wish
  4. Sabrina32

    Sabrina32 Active Member

    it honestly is possible. It may be coming
  5. theSTIG

    theSTIG Member

    Like Sabrina said, I think it is very possible...
  6. WayToGoDave

    WayToGoDave Member

    I pray it's possible cause Valtrex isn't working for me and I'm running out of faith fast.
  7. wwdamron

    wwdamron Well-Known Member

    what bugs me a little is acambis sold out to the giant sanofi, if you noticed the article is was going to be released as an investigational drug in 2009. Which means we could have already been taking it by now. But on the bright side maybe sanofi perfected it more and maybe it works better. But with all big business it shows that a giant can swallow up a small company when it thinks they have something big. I think this is big and Im not sure but I think Coridon & Sanofi are the two who are fighting to come out first with the best new drug. Aicurius although it may come out sooner, I do not think it will be as effective as coridon or sanofi. I can hardly wait for the august 17 conference and the october conference. (sanofi & coridon respectively.)
  8. TheBrit

    TheBrit Active Member

    Sounds like we need to bring pressure to bear on Sanofi - let them know we know.
  9. helpiamconfused2

    helpiamconfused2 Well-Known Member

    We can ask about. If sanofi can make$ on rest assured they will come to market soon. NIAID was helping with this vaccine last year.
  10. ClaireDanvers

    ClaireDanvers Newbie

    This is just a meeting abstract from April 2011
    I dont have a subscription to the journal to get the whole article but at least there was some sort of movement on this


    Comparison of parenteral delivery routes of ACAM529, a replication-defective vaccine against genital herpes

    Hector Hernandez,1Changhong Zhou,1Sophia Mundle,1John Hamberger,1John Catalan,1Svetlana Pougatcheva,1Stephen Anderson,1Patricia Londono-Hayes,1Harold Kleantous,1 and Simon Delagrave1
    1Biotherapeutics, Sanofi Pasteur, Cambrige, MA
    Human herpes simplex viruses (HSV types 1 and 2) constitute the primary cause of genital ulcer disease. Genital herpes is the most prevalent sexually transmitted infection and is found throughout the world. Available treatments for HSV-infected patients are not 100% effective and cannot prevent acquisition of infection. ACAM529 is an HSV-2 virus made replication-defective by deletion of the genes UL5 and UL29. ACAM529 is propagated in a complementing cell line expressing the deleted genes (Da Costa et al., J. Virol.2000). Here we present the comparison of three routes of administration of ACAM529. We measured immunogenicity as well as protective efficacy in the mouse vaginal challenge model. ELISA and neutralizing antibody titers, as well as protection against morbidity, mortality and viral shedding of the challenge virus indicate that two doses of ACAM529 delivered intramuscularly are optimal.
  11. Jay9876

    Jay9876 Active Member

    Any word on any information release at the august 17th conference.
  12. ClaireDanvers

    ClaireDanvers Newbie

    According to thier website there was no press release for that date, or anything regarding Acam-529 in their listed press releases. :mad:
  13. thomboy

    thomboy Member

    Another hidden promise.
    * after three years, Sanofi also gives no information about the product so promising.
    * what was about to come out as experimental drug in 2009, comes to 2012 almost into oblivion.

    * Thank sanofi, we owe you guys almost three years of suffering
  14. jscl

    jscl Member

    Acam 529

    Any new word on Sanofi? It has been a few years now...

    Should have been in trial by now.
  15. thomboy

    thomboy Member

    so far no update on acam529, sanofi works as Amgen.
    and not interested in hsv positive.

    a real disappointment, in order to espctativa formed when the same has acquired Acambis.
  16. accelerate the response

    accelerate the response Active Member

    I have a nasty suspicion that live virus concepts such as this do not work. It looks as if Immunovex has been allowed to fade away as it showed no efficacy in trials and perhaps this has influenced the decision with ACAM529. Perhaps, as Dr Halford has intimated, ACAM 529 like Immunovex, was too attenuated to work.

    Given that we now know its a minimum of $150 million USD to get a drug into clinic its not really that surprising that potential new drugs are thin on the ground. I now predict many years before any new drug replaces acyclovir, unless aic316 gets fast-tracked, and that in itself seems unlikely. Both Gen003 and HerpV would need Big Pharma to take them on and pay for phase three trials and this is the great unknown - will they do that? On current form I suggest its unlikely.

    Pharma companies are under the cosh - look at Glaxosmithkline's share price recently for example. Will they bet chunks of money like $150 million USD on a phse three trial under these financial conditions? Unlikely.

    My guess is that a small pharma seeking to get an HSV therapeutic approved would be best served by going into trials in a foreign jurisdiction and then trying to reverse it back into the USA once efficacy is proven elsewhere, rather as happened with the live chickenpox vaccine, Varivar, also know as Varilrix.
  17. oneday

    oneday Active Member

    I read an article through Pub Med Database about ACAM 529 some weeks ago, it appeared the vaccine is still in pre-clinical stages unfortunately and more testing/research is still being undertaken (hence the journal paper). There were no reports on stage 1 results for example. It seems the point of the article was to help push the vaccine into trials from results published. Was going to paste article here, but it's too long and wordy and not much information on where vaccine may be heading
  18. thomboy

    thomboy Member

    is difficult to say if it works or not, this was not a test vaccine in humans yet.
    in an article published in 2008 by Acambis, they already planned to try this drug, with the sale of the company and the rights (of course) for sanofi acam529, we promise that it would improve pontencial vaccine and with all their money and gave support understand that it would be tested on a large scale in africa, where the hsv would be helping the spread of hiv.
    in the case of Amgen, has no way of knowing if I'd be going right or not it was only level 1 test, which is only tested product safety. that has been reported in a story the magazine "esphere" (think that's how you spell), which was successful in phase two onwards it begins to measure its effectiveness and better for the same amount.

    so I think (in my simple option) that there is a great disregard these big farms compared to hsv.
    except gsk (that sucked the teats of money goveno) no other interest appeared all those years for us.
  19. Kqk

    Kqk Active Member

  20. thomboy

    thomboy Member

    Thanks, but we already know that the vaccine herpevac gsk was a failure ...

    therefore commented that the interest was only government funding
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2012
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