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Can herpes be spread through laser hair removal wand?

Discussion in 'Spreading and Preventing Herpes' started by Daisy79, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. Daisy79

    Daisy79 Member

    I was wondering if it is possible to spread herpes through a laser hair removal wand. I have had laser hair removal down there prior to being diagnosed with H and was curious what is the likelihood that someone would get it from the wand they used if for some reason it was not sanitized properly, especially since you are required to shave prior and can have a nic, allowing easier entry for the virus.

    Although I am doubtful this is how I got it, I was wondering if I go in for future treatments, could someone who got if after me get H?

    I actually want to go in for more laser hair removal....I have had several treatments and only need maybe 1 or 2 more...but am now afraid after the H diagnosis that the laser removal will cause an outbreak....especially since I am a recently infected person.
  2. JBnATL

    JBnATL Staff Member

    • Super Moderator
    You can not get herpes from an inanimate object. It takes skin to skin contact to pass this along.

    However, any trauma to your genital area like laser hair removal could trigger an outbreak. It just depends on the individual person, for some it will and for others it wont.

    Come to the Chat Room, there you will find many nice fellow Herpsters who can offer you their support.

    Good luck!

  3. I have not having problems with laser hair removal though. Thanks a lot for giving me a heads up.. I would love to share my experiences with laser hair removal too because this is something I appreciate doing now. Nice post!
  4. officefan

    officefan Active Member

    I have actually heard people say the laser kills the virus if you are having an outbreak--sort of the same theory as dynamiclear (reducing the amount of virus that travels back down your nerves into latency). Personally dynamiclear did nothing for me--and I'd be too embarrassed to let the laser tech see my horrible leprosy--but if I had a tria laser or if my outbreaks just looked like patchy skin or ingrown hairs I might try it. I actually went "Brazilian" with it a few years ago (before I was damaged goods) and it was one of the best things I've ever done for myself.
  5. akriti

    akriti Newbie

    herpes through hair

    i have herpes in my hair n i m going to get a blow dry done, n wanted to know the brush dey wud use to curl my hair n dat brush is used on somebody else, will it spread ?
    i am getting it done in a parlor. n i was thinking to say dem to wash dere brush aftr my hair do..?
    please reply asap becoz ts actually 2mrw moring im gonna get it done
  6. Brushes and combs are supposed to be sterilized between use. Even if this was not true and if the virus was able to get on the brush too much time would pass for this virus to transfer to another person.
  7. akriti

    akriti Newbie

    thankyou you very much for telling me. But i am sorry i didn't get u correctly.This means that the hair brush used on my hair and if used on some elses hair will not spread i mean the brush will be cuming in direct contact with the herpes on my hair.
    and i am sorry to ask but r u sure..? i mean u r a docter or sumthing the docters say not to go anywhere..
  8. akriti

    akriti Newbie

    are u still there can u reply me lil fast please i am in lil hurry
    i am really sorry if rude..!
  9. akriti

    akriti Newbie

    pleasssssssseeeeeeeeeeeee help me out
  10. I am not a dr. The virus doesnt survive long when exposed to air. That makes it difficult to transfer on inanimate objects. But person who is doing your hair should wear gloves if you have sores on your scalp.
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