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Can you get herpes any other way besides sexual activities?

Discussion in 'Rant & Rave' started by Samson. Jonas, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. Samson. Jonas

    Samson. Jonas Newbie

    i just been diagnosed with genitial herpes. i live with my daughter and my girlfriend which is the mother of my child. two months ago i noticed a blister on my penis after a day past by it got worst. one blister became three blisters. But my only problem with this is i only been sleeping with one person for quite sometime now and she doesn't have any symptom of the herpes virus. She doesn't know that i've been diagnosed with herpes yet because im trying to find out how i got this virus for i know that i never had unprotected sex with anyone besides my gurl and i dont sleep around at all. i haven't slept with anyone besides her since 2006 when we split for a few months, but even then i had a condom on. but its just now that im getting starting symptoms. can herpes be transmitted thru touching your gential area. i have a feew friends that get real bad blisters on their lips and sometimes, we'll share a cigarette and i can recall when his blister was at its peak and me, not knowing about herpes, i shared a cigarette with him but i dont get any break outs on my lips. for some reason i think that's how i got it. i thought about this hard and i can't think of anyone that i had unprotected sex with in the last 3 years besides my girlfriend. please someone help me with this. sooner or later i will have to tell my girlfriend and i dont know how to and im fear of rejection. im scared of loosing my family because of this.
  2. MsLucy

    MsLucy Well-Known Member

    There are a couple possibilities here, none of which involve sharing a cigarette.

    Condoms don't protect you very well from contracting herpes. They only protect the very small area that's covered, leaving the rest of your nethers exposed and vulnerable. If you have sex with a female who carries the herpes virus, that exposed area is all fair game.

    It's also possible to have herpes for some time (years even) without experiencing any symptoms. Some people have it all their lives and never experience any symptoms, which is why so many people have it and don't know they have it.

    It could be that you contracted it from your past lover, or it could be that your current gf has it and doesn't know it because she has no symptoms. My advice would be to talk to her, tell her your situation, and ask that she be tested. If she tests positive, my guess would be you got it from her. If she's negative, you got it elsewhere. Either way, you need to let her know what's going on. You can't just keep having relations with her without telling her. That would be sneaky and terribly unfair to her.
  3. gotitsowhat

    gotitsowhat Well-Known Member

    Some things test us

    If she lives with you and is the mother of your child, presumably she cares about you. You are not just a casual person in her life. Surely one lousy little virus won't come between you. You do need to tell her. Sooner or later she will find out and she will think more of you and your relationship if you tell her as soon as possible. Make it short and to the point and expect her to react well. She probably will. But no matter what, you do have to tell her and she does have to get a medical assessment of her situation.

    If she really cares, she will not leave you over it. If you really care, you will tell her.
  4. Samson. Jonas

    Samson. Jonas Newbie

    Novel Method for Preventing Recurrence of Herpes Simplex Virus

    Do anybody know more inforamtion regarding this article?

    Novel Method for Preventing Recurrence of Herpes Simplex Virus
    Download PDF Version

    The University of Florida is seeking a company interested in commercializing a novel method for preventing the spread and recurrence of herpes simplex virus. Herpes afflicts approximately one in four women and one in five men. The blistering sores caused by the disease are painful and are the leading cause of corneal blindness in the United States and Europe. Researchers at the University of Florida have developed a gene therapy that employs hammerhead ribozymes to inhibit herpes viral replication. When administered by a single injection after the initial infection, the therapy provides life-long inhibition of recurring outbreaks.


    Injectable therapeutic vaccine controls herpes virus infection

    Potential for future use as preventative vaccine


    Single injection provides life-long protection against recurrent outbreaks

    Effective against corneal, conjunctival, and stromal cell infections, for which topical antiviral medications cannot be used
    Minimizes discomfort by preventing spread of the initial infection to other areas of the body

    Combats reactivating infections of the eye and brain, minimizing morbidity to immunocompromised individuals and infected infants

    Existing antiviral treatments must be taken during recurring infections and only curtail the severity and timeframe of symptoms; by contrast, the therapy at hand prevents recurrence. The novel approach of this technology is its employment of hammerhead ribozymes, RNA enzymes that can cleave mRNA, deactivating it and leaving it to be digested by the intracellular degradation mechanism. These ribozymes target sequences in several genes of the herpes virus and block viral replication. Defective forms of the herpes simplex virus type I (HSV-1) function as vectors to deliver the ribozymes to cells capable of sustaining infection. The technology can potentially to be used as a preventative vaccine against all outbreaks.
  5. tohealth

    tohealth Active Member

    You sound like a good man who values family and I think a good woman would appreciate that and try to work this out to ensure you all are both as healthy as can be. Have you considered that you could have gotten it from your girlfriend? How monogamous do you know her to be? It's entirely possible. If it was reversed (her saying she has it and you don't) I would immediately doubt that you didn't have it because females seem to get symptoms pretty obviously and have a lot more mucous membrane that can show (feel) a first outbreak. I'd really wonder if you didn't get this from her...just my thoughts...
  6. pj17

    pj17 Member

    So many people experience Herpes without symtoms, or symtoms so mild that they have no clue they have it. She may have had it prior to you meeting, or you could have had it and are only just experiencing your first ob now.

    Regardless, this is something you should talk to her about asap. It's important to do so.
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