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Can herpes cause nausea?

Discussion in 'Newly Diagnosed' started by whattodo22, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. whattodo22

    whattodo22 Newbie

    Does herpes cause nausea and loss of appettie? and vomitting?
  2. DogLover88

    DogLover88 Active Member

    No, i think you might have something else.

    I have never experienced this in the 7 years ive had H
  3. whattodo22

    whattodo22 Newbie

    thanks for the reply, trying to get as much advice as possible
  4. DogLover88

    DogLover88 Active Member

  5. whattodo22

    whattodo22 Newbie

    yes waiting on results
  6. DogLover88

    DogLover88 Active Member

    Ah ok :) stop stressing, you may not even have it.

    Im hoping you dont.
  7. CDFPC

    CDFPC Active Member

    Sweetheart, I totally get your fear. From your other posts, I gather you have suffered a lot in the way of abnormal bleeding, and a recent UTI infection. Ok...not fun, definitely something to want answers to, but only your doctors can give you those answers.

    While I cannot speak for others here, I can certainly say that nausea, vomiting, or even a "pukey" sort of feeling does not come from having herpes, and it is not a symptom AT ALL.

    Now if you said you had "tingling" or "itching" either genitally or around your mouth followed by blisters...I'd tell you something COMPLETELY different, but you have not said that! You've never had a blister, either above the waist or below now, have you? If you're answer is no and you've not had a "proper" blood test to confirm.......


    WHY, WHY are you freaking out here about this?!

    Allow others to chime in, as I am sure they will, and I bet they say the same!
    The ONLY thing I can think of that would cause a herpes sufferer to have "any" nausea would be related to taking "anti-virals" and massive doses of vitamins after being diagnosed.

    That being said...
    You stated in another post you've seen 7 doctors. ALL of them have told you, you do not have herpes!

    In all honesty...I think you're freaking out over nothing, and "whatever" it is that is causing your symptoms, is not herpes but something else entirely.

    ONLY your doctor(s) can tell you what that is. Seek their help, believe what they tell you, or seek a second, third, or fourth opinion OK?

    WHATEVER it takes to make you feel better and less freaked out.

    I seriously wonder why you came here thinking that random strangers on a herpes support forum can diagnose you, since you seem to have such unfortunate luck being diagnosed properly by 7 doctors.

    Either that, or you WERE "properly" diagnosed and just refused to believe anything they said.

    Instead....for some strange reason you come here asking others questions about symptoms that are by and large, UN-RELATED to herpes 1, and 2.

    Honey...if you want the ultimate confirmation, get a "type-specific" blood test for herpes, type 1 (oral) and type 2 (genital) AND a swab of any lesions should you have any. Other than that, and getting confirmation, can anyone help you here or give you any answers to your "pukey" episodes and pain urinating or abnormal bleeding.

    I got nothing else to say. You're freaking the "eff" out over nothing. And maybe it is not nothing, but it is definitely NOT herpes.

    There are a lot of people who come to this site daily seeking answers to their symptoms, some of these people will go on to find out from posting, asking questions, getting tested and also by reading and *educating* themselves about herpes, via the PLETHORA of information on this site. LOOK! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Some of these people come to find they don't have herpes!

    Pretty much all the questions you've asked here can be answered by these links.
    Why aren't you educating yourself, before you ask questions? IF you REALLY thought you had herpes, don't you think you would study and learn about herpes and it's symptoms and being told by a doctor you have herpes BEFORE freaking out?

    I wish you good luck, but honestly...I personally do not think you have herpes UNTIL you can come back and say you have had a "type-specific" blood test, CONFIRMED POSITIVE and lesions SWABBED for it.
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2012
  8. DogLover88

    DogLover88 Active Member

    100% agreeing
  9. whattodo22

    whattodo22 Newbie

    Thank you for you're honesty. I appericate the time tou took to give me that post. I suffered a small uti and very light bleeding on only two days, spread way apart. Which is odd to me cause i never bleed unless i actully have my period. I don't know what this is, and maybe i keep thinking its herpes cause thats the only test that hasn't been confirmed yet. I think i've read every website there is to read about herpes, some do say nasua is a syptom. Other just say flu like sytpoms. I have been exmanied by 7 docters, all say that it doesn't appear to be a herpes rash. No it doesn't itch or tingle.

    I'm scared, and when i get scared i guess i tend to panic. I have been reading other posts, and talking with other people on chat. I don't know why i feel so pukey, maybe its just stressed. I guess what has me scared the most is this started 3 days after being with someone new. I've never had a sore or a lesion. I do feel more tired but that could be caused by my constant worrying/depression. I just want my test back. I just want a docter to look at my bloodwork and say its not herpes. Until then i don't think i can stop stressing.

    I found this site and thought it might be helpful to ask some questions to people who actully have it, and kno what t he experience is like. Docters can only tell you so much, but the people who experience know more then a docter in my opinion. I've found alot of great people on this site, helpful people. And for that i'm very greatful.

    I can tell you're getting fed up with my question asking but please try to understand its all built on fear. How can all this stuff start 3 days after a new partner? is the redness from the uti and the antibodics? and the puking, just the flu? the barfy feeling, just stress? the bleeding, stress? mid-cycle bleeding? Questions that have me worried. And yes i know no one here is a docter. But when you have had every test come back neg. and one still out there its hard not to think that it could be herpes, what else is left? again i know no here is a docter but maybe someone could give me an idea of what it could be. Or just tell me what they think. I met one girl on this site. Shes been so great and helpful. We;ve beomce friends and just enjoy talking. She helped me alot, thank god for people like her.

    I hope its not herpes, i wish no one here had it, i wish it didn't even exsist. I've read how some people sufffer with it, and its just really awful. And i pray for all of you. And i admire you're strength, everyone here is very strong. And i appericate everyones opnion.
  10. CDFPC

    CDFPC Active Member

    Yes, stress can cause many illnesses. It can even kill you eventually. So where is all the stress and fear getting you? Hitting the panic button is doing you more harm than good.
    What makes you think that having recently been with someone new is even the cause of your pukey feeling or abnormal bleeding? Both of those symptoms alone are not caused by herpes. What makes you think that the pukey feeling is even related to the abnormal bleeding? You could very well have simply and coincidently caught a stomach bug.
    If you have taken any birth control recently, or even stopped, that could be the cause of the abnormal bleeding. Only a GYNO can help you with the bleeding issue or refer you to someone else who can help. I can't imagine any GYNO would just tell you..."test negative, can't explain it, go home", without looking into your bleeding issue further.

    Many, many things other than std's can cause something like that and it's not something to panic over. Concern? Definitely, Panic? No way.

    When I had an OB, and was diagnosed with hsv2, I felt crappy too, cried my eyes out and was scared, felt my life was over, but once I got educated and medicated, it's now a non-issue and doesn't affect my life at all. Before I was diagnosed, I had flu-like symptoms off/on for about a week. I didn't panic over it or freak out. I didn't even assume it was related to an OB.
    Years ago, I had some abnormal bleeding too. It turns out it was caused by the fact that my birth control pill simply stopped working.

    I'm not angry with you, just trying to help you see...it's not herpes causing your symptoms so you can eliminate that fear from your life at least!

    I think maybe in your case, it would help to talk to a counselor about your fear and stress issues. I mean if god-forbid something was terribly wrong with you, how would you handle it? By freaking out? Not dealing? thinking your life is over? Is all that really helping you? Living in fear, panic and not being able to handle stress very well will destroy your life quicker than any illness will.

    I really don't mean to come across as harsh, or insulting, and please don't take what I am about to say the wrong way, but....you really need to pull your head outta your ass, stop all the freaking out, and being scared and be a little more pro-active with these doctors. You say you've seen what?? 7 doctors??? If I were you I would DEMAND they investigate the abnormal bleeding issue first and foremost. I wouldn't take a neg std test as a simple answer to the cause of it.
    Lastly...just call your OBGYN, make an appt. and in the meantime...take a hot bath, relax, treat yourself to something nice. :)
  11. whattodo22

    whattodo22 Newbie

    Thank you. I appericate everything you've been telling me. I don't handle change well. Do i have some mentel issuses, yes. I suffer from depression/anxiety. I know i must sound crazy to you. And hey maybe i am. Its just really frusterting when you have a problem, one that bothers you everyday 24/7 and not one docter can tell you what it is, and to be honest none of them seem to care. Just, oh we'll do these tests and see whats what, they come back neg and then just ship me off to another docter who runs into the same problem of not knowing what it is or what to do with me.

    I guess the timing had me scared the most. Being with someone new, i get a uti, and suffer from red irratted skin, and come down with flu-like sytpoms for a week, which was like 3 weeks ago and i still feel like dry heeving and no desire to eat really is what had me freaked out the most. I had some spotting on sunday, but ended by monday. Werid to me cause i don't bleed in between periods. I'm very aware of my body and i notice blood. I guess when i have a probelm i obbsese over it till it drives me half insane. I was using this steriod cream an ob gave me, i think i was using it much and just made it worse. I've quite using it and it seems to be getting better. Just the pukey part still makes me wonder whats wrong. I seen a new ob today, docter number 8. So maybe she will have a new approch as to what i have. Lastly i got the call today. The test result for my H test. Negitive. :) Yes u were right, yes i was freaking out, but thanks for all you're advice. And i wish u all the best.
  12. CDFPC

    CDFPC Active Member

    This is GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!! See? I told you so!!! All this thinking you had herpes and then freaking out over it did no good but get you upset over nothing!
    I'm glad you don't have herpes, and I am certain whatever it is that is wrong with you is totally fixable. Even your anxiety and depression is fixable!
    Good luck to you!!! Hopefully you come out of this experience a little more educated and a lot less freaked out!
  13. whattodo22

    whattodo22 Newbie

    I must say i feel more educated. If in the future if ever meet someone with herpes i won't ever think badly of them. So many people think its something you get when you sleep around alot, but after reading so many posts by so many people you really can catch it from anyone at anytime. And you don't even have to have sex to do it. I don't think many people know that. I myself didn't even know that. I think people really need to know more about stds and how easy they are to transmit. But yea, again thanks. :)
  14. DogLover88

    DogLover88 Active Member

    Yay your negative :) good
  15. whattodo22

    whattodo22 Newbie

    thanks doglover :)
  16. CDFPC

    CDFPC Active Member

    Hearing this from you has me a little choked up and teary-eyed, but in a very happy and positive way!!!!
    CHEERS!!!!!!!!!! :tee:

    I am so glad you got something really valuable out of this whole experience! You got educated on this virus, and now know now how to protect yourself, how easy it is to get, and not only that...
    you're one less person who stigmatizes herpes suffers as "dirty". If only the whole freaking world got educated the way you did! This has been a positive lesson for you, and I'm glad you had it!

    I hope that from time to time you come back to visit us here, let us know how you are doing! Lastly...like you, I too have suffered and struggled with anxiety, depression in the past... then BAM! Add herpes to the mix! It's kinda why I came down on you so much. I had people in my life kick my ass over it, but it was out of friendship and caring, even if it came across to me as a lack of understanding and felt mean. It was never meant to be mean towards you. I just couldn't stand you beating yourself up so badly over something that could be so benign and freaking out with worry...only to find out like you did, that it's really nothing!!!!

    GOOD LUCK!!!!! Now GO! Live your life!
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