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can thc(marijuanna) help treat herpes?

Discussion in 'Herpes Treatment Zone' started by jackd, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. jackd

    jackd Member

    i recently created a budmail account, and i was looking at different products they offer, and one of them was a pill called "canna-gel", it's thc that is extracted from marijuanna and made in pills form. a whole variety a benifits are listed:
    "Canna-Gels can be used to treat asthma, glaucoma, tumours, nausea, epilepsy, MS, back pain, muscle spasms, arthritis, herpes, sleep-disorders, insomnia, emphysema, stress, migraines, loss of appetite, anorexia, AIDS, colitis, crohn’s disease, and many other ailments."

    i personally smoke quite a bit, every night to be specific, and i've only had one ob, the first and only one being in may. i know i might just be lucky to have not had another one YET, but i was just curious if any other members control their ob's this way???
  2. ouch

    ouch Well-Known Member

    While I am all down for using the herb medically, I do not think it is the herb itself in preventing an outbreak. Chances are it is 1) your immune system 2) your diet and 3) weed DOES cause one to feel more relaxed. SO perhaps in being in a "relaxed" frame of time all the time, this is helping to keep the stress levels down (a numero uno reason for outbreaks) thus, you are having no outbreaks.

    BUT, while I am an advocate for the herb, I also don't believe that people should be stoned stupid 24/7. (I work in the music biz, so I see more stoned people than I care to, ALL the time...it gets so boring!) A little herb once in a blue moon is okay. (exception to my little "rule": if you have cancer and are going thru chemo, OR if you have AIDS...then smoke away, shit...)

    ALSO, I have heard of SOME people who actually have almost allergic-like reactions to weed and have MORE outbreaks. SO....I would say just do things in moderation and just monitor your body and see how it reacts!
  3. jackd

    jackd Member

    for the record, im not stoned 24/7, just at nights when i mentioned.
    and thats a good point, perhaps that is why the site including herpes as an ailment weed can treat, as psychological stress can trigger an ob, and weed can help in relaxing the mind.
  4. fightingback

    fightingback Member

    i also have a feeling that pot has some effect on outbreaks. i also did used to smoke regularly and it seemed to help... not sure about the direct relationship though...
  5. standard

    standard Active Member

    I would be very willing to believe that THC (and possibly other chemicals in the plant) help with herpes.

    New York Times says it acts as an anti-bacterial:

    Other prominent researches have found it to reduce the growth of cancer, and to help with alzheimer's.

    Here's my logic:
    1) People with herpes are more likely to develop alzheimers than those without. 2) THC prevents alzheimers, kills cancer and bacteria. 3) THC reduces stress and nervousness. 4) Herpes is in your nerves and affected by stress.
    Put those together and it makes sense to me.
    Too bad I can't smoke weed because of my job right now. :(
  6. Caliope

    Caliope Well-Known Member

    I wish I could cite the source but I recently heard that marijuana can actually make herpes ob's more frequent and more severe. I think that it lowers the immune response. (It is possible that it was included in a documentary on drugs that aired on cable television. The intent of the show was to try to encourage positive dialogue about the uses for marijuana)

    I am not against the use of marijuana but I also don't have a personal experience with it since being exposed to this virus.
  7. cape

    cape Newbie

    Smoking cannabis isn't that good for medical effects. For herpes it would be best to apply an extract on the outbreak area, or ingest the extract.

    THC and other cannabinoids have been studied as effective treatments for numerous medical problems. Just search PubMed on the NIH website above for "THC" or "cannabinoid" and you will find thousands of studies dating back decades. Somehow it's still Schedule I, what a joke.
  8. highlikeplane

    highlikeplane Newbie

    thc and herpes

    i was diagonsed with herpes 2 1/2 years ago. i had one horrendous outbreak. and none, that i'm aware of, since then. basically after being married for a year my hubby came home crying about how he was diagnosed. then the next day i busted out with a bunch of lesions. BACk to the point, basically i've been smoking every day before and since that day. and i have read other people on other sites with the same question, so maybe there is a connection to thc possibly suppressing the herpes... maybe maybe not. we better hurry up and legalize it so we can actually do research on such topics. but that's my two cents. :D
  9. russianrocket

    russianrocket Newbie

    hey, that's very interesting because this is the conclusion i tend to lean towards. i've been smoking for over 6 years, but only in the last 3 years have experienced regular and terrible outbreaks. i'm not a person of great overall health to begin with, although i get sick very rarely (just these f-ing cold sores!), so the bit about weed affecting the immune system seems legit, although my habits restrict me from fully believing. i've noticed that if i stop for some time, no outbreaks happen, but stoping gets me down, and hella anxious. but then again when i start, the symptoms don't always come back right away (sometimes stays dormant for weeks, while i puff away). one thing that seems to help is brushing my teeth 800 times a day (certainly after a joint)

    ...im very pessimistinc about the whole thing.

    anyone else is finding that the more you puff, the more often the outbreaks.

    p.s. glad to finnaly express my worries to peers affected by misilar problems.
  10. ntdc

    ntdc Well-Known Member

    It may be a mild immune suppressor, but the jury is kind of out on that. It probably will not help your outbreaks. As cape said, applying a tincture is probably helpful more than taking it internally however there are many natural compounds that have been shown to kill or inhibit the reproduction of herpes in-vitro most of which are not as hazardous to your freedom.
  11. proudmama

    proudmama Member

    I also read somewhere that thc weakens the immune system. Don't remember where, but it was somewhere online.

    Last year I smoked pot pretty much every night for about 7 months, and after a little while I started getting outbreaks, which I never used to have. I also was starting to have really bad anxiety whenever I smoked, which eventually turned to panic attacks, so I had to stop. I'm thinking my outbreaks were probably a result of the anxiety caused by the thc, not necessarily the thc itself.
    I was also taking an antidepressant for a few months, and ever since I stopped taking that I've had constant outbreaks. I guess coming off the antidepressant just compounded the problem. I've been off it for about four months now and the outbreaks are still coming, so bad that acyclovir makes them less severe but can't stop 'em.
  12. BealtesRGod

    BealtesRGod Newbie

    THC works

    This is taken from another forum I posted on but might be exactly what you are looking for:
    Now that I have confirmed this works, I would like to share with you a very easy way to make cold sore medicine that works incredibly well; and it's made from weed. This medicine has worked so much better for me than any OTC or Rx treatment.
    Lastly, I can't take credit for this I found it on a website while searching google and am simply spreading knowledge.
    0.5 grams of the strongest bud you can get
    1 oz of strong alcohol (at least 70% and make sure its clear. Supposedly Iso Alcohol works but I've only used Devil's Springs)

    Step 1: Fill a container (like an old Rx or glass bottle) with 1 oz of alcohol.
    Step 2: Break up the .5g of bud into the jar but make sure its very finely done (may not want to use a grinder in case of losing THC)
    Step 3: Leave them in a cool dark place (i use a freezer) for 2-4 weeks, shaking often (every 1-3 days)


    Now the next time you feel a blister coming on simply dip a Q-tip into the solution (don't need much at all) and apply to the area. I dab it on, wait 10 seconds, then dab it again and chuck the Q-tip. Do this 3-4 times a day until the blister is fully gone.
    After using this multiple times and letting someone else try it I can tell you it works incredibly well. Once I apply it, if i keep up with it, the blister will virtually stop and start healing by roughly the next day. No prescription I have ever used can come close to the effectiveness of this. Apparently the THC stops the virus from replicating. The type a bud I used I'd consider headies if compared to medical CA nug (which I didn't have access to at the time of the experiment). The original experimenter believes this may actually stop the virus from coming back in that same place too. I have not had repeat blisters in the same area since, but cannot confirm this yet. Please leave feedback as to how this works for you and let everyone know because I know cold sores suck.
  13. BealtesRGod

    BealtesRGod Newbie

    in response to the post above mine, I have been smoking strong nug every day (maybe 4-8 times a day) for a few years and can say that I do not believe it has any direct effect on outbreaks. I get less than when I was a kid, but i believe that is due to becoming slightly more immune naturally. The only way i believe smoking would effect an OB is by calming you and reducing stress, thereby lessening the chance of an OB (or if you get paranoid, the opposite.) Stress and state of mind have much to do with many illnesses (like colds) and herpes is included. Someone mentioned they were depressed, which will prob. increase the number of OBs. If anyone tries my previous post PLEASE post results and let others know about it, because it has made such a huge difference for me.
  14. Studies are often bogus

    Many times I see "studies" that claim this or that. Many of them are flawed. I think legitimate pot researchers are still trying to support their claims for pain relief etc. so that they may legilize the drug, not research many many diseases. I would take studies that claim pot helps herpes with a grain of salt in other words I would not really believe such studies. I am a supporter for pot use for medicinal purposes and have a license myself in California although currently don't smoke because bud is not available from my source, only shake. As far as tinctures go, I have had herpes for over 30 years. In my experience I have been told that putting creams and tinctures on the lesions only succeeds in spreading the lesions around. I think there is a cream Acyclovir that I used to use before Valtrex was invented. Since taking Valtrex I don't have outbreaks and therefore don't need a tincture or cream. I would think twice before using any tincture or cream or marijuana prep.
  15. chooseyourbattles

    chooseyourbattles Well-Known Member

  16. ntdc

    ntdc Well-Known Member

    It shouldn't be much of a problem. I use tea tree oil topically and I'm just careful about only putting the oil on the sores using a q-tip and not dipping the q-tip back into the jar once its been used. If you were to wipe it all over your face with a cotton swab that may a concern.
  17. redyellowpurpleblue

    redyellowpurpleblue Active Member


    surely the inhalation of tobacco which comes amongst thc is bad for you? viruses can't survive well in oxygen apparently so why starve yourself of half your oxygen? i swear smoking induces cancer aswell?

    yeah i heard the medical thc benifits. shame our governments outright ban these drugs. evil mofos
  18. ntdc

    ntdc Well-Known Member

    Marijuana does not contain tobacco or nicotine. In some european countries its common to smoke tobacco mixed with marijuana. This is not common in America though. Marijuana smoking has not been conclusively shown AFAIK to cause any kind of cancers like tobacco smoking has.

    That said, its illegal you should avoid it for that reason.
  19. saturn

    saturn Active Member

    I've been puffing since finding out last March. Not daily, but maybe like every other day or longer. If anything I feel more conscious of my itching and tingling and soreness. I have yet to see MJ make things feel better in the nether regions. Mentally, it helps by relaxing me, but I have not seen any physical help. Actually, the only side affects of MJ are Happy, Hungry, Sleepy :p
  20. redyellowpurpleblue

    redyellowpurpleblue Active Member


    has anyone tried beatlesrgod method? it seems to work for him better than anything else. where do you get 70% alcohol?
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