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Apple Cider Vinegar really works!

Discussion in 'Herpes Treatment Zone' started by Travis, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. Travis

    Travis Member

    After trying just about every natural remedy on this website for the past year, I finally found something that makes my outbreaks heal up faster. Applying a cotton ball soaked with Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) at first sign of outbreak as often as you can for 2 days will accelerate the healing process. I used a band aid to secure the cotton ball to myself while I slept. It usually takes me 6 days from the start of an outbreak before my sores start to scab up. It only took 3 days before they scabbed up using ACV. I expect to be completely healed in 5 days vs. 10 days. This is probably comparable to the result you'd get taking acyclovir for episodic threrapy but without the side effects. I'd like to hear if others have had similar success.
  2. AngelWings10

    AngelWings10 Newbie

    i agree

    I have found the same to be true...
  3. Hopeful49

    Hopeful49 Newbie


    Do you mean that while you were taking the apple cider vinegar 3X per day, you did not get OBs? Do you get OBs now that you take it once a day. Or are you saying that it helped you lose weight only?

  4. Travis

    Travis Member

    I didn't say anything about "taking" ACV, I said "applying". I did this to an outbreak sore that had already started.

    Update: I was impressed that the weeping- blister stage was bypassed and it went directly into scab stage but the scab took about 10 days to heal so in the end it didn't speed up the process.

    Shortly after it healed, I got a second outbreak and this time I didn't use ACV at all. Just 800mg of Acyclovir 3 times a day for 2 days. Everything was healed up in 5 days. I don't like taking drugs but I can put up with the side effects for 2 days if it works that well.
  5. mama2

    mama2 Newbie

    i recently took acyclovir 1 a day for 10 days, about a week into my first OB. i am sure i started med's too late in this cycle to have an accurate healing time duration. my OB said that there basically were no side affects... i am curious as to what they could possibly be for future reference???
  6. jos7bd

    jos7bd Member

    So I know this is an old thread.. But I just wanted to say that I used to take apple cider vinegar tablets (2 twice a day) and I never had an ob, and I never knew I had herpes until I stopped taking the tablets.. Im not for sure but it may of had something to do with it.
  7. jonny70

    jonny70 Newbie

    offf to the store apple cider....
  8. jos7bd

    jos7bd Member

    I woul highly recommend it. This thread enlightened me once again and I put some liquid ACV on my soon to be sores, and i felt the skin get really tight so i knew it was working. this morning the redness is gone! I am taking this stuff orally and applying it twice a day. A god send I tell you.
  9. melinda3281

    melinda3281 Newbie

    So you're saying you just mix apple cider and vinegar together? How much of each do you mix in? I've never had an outbreak. I just got diagnosed 2 weeks ago but I am terrified of my first ob.....
  10. startingagain

    startingagain Newbie

    Look in the store where they sell white vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is right there. FYI, ACV works for like EVERYTHING. Warts, blemishes, and I guess this.

    Where do you get ACV tablets???
  11. Harley1986

    Harley1986 Active Member

    You should be careful to only take ACV internally that is real organic ACV with mother. I got my from Swanson Vitamins website for only $1.99. If you take the regular stuff from the store internally, they have additives and can be dangerous. I use the stuff from the store externally, and I have found the same good results.... if you catch it early enough, you can stop the outbreak all together. Watch out if you put it on an open sore, it really stings! But if you can take the sting, it does work!
  12. jos7bd

    jos7bd Member

    To be honest, I have come to love and look forward to the sting during application. This tells me it is working.
    Last week I saw some blisters forming, applied ACV and hydro peroxide twice daily and they are nowhere to be seen.
  13. thanks for posting this! I have an aggressive sore on my upper lip right now that nothing seems to be working on. I will try this tonight.
  14. meagdan

    meagdan Newbie

    So the application of the vinegar on the sore does sting? Are the pills also good to take? I'm already taking lysine and vit c
  15. jos7bd

    jos7bd Member

    It doesn't sting anymore for me really.
    But yea get some acv pills, and apply it to specific affected area.
  16. Nymeria01

    Nymeria01 Newbie

    I have to agree. The Apple Cider Vinegar really helps. I recently was going through an outbreak and I found that ACV helped to the itching and healing up the sores. I am trying the tablets (just started today) to see, if it will help prevent outbreaks. HV medication is extremely expensive w/o insurance. Wish me luck.
  17. TonyStarks

    TonyStarks Newbie

    How does acv compare to tea tree oil? Buying acv tablets as I type. Will report back after I start regiment
  18. Nymeria01

    Nymeria01 Newbie

    I haven't tried the tee tree oil yet. Have you tried it? ACV seems to work quickly with shortening the outbreak period and stopping the itch. Let me know what you think of the tablets when you try them.
  19. jos7bd

    jos7bd Member

    Don't get just any old Apple cider vinegar folks...
    Get "BRAGG", its completely organic, and it is super amazing.
    I take a good sized sip of it 5 times a day, and apply it when neccessary.
    Not only is it good for fighting herpes, but it also helps you digest yoru food when taken after a meal,
    and helps with weight loss.
    Fight on!
  20. Joperty

    Joperty Active Member

    After reading this thread ive tried acv too, im having my worst and longest ob since the first and the itch and uncomfy ness is driving my nuts!! To say it stings is ammassive understatement! !! Ive got allot of redness and a few pinprick type itchy areas so applied and held with a cotton wool ball, im just hoping when I wake up its not all even more irritated! !!
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