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Baking Soda to raise PH

Discussion in 'Nature has a Remedy' started by Nicoli, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Nicoli

    Nicoli Member

    Anyone ever add baking soda to water to raise their PH?

    Herpes thrives in an acidic environment. Using PH pee strips, I was in the 5.5-6.0 range, very acidic. Since starting on the baking soda my PH is in the 7-7.5 range. This is where I need to be. But how long should I continue with the baking soda PH booster? I don't think it's a good idea to do this indefinitely.

    For those interested in trying, I started very low at 1/8tsp daily the first day then twice the next day. Then up to 1/4 once a day and twice the next day. And so on, working my way up to 1 tsp once a day. Any more than that gives me prodrome symptons that I beat back using DMSO.
  2. pollyanna1

    pollyanna1 Well-Known Member

    • VIP Supporter
    I did it. It helps a lot it makes you alkaline. I did it for 1 week and I quit because Im too lazy to preapare it :) lol
  3. Nicoli

    Nicoli Member

    That's great Pollyana! But when you say it helped a lot, can you be more specific? Does this mean you stopped having OBs for a period of time? What were the results that you could identify?
  4. Nicoli

    Nicoli Member

    just an update

    Hey Guys,

    I'm still using baking soda for the detox affect and to get/keep my PH up to an alkaline state which should prevent the virus from replicating into an OB per my research. It's been slow going building up the dosage amount without creating a detox crisis and OB. But I feel that I am gaining grond. Prior to starting with the baking soda, i had created conditions in my body which seemed to put me into a very extended prodrome and multiple OBs. My PH was very acidic per the pee strips averaging in the 5.5 range all day long. should be in the 7-7.4 range. I believe I had a tremendous amount of acidic toxins built up in my system and I was also taking supplements for my workout which contained L Argenine. So, I was feeding and fertilizing and watering my virus for some time. Since starting the baking soda procedure i have been OB free and only suffered very light prodrome symptoms very briefly. I believe the prodrome was triggered by occaissionally dosing too much too fast for my body to get rid of the toxins that were dieing off. When that happened, I backed down on the baking soda and applied DMSO. One application of DMSO and backing down a little on the baking soda was enough to prevent an OB every time. I am now about a month into this exercise and I do feel better. I am keeping close tabs on my blood pressure as baking soda has a lot of sodium. I find that I start feeling the effects of my body shedding the bad stuff about 3 hours after taking the baking soda. It is similar to that feeling you get when you start to come down with the flu. At about 2hrs after a dose I start drinking a lot of water. My thought is the more I pee the more I can flush without it making me feel bad. And it really isn't that bad. WAAAAY better then how I feel when I'm getting an OB! I am only taking 3/4tsp once to twice a day depending on how I feel. Slow and steady and OB free.

    Anyway, I am sharing this with you because I know some of you are still suffering and stressing with poor results. I truly believe that what I am doing will prevent future OBs and make me healthier (less acidic) overall and I hope it helps at least one other person out there struggling and suffering. The idea is to create an environment where the virus can not replicate and simply remains dormant. Not a cure but not suffering either.

    I am not taking ANYTHING else right now. Not even vitamins. I am trying to eat healthier and avoid trigger foods. I think I will strart on some vitamins and especially vit C this week. I imagine beefing up my immune system will allow me to increase the amount of baking soda I am able to handle without creating a crisis. I will also be starting back to the gym this week after several months off because of the constant OBs.

    If anyone else has ANY experience or input regarding this baking soda therapy, please speak up and share!
  5. pollyanna1

    pollyanna1 Well-Known Member

    • VIP Supporter
    well I dunno if my OB's stopped because of soda (because Im on valtrex) but it made me feel like Im cleaning my inside :) so no harm on baking soda why shouldnt I use it then :P
  6. dangitinAL

    dangitinAL Well-Known Member

    I do believe it works but you have to be careful as it can lower your B12 significantly. Use a sublingual b12 also and keep tabs on potassium levels. This is supposed to be used 2weeks at a time and week off. You might want to eat less meat and more veggies to get less acidic ph. Maybe also do every other day after initial 2 weeks? Still reading up on it. But my preliminary 4 days say yes it really helps...a lot. It took away my hip pain, and my constant itchies of 2 years in 4 days.
  7. Nicoli

    Nicoli Member

    Thanks for the info, dangit! Please keep us updated.

    I did this cleansing and PH raising for about 4weeks. The only reason I stopped was because I could not find any info regarding how long was too long and I felt I had dumped enough of the acidic toxins to turn it over to my body and healthy diet to keep up with keeping my PH in line. I stopped the baking soda process at the end of Feb. Since the beginning of Feb when I slowly started taking the baking soda, I've had no OBs. It's only been a couple of months but I am encouraged. Especially after have a stretch of several months with constant prodomes and OBs. When i started this process, my saliva PH consistantly read in the 5-5.5 range, which is pretty acidic. I tested it last night after a long weekend of bad eating and a lot of alcohol and my saliva read about a 7.0. That's awesome! Par the experts, saliva should run between 6.4 and 7.2.

    I hope this helps some of you out there. If you are one of the unfortunate who is going through a non-stop OB crisis and you decide to try this, please remember to start VERY slowly. If you jump in taking too much baking soda, you will cause an OB by too rapid of a detox. Go slow, starting at 1/4tsp once, then twice a day gradually bumping up the dosages. I stopped increasing one I got to 1tsp twice a day. Total time taking it was 1 month. Good luck!
  8. arianna1981

    arianna1981 Newbie

    I have used 1 teaspoon baking soda with a little water inserted in vagina for 5 nights as recommended by my gynocologist. She said that it raises the ph level. But if the ph level is too high, I can get an yeast infection easily.

    I have been tested igm hsv1 positive but igg hsv1 and 2 negative. I have been told to wait until 1 mmonth until I re test for hsv.

    I have not had sex/kissed anyone since 4th January and was tested on 2nd april .

    I am not sure if the ph level and hsv is related.
  9. dangitinAL

    dangitinAL Well-Known Member

    Well, pain on hip is back but so is my period which is my most herpilicious time. Probably didn't help I eat too much meat and not enough veggies.
  10. Nicoli

    Nicoli Member

    I've found when I was using the baking soda that if I over did it (increased dosage or took an extra dose at night) it would sometimes cause some of my early prodome symptoms. If I backed off from the baking soda for a day and started back again slowly it would turn into an actual OB. I also use DMSO whenever I felt an OB coming on and that really makes a difference. There's some controversy in using DMSO. I've used it for years with no problems that I'm aware of. And it does stop an OB in its tracks IF you also stop taking baking soda or alkalizing drops for a couple of days while battling back the OB.

    I'm going on 3 months OB free after doing the baking soda for a month. I am now taking only multi-vitamins in the AM & PM and alkaline drops in my water 2 - 3x a day. I'm even working out pretty regularly and fairly hard and that used to always trigger OBs.

    Now, I do get aches fairly often that I thought was prodome but I these started being so regular after my month long crisis back in Oct/Nov and I now believe that the nerve pathways the virus takes were damaged some during that period and are now just hyper sensitive. I no longer treat those aches as prodrome at first. I keep a watchful eye for any additional signs but I've found that asprin helps with that discomfort and I just keep chugging along. The multivitamin I take at night is a Vit C and B-complex. The C to keep my immune system hyped up and the B-complex because it is supposed to be helpful to the nervous system. I'm hoping in time the nerves will repair and these phantom aches will go away.

    I get the DMSO and alkalizing drops from Never An Outbreak. You can google it if interested. They have a book that explains their program. If you are on the fence with them, get the book first and read all of it. It's not very long. If you want to try their system, get the book anyway and READ it. It's important if you want to have success. Their views on PH are a bit on the extreme side think. But their program does work. It works for me anyway. I had problems last fall because I was over dosing on L-argenine as part of my workout regime (didn't know my supplements had so much). It was too much for their program to keep up with and I caused a major and prolonged series of OBs. I used the baking soda to detox and get my PH back in line more quickly than just using their drops. I now use their drops to maintain my PH levels and things are better. IF my damaged nerves do repair themselves, then things will be just fine. If not, I'm still doing well managing my OBs so things are still pretty OK.
  11. dangitinAL

    dangitinAL Well-Known Member

    Well, I now have high blood pressure. However, I am not saying definitively the baking soda did it. I believe it was multiple crap happening situation. I took the 1/4 tspn for about 4 days. Then stopped. Tried it again the night before I went to the doctor. My blood pressure was pretty high. I was at the orthopedic dr to see about hip pain. Diagnosed with hip bursitis. I do believe that the herpes helped cause the inflammation possible to cause hip pain. Yes the hip pain was easing up. However, I have had an awful headache for several days. Didn't think to check my blood pressure. The day before I went to the dr I also took lortab. I believe the baking soda started the issue, lortab helped lower it a bit, but it went back up before dr visit. THEN the idiot doctor gave me a corticosteriod. So now I have elevated sugar levels (type II diabetic), racing heart around 110-125 bouncing around AND a blood pressure at it highest today of 166/111 and heart rate at worst of 125. I am pretty sure it was higher than that.

    Soooo... needless to say. Stepping away from baking soda. Upping my doses of bitter melon to contradict sugar levels (1 pill from solaray usually drops it 50 points consistently. Until today. I am maybe getting 25 points out of that. Upped my dose of olive leaf extract to help blood pressure (a natural blood vessel dilator) which is making me mildly nauseaus AND bringing back the headache but different type of headache. Took a dose of bee propolis which I have found drops my sugar levels too and blood pressure. Took double dose of CoQ10 which also lowers blood pressure.

    3 hours later. sugar is now only about 30 point less after THREE bitter melon pills. Blood pressure about 10 minutes ago was 172/90. No still not good. It is sliding around. I am glad the diastolic dropped though. I was getting ready to run to a primed. bleh. Heart rate at 109. Stupid ortho dr. I knew I shouldn't have done that shot. Now it will take about a week for the sugars to regulate. I will probably get the heart rate and blood pressure back under control within a day or so with diet and lots of water.

    Needless to say, I think I will stick with hip pain. Idjit doctor and idjit me for allowing him to shoot the hip with steroid shot. NOW I get to look forward to a breakout too. Yea. today sucks.

    Since I am unsure of which actually caused the blood pressure spike since a week ago I went to the regular dr and had a day or so after beginning baking soda I was at 120/80 on baking soda. Not sure I will try it again. Not worth this heavy spike but not saying it wouldn't work for others as I did notice a marked difference in hip pain after beginning baking soda 1/4 tspn 1-2 times daily. But if you have had a history of bp, maybe not a good idea. Just eat less meat and more veggies to lower acidity. I vote no for me. Too bad.

    Nicoli, you may want to look into taking CoQ10 and/or ATP for healing the nerve endings. I was having real nerve pain down the whole leg and upped my dosages on both for a bit and it really helped over several months. That particular pain has eased. This hip pain is very specific.
  12. dangitinAL

    dangitinAL Well-Known Member

    Ok, now low carbing it for the week. So .. far... no breakout. Doubled up my B12 sublingual (thank you Aces). It tastes good. Upped my dosage of bee propolis AND adding a green mix to my whey protein shake which surprisingly had all the stuff I take anyway (bee propolis, astragalus, etc.) just in small amounts. MAYBE I will be lucky and not get the full breakout. Here's hoping.

    Oh well. BP still screwy, sugar's still way above normal but life goes on. Next time just deal with the hip pain.

  13. Nicoli

    Nicoli Member


    WOW! What a roller coaster ride. Sorry you had so many things go bezerk at once. The baking soda could definitely affect your bp. Pretty high sodium. I take bp meds so when I was doing the baking soda thing I monitored it closely. I also reduced my sodium intake from other foods. I was lucky and did not have any negative impact on my bp even when I was up to 1tsp x 2/day. On a positive note, I got used to eating less sodium and more greens. I continued with that after stopping the baking soda and my bp is even lower than before I started with the baking soda. (always trying to see the bright side)

    Thanks for the CoQ10 tip. I'll give that a try. I'm not familiar with ATP. What is that?
  14. dangitinAL

    dangitinAL Well-Known Member

    Adenosine triphosphate (ATP)

    http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/biology/atp.html explains in scientific terms.

    explains it in more layman terms on how it can help us. http://www.natmeds.net/blog/alphabetized/atp-2/

    Basically, ATP helps regenerate nerve endings and helps with the healing.

    Worth a try since I can find it at swanson vitamin's for around $14. It helped with my neurapathy issues I was having with nerve pain down my hips and legs. Different pain than this bursitis. Ugh.

    I found out that a rare side effect of botox is increasing blood pressure so it's possible my botox treatment for clenching teeth ( I have been damaging my teeth) may have caused the high blood pressure. I know the cortisone shot caused the high blood pressure. Not sure which caused the rapid heartbeat. Gave up worrying about it..lol.

    Basically, the sugar is almost back to normal. My heart rate is normal, the blood pressure still high but not as bad as it was. I really have no idea if the baking soda caused any additional issues to be honest. I have just too much going on to know what caused what. Life goes on. I may try baking soda again in a few months.

    Knock on wood, I haven't had a breakout yet. Not sure why since usually everything breaks me out..lol.
  15. Nicoli

    Nicoli Member

    So glad to hear your vitals are getting back to normal. That diastolic was scary high! With all that you had going on at the same time, who knows what spiked your bp but no wonder that it did. Good luck with all of this. And thanks for the info on nerve regeneration. Hopefully, it will help me. Thanks!!!
  16. dangitinAL

    dangitinAL Well-Known Member

    I hope it will help. On a good note, I haven't had a breakout. Not sure why. It is interesting. I am not taking anything I haven't taken before...except the cortisone/steroid, baking soda and turmeric. I was taking the turmeric to help with natural liver detox, speeds wound healing (sores was my idea) arthritis and inflammatory issues I have AND may help with alzheimers.. I have a bad memory and worry about it since I have had several frontal lobe hits..lol.

    Anyway, since I usually break out eating almonds I usually dodge them but since I was low carbing, I was using them as a healthy fat figuring what the heck since I was going to break out anyway. I still have not broken out. It is very strange AND I am not itching which I am very very prone to. I am very interested in which of the factors caused me to NOT break out. I have had coffee, almonds (big trigger), and a steroid shot which is supposed to basically guarantee a breakout but not even an itch.

    Hmmm... this will drive me nuts. I will have to try each separate factor over the next few months to see. I believe going more alkaline may have helped before the shot, messed up my bp and other..lol, but kept me from breaking out? hmmm... theories. Next few months will test it out. I am trying to cut back on my meat products to alkaline better. I am such a meat and tators kind of girl..pout pout. But I really like not having an itchy private area too...lol.

    Anyway, got to keep a sense of humor about all of this.. what else is there to do? I took the day off work since I am still having some side effects from the botox shot I think - so watching Castle. So, on the good side, I got a day to lounge around and be a bum.

    Nicoli, I really hope the ATP or CoQ10 will help. Theoretically the CoQ10 will morph into ATP at some point but if you have mitochondria (nerve ending) damage, it may be easier to do both? Like I said, can't hurt and it should help your blood pressure too. CoQ10 is recommended for a lot of people on statins as statins are known to lower your CoQ10 (otherwise known as ubiquinol). Your doctor can probably even give you a prescription for a high quality CoQ10/ubiquinol. Mine did way back when I had a heart cathertization.

    Yea, I know.. I am a walking encyclopedia of shit that happens. Diabetes, Paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia (PSVT), high blood pressure, high cholesterol, endometriosis, and a crap load of other women problems even before I had herpes...lol.

    If I had known what I know now, I would have continued running and being an exerciser when I was younger ... instead of the fat couch potato I became. OH well, since my hip is better I should be able to exercise again after rehab this Friday to see what I am NOT allowed to do. On good side, I lost about 3 lbs in 3 days. Though I probably just gained it back with the cinnamon sugar toast I just ate..lol. I was feeling down and nothing cheers me up like sugar... hmmm wonder why I am a diabetic?

    Anyway, I hope all a good day. Back to watching my Castle and being a bum.
  17. Nicoli

    Nicoli Member

    I'm certainly no doctor or even herbal guru so I won't even try to guess why you've avoided the OB this time. Something to try though would be to get a pkge of PH strips from your local herbal store and test your PH. If you were on the baking soda long enough you may have detox'ed enough and raised your PH enough to help you out. Of course, without a healthy diet or alkalizing drops, the PH will again start to slip to a point where the virus can replicate. Just a thought. Also, if you feel the baking soda caused your BP to spike, google "apple cider vinegar ph". I think I read somewhere that it works similar to baking soda on detoxing and raising the PH but without all that sodium. If you try it, go very slow at first or you can cause a rapid detox OB. I would start at a lower dose than recommended since they are likely not factoring in risking a herpes OB on their dosge suggestion.

    As for my nerves, I don't know how much they can heal on their own but they have felt progressively better over the last couple of weeks. Very slow progression but better none the less. I will still look into the CoQ10 though as I've heard a lot of good things about that.

    My progress report for the PH thing- the last month I've been working out harder (trigger) and the last 2 weekends had a lot of red meat, sugars & alcohol (trigger) and sex (not bragging- trigger) and not even prodrome. I just checked my saliva PH and I'm a little higher than 6.5 which is good. So, what I believe that tells me is that even after a couple of bad weeks, I've been able to maintain a PH high enough to inhibit viral replication. And THAT is my goal! Hopefully, I will be smart and disciplined enough to keep myself in this happy state. I've done it before where I went a couple years without an OB only to get forgetful, lazy and sabatage myself back into crisis. But I've learned from those ups and downs and better appreciate how to maintian the ups now. My diet is better but not extreme, I use alkalizing drops regularly and I eliminated workout supplements that had L-argenine and watch that I don't go waaay overboard at the gym.

    Good luck to you and to all who are reading this thread.
  18. Nicoli

    Nicoli Member

    Hey Guys,

    An update on my progress. I went the entire rest of 2013 without an OB. During those 10 months, I experienced all of my traditional triggers (alcohol, sugary foods, working out & sex) to varying degrees with no OBs! I had been experiencing OBs monthly before getting my PH back in line. I'm very happy with that success.

    However, at the end of the year, I created a 'rapid detox' crisis for myself I believe. A couple days after flying to visit family for the holidays, my wife started coming down with a cold. We both immediately started popping ColdEze. This was a day or so before our flight home. Two days after getting home, I had a massive OB. The only time I've experienced an OB this bad was another time where I created a rapid detox OB. There was nothing I could do to block this OB. What I walked away with here was a couple of things:

    1) Flying is also one of my triggers. I knew this before. I believe we are exposed to high levels of radiation when we fly. (seriously, look it up) The longer the flight, the more likely I would experience at least prodrome in the past.

    2) I drank quite a bit and ate a LOT of sugary sweets.

    3) Cold Eze has a lot of zinc. While zinc is good for us and helps to fight viruses, too much too fast can cause a rapid flushing of viruses, including H.

    Apparently, this was more than my system could handle and I had a bad OB. Over the last 10 months, I have flown, had sex & alcohol without any problems (no, not all on the plane). Adding the ColdEze is the big difference here I believe. During the OB, I stopped taking the alkalizing drops and baking soda hoping to slow down the rapid detox and making the OB less severe than it could have been. I'm back to gradually increasing the drops and baking soda again. Unfortunately, a lot of the nerve discomfort that I experienced before and had improved has returned again. The good news there is that it did get better after the last massive OB. I did start taking CoQ10 as recommended by DangitinAl. I can't say for sure that it helped with the nerve pain but I did experience faster recovery when I started taking them. So I continue to take them as I do believe they helped.

    Hope this helps somebody out there. If anyone has any experiences with improving the body's PH, please do share!
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