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Acyclovir 5 times a day?

Discussion in 'Herpes Treatment Zone' started by sunshineinuri, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. sunshineinuri

    sunshineinuri Member

    My Dr. prescribed me acyclovir 800MG to take 5 times a day. Is this the same for anyone else? Im not on supressive treatment just for when I have an outbreak. Can I be prescribed a higher dose so that I dont have to take so many pills in one day?
  2. DGD187

    DGD187 Member

    Im on suppressive therapy, Valtrex, 500mg x2 times daily for a totaly of 1000mg's daily.

    I also did one week (before the suppressive therapy) on Valtrex taking two pills, three times daily for a total of six pills daily. The dose per day that time was 3000 mg's.
  3. Noober

    Noober Newbie

    Sounds like you are way above the dose normally prescribed for HSV. Usually, the dosage is 200-400mg 5 times a day.

    I'm not saying the doctor is overdosing you, sometimes they prescribe the amount you're getting for shingles.
  4. new09

    new09 No longer a member

    Hello sunshine,

    If you are only treating your outbreaks as they come...this is what you should do. I received this info from a nurse who actually has had herpes for over 20 years. I've copied and pasted it just as she typed it:

    If you don't have insurance and are just wanting to treat each ob as they happen - go for walmart's $4 deal. Your doc still has to write you a prescription but they give you 30 200mg tablets for $4. Instead of taking 200mg 5x/day ( the way they have to write the prescription to get the deal ) - take 2 pills at a time 3x/day for 5 days ( 400mg 3x/day ) or take 4 pills at a time 3x/day for 2 days ( 800mg 3x/day ). Easier dosing than taking a pill every 3 hours awhile awake!
  5. itsover

    itsover Member

    If you got a bad outbreak, then yea. Acyclovir needs to be taken alot sometimes. Kill that son of a bitch virus dead.
  6. pregnancy and high dose daily acyclovir for reccurrent obs

    What are the side effects if my docter prescribes acyclovir 800mg 5times a day to suppressive my vaginal shingles. would this high dose harm my growing fetus. have you heard anything about high dose acyclovir during pregnancy. please help. they are so frequent and painful. every 2-3 days and may last up to 17days. i also dont wanna harm my baby. thanx
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