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Can Herpes pass through blood? or only skin to skin?

Discussion in 'About My Outbreaks' started by Sadbb, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. Sadbb

    Sadbb Active Member

    Just curious. Wondering if it can be pass through blood. Can we donate blood to other people?
  2. beachday

    beachday Active Member

    I have donated blood and I told them that I had Herpes. The only thing they said (and they told me they researched it and got back to me) was not to donate while having an OB.

    They've called me to donate again so it is ok.
  3. Sadbb

    Sadbb Active Member

    Thanks Beachday!
  4. livelaughlove

    livelaughlove Active Member

    u can donate blood. i called the local blood donation center and they said that they check for syphillis, hiv and hepatitus c. they said that hsv is not considered life threatening so they don't check for that. they did not say don't donate if u have an ob-though i didn't ask that question. i'm not quite sure why having an ob would affect ur ability to give blood. if ur having an ob down south--how is drawing blood from ur arm going to affect anything? u already have antibodies in ur blood with or wo/ an ob--its not like ur cootie level is up and ur going to infect someone via blood. imo, that just kind of sounds like societal paranoia. though i could be wrong, it happens some times!
  5. regret

    regret Well-Known Member

    you cant get hsv through blood semen.etc...
  6. Icarus

    Icarus Newbie

    I'd be willing to guess that they don't recommend donating during an OB because your immune levels are a little compromised and loosing blood can take a lot out of you. Its really for your own cause.
  7. lala

    lala Active Member

    Yes you can, but it's not advised to donate during an outbreak and especially not during a Primary outbreak.
  8. Sadbb

    Sadbb Active Member

    Thanks everyone. I learn something new everyday :D
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