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aches and pains

Discussion in 'Everything Else Herpes!' started by Anonymous, Jan 13, 2004.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I get body aches all over when I have an outbreak. I feel sick. I've heard this was common with the first outbreak but I was wondering if anyone else gets this symptom regularly?
  2. Faith

    Faith Active Member


    How long you've been having outbreaks (since you had the initial one)?

    I used to have terrible body ache (especially in my thigh, legs, and arms) and pain around the sore everytime I had outbreak. I couldn't sleep.
    But after one year or so, the pain reduced a little by little.
    Now ( 8 and a half years later), sometimes my back and arms hurt before I have outbreak, but not like before at all.

    I think.. your pain will reduce as you get recurrences more.
    Most people who have herpes for a long time have milder symptom..

    Best wishes..

  3. MC37 Pilot

    MC37 Pilot Active Member

    Drink lots and lots and lots of water...

    Specific pain is one thing, but when it comes to 'ache' all over... that sounds like something that hydration would help.

    Water is the most important thing we need besides air. During an outbreak, your body is fighting off the virus... and needing even MORE water then usual.

    Most people don't get enough water anyway... which just makes it that much more neccessary when you have an o/b.

    Plus staying hydrated will help your immune response, and you will get less o/b in the first place....
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I've been reading tons of stuff and I haven't come across anything about itching. My sores didn't last long at all, except for a spot on my butt, but there's always been this incredible itching and redness. I plan to try something I've been reading about, but I don't understand about the itching. I just can't make it go away. Anybody else out there with the same thing?
  5. MC37 Pilot

    MC37 Pilot Active Member

    mmmm not really.. I mean I get itching, but its not bad...

    Are you saying you get itching all the time, or just during outbreaks?

    If you get it all the time, I suspect it might not be HSV related?

    When I do have an outbreak, I never scratch it, or put anything on it, but I DO sometimes let hot water run over it... Its kinda scratches the itch without actually scratching...
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest


    I'am having trouble finding a post from Chinese guy?
    mentioned was our socirty is big on kissing.......which is beautiful...but things that can be passed makes it terrible.
    When I watch TV...and all these actors/actresses kissing others .....do threy have enything or they the lucky 20% that have nothing???
    It gets me upset, because they never discuss what could really happen..........Sex and The City......never does anyone get hurt.....and its not true.........
    Just a thought
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Really makes you wonder, I know. I think that since most people have had a cold sore, contracting oral HSV is not enough of a concern to warrant having to have "the talk" before kissing someone. Most people aren't even aware that the cold sore they had as a kid was herpes. And most people who have it don't break out as adults (around 5% I think). If an actor has ob's orally he would probably go on supression, not to protect others but out of vanity : )

    I wonder if, at the rate that genital herpes is being spread, it will reach that point, socially?

    Where everyone will be infected, or enough people will be that it'll just be an assumed risk or eventuality?
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Yes it itches 24/7, even internally, "down there". It's all red and on my upper thighs at the crease. I've checked out many things and ordered this DMSO/Oxygen stuff. I'm willing to try anything.
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest


    I Itch like Crazy, It keeps me up at night, too. This is my first outbreak, which has lasted for at least three weeks, Mine that were very itchy were on my butt, too... although I had sores in other areas as well...
  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    This post really went off the subject.
  11. MC37 Pilot

    MC37 Pilot Active Member


    I don't get body aches all over when I have an outbreak. I don't feel sick when I have an outbreak.

    Sometimes like a day before I have an outbreak, I feel a VERY short spell of nausea, but that only lasts for a few minutes... Outside of that... I don't get the aches and sick feelings.
  12. Lasmom

    Lasmom Active Member

    I do. I feel feverish and sweaty - body aches - used to call it "sick skin" when you get chills from a fever. but mostly I feel like I'm back in the 80's and my Calvins are too tight! Seriously - Like night sweats & my clothes hurt my groin area, for a few hours I guess, then the next day - poof! blisters. usually three that move into one sometimes in one and/or two spots - both sores never larger than my pinky nail (I'm lucky) but they hurt like a burn if touched by clothes.

    Best was to describe - like a urn - starts out feeling like a pimple coming under the skin, then looks like an odd shaped burn, then opens like the burn blister popped - although now on Valtres - no touching - keeping it dry - sometimes it never "pops" just kind of subsides into a red splotch then gone.

    Hope that helps someone - allthough my big question - when is a pimple on your butt just a pimple on your butt? Doesn't everyone get them? I think I'm more embarassed about the butt pimples than the HSV. Can't cover those babies with makeup!

    Pilot? you'll tell the truth.....
  13. MC37 Pilot

    MC37 Pilot Active Member

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