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Beech Tree

Discussion in 'Herpes Cure Research' started by vlm, May 30, 2012.

  1. vlm

    vlm Member

    Here's a very brief update from Beech Tree Labs on TML:

    • Phase I/IIb trials, which were announced in September, 2010, are still ongoing. They are awaiting the enrollment and testing of a few more subjects. No date is set for release of any data.
    • TML has shown greater efficacy than acyclovir.
    • It has an effect on herpes in the dorsal root ganglia.*
    • Dosage would be one drop sublingually, several times a day. It can be used for suppression of outbreaks as well (presumably at a different dosage).
    • It works by inhibiting the reassembly of components of new virion particles.
    * I'm trying to get a follow-up on this, but it this likely means that it helps maintain latency, as opposed to actually depleting the latent virus.

    Either way, it sounds interesting, and it'll be nice to see some data when they're done.
  2. vlm

    vlm Member

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  3. donniebrasco

    donniebrasco Active Member

    Thanks for the update zzzccc. I almost forgot about these guys. The part about the DRG is interesting, where did you see that?


    Product Candidate Description
    This single molecule has been used by Beech Tree's physicians and veterinarians to address all herpes infections of man and animals. Diseases responding to this approach include herpes simplex types I and II, herpes zoster (chickenpox), shingles, infectious mononucleosis, cytomegalovirus, and Bell’s palsy. Also, herpes infections of dogs and horses also respond quickly.

    With a third of the world’s human population expected to suffer a herpes infection this year, the market for a safe product that can be used at the same dose for any such infection is extraordinary.

    Laboratory Status
    In vitro work conducted by company scientists has show results suggesting that this product inhibits re-assembly of virus particles after infection of cells and virus uncoating. Confirmatory work has yet to be completed.*On-going genomics studies are revealing mechanism of action.

    Clinical Status
    Anecdotal experience by practitioners in the Beech Tree Labs' network indicate that this product candidate induces responses quickly and completely. No adverse effects have been reported.

    Path Forward
    A FDA-authorized, Phase 1/2a clinical trial is in progress.
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  4. vlm

    vlm Member

    It was by email. They didn't say anything more than that, so hopefully they will answer my follow-up.

    Obviously, direct reduction in ganglia infection would be revolutionary, but I doubt that's what they mean here. I would guess that if that were the case, it would now be well-known and publicized.
  5. Monique

    Monique Active Member

    I don't have anything to add here except thank you to both of you (zzzccc and donniebrasco) for sharing all your research with us. I really enjoy reading your posts!
  6. wwdamron

    wwdamron Well-Known Member

    Phase I/IIa is scheduled to be done this fall.
  7. vlm

    vlm Member

    Thank you very much Monique!
  8. donniebrasco

    donniebrasco Active Member

    Thank you Monique for leading the cause in spreading the word, starting petitions, and spurring on donations to the right people.

    Research is my deal...since testing low positive 4 times in the last year, I decided to find out everything I could about this to protect my fiancé.

    I had no idea how much suffering this virus was causing.
  9. vlm

    vlm Member

    I received a follow-up. I don't know yet what to think of it, but here it is:

    I asked him about the effect TML has on HSV in the dorsal root ganglia. Does it deplete HSV infection itself in the ganglia, a first step to a long term solution, or does it prevent HSV from reactivating?

    His response: both.
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2012
  10. donniebrasco

    donniebrasco Active Member

    Wow. If he is correct, I am astonished. I notice they always refer to their product as BTL-TML-HSV. I couldn't find a breakdown of the actual drug. Can it eventually clear the DRG? Hmmmmm
  11. Hforever

    Hforever Newbie

    when we will see this treatment in the market ?
  12. Monique

    Monique Active Member

    Hey zzzccc and donniebrasco. You are both welcome. I won't take credit for the petitions as another member has written those but I try to do as much as possible to spread the word, send letters and motivate people to do the same. We as a team can do so much and I really appreciate both of your efforts as well. Keep up the great work and a great week to both of you. Infact I wish a great week to everyone :-)
  13. vlm

    vlm Member

    Another update:

    • TML inhibits re-expression of the virus over a period of years
    • Patients who suffer from outbreaks no longer experience recurrence after sufficient therapy
    • They do in fact believe that viral presence in the ganglia is decreased
    • They'll need to to perform more work before being able to firmly answer the question of latent viral presence.
    I assume that if outbreaks are lessened or no longer occur, that viral shedding will also be decreased in a similar fashion, as they seem to be correlated.

    Anyway, although we won't be able to say anything further for sure until we see the results of clinical studies, this is definitely a company to watch.

    They're also one of only a handful of companies with a meaningful product in clinical trials. We should encourage anybody on this board in New York or Kentucky who suffers from oral herpes to consider registering.
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2012
  14. donniebrasco

    donniebrasco Active Member

    Thanks so much for the update! Beech Tree is definitely moving up on my list. I've been watching them for about 6 months but they are so secretive about the chemical in TML. I guess they don't want anyone stealing their design. This is great news!

    What do you think about Beech Tree? I know you've kept up with the research more than anyone on this site. Thoughts?
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2012
  15. wwdamron

    wwdamron Well-Known Member

    I don;t think I know enough about Beech Tree to make a fair opinion yet. I do not know how well there drug performed in animal studies. It operates differently than aic-316 and acyclovir based drugs by blocking the uncoating of the virus in the cell thus slowing down the synthesis in an infected cell, i think ?
    I am curious as to if it is an acyclovir based drug or is it in a new class of drugs, this would be big news if it is a totally new class of drugs/
    It is interesting that it is an under the toungue drop, which i think would be by prescription only or will it be over-the-counter? Although it is intended for hsv-1, it appears to be a wide spectrum anti-viral at least in the herpes class of drugs that would eventually be used for both oral and genital.
    I don't think we can jump to any real conclusions without any raw data from animal studies and/or after the first human trial has finished and been analyzed.

    I am really looking forward to a new line of drugs that are at least equal to acyclovir, for i feel this will open new windows into a new exploration of better things to come.
  16. vlm

    vlm Member

    I don't think the drug is based on acyclovir, as mechanism of action appears quite different.

    If we take everything they are saying at face-value, TML is a potent anti-viral, and I believe it would be available only by prescription. That it's sublingual doesn't imply otherwise.

    As far as I can see, they've never said it's intended specifically for HSV-1, and they seem to think it works well for both. In the last email I received, they explicitly mentioned both types, noting that "patients with predictable type 1 or 2 lesions simply do not have recurrence after sufficient timely therapy, even in the absence of continued TML treatment." The last part, if true, is particularly exciting. I do wonder where these observations come from, as they seem to only be running the one incomplete trial.

    Regardless, you're absolutely right; we can't jump to any real conclusions until we see concrete results from trials. So far we haven't seen anything at all yet.
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2012
  17. donniebrasco

    donniebrasco Active Member

    The more I read about Beech Tree, the more excited I get. This same molecule that works for HSV also works for influenza A and B. It uncoats the virus and no recurrences have been seen. The fact that they are doing a phase I/IIa study is encouraging. Cannot wait to see the data.
  18. ryan the lost

    ryan the lost Newbie

    Hi i am new to this i do quite a bit of research my self i have questions though. First is this company legit and i have heard word of this company going into clinical trails some answers would be nice anything at all beevh tree seems a lil shakey but idk if thats just me if they are legit they have my support! I wanna kill this virus once and for all i know you can live a normal life with hsv but i want my life back i wish everyone reading this the best on your journey! I am always here to talk thank you
  19. lovelyoptimistic

    lovelyoptimistic No longer a member

    @ryan the los they are legit. if you go to clinicaltrials.gov it lists all of the fda approved trials and beech tree is listed.
  20. ryan the lost

    ryan the lost Newbie

    Thanks for that lovely i was very curious to see if i should count on them or not i think there ideas are great and i wanted them to be legit and not a scanm or fake company trying to get donations but them run with the moneys!! If anyone heres any news on there trails post that stuff and ill do tje same thanks to all!
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