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Can you get herpes on your scalp?

Discussion in 'About My Outbreaks' started by Katiehope, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. Katiehope

    Katiehope Active Member

    Does anyone know if it is possible to get herpes outbreaks on your scalp and in your ear? I have been getting these little sores on my scalp but they are really small and I think they might just be pimples but they occur in the same places each month, at the back of my neck, near my temples and in my right ear.
    I have been suffering from constant HSV1 outbreaks for months and the sores on my head just make me feel more like a leper. i went to the derm and he said it was too small to test and had already healed. I wonder in it could be shingles or if I am just being paranoid. Anyone else have this problem?
  2. Shayna

    Shayna Well-Known Member

    • VIP Supporter
    From what I've read in your other posts this sounds like they could be pimples from hormone changes, I wouldn't worry....you might try getting some witch hazel to use after you cleanse your face and neck. Also, try not to pick at them, expecially on your scalp, they won't heal as quickly .
  3. trying

    trying Active Member

    I recently found out my mom has herpes zoster on her scalp, which I guess is a form of shingles? She had bells palsy as a child, and I guess the two are related. Tea trea oil applied topically has been effective for me. Overuse will really dry out your skin though, so keep it reasonable.
  4. ntdc

    ntdc Well-Known Member

    I get outbreaks on the scalp they started when my other facial outbreaks started unfortunately I cant take a good picture of them because of my hair. I have tried the pictures dont come out well. They are near the hair line but on the scalp.
  5. Katiehope

    Katiehope Active Member


    Thank you everyone - I'm still getting them in the same places and I think it might be pimples but they are painful and recure in the same exact spots. I never see any blisters but am bad about scratching them and rubbing alcohol and various other drying stuff on them. They take about a week to heal and are usually solitary and not in a cluster. It does seem to come monthly, once or twice a month. I'm using antivirals still - now Im taking Valtrex and Zovirex at the same time. I think I'm fighting one now, my lips are dry and I'm using all the regular stuff - tea tree oil, oil of oregano, all the supliments, Zovirax cream on my lips... except for my lips peling it seems to be working but I have to get up 2 - 3 times a night to ice. I'm feeling like it will eventually break out but each day is one day of having my life back until it happens again. I've had 5 whole days of freedom. The longest time for me in 90-days. I don't want to jinx myself but I hope it lasts. My only issue is my lips are peeling from all the H-relief oil and everything else I am using. It's an all out war and I'm going to win!
    then they will find a cure and I'll have my life back.
  6. jacksprat

    jacksprat Active Member


    I'm not sure what it is, but it's not herpes zoster (aka Shingles). Shingles is something you get once in your life (v.rarely more), usually when you're 40+, and would not reappear every month.
  7. Shayna

    Shayna Well-Known Member

    • VIP Supporter
    Teatree oil on your lips is pretty harsh. I would think that alone would cause them to peel. I use a lip balm called "unpetrolium" (sp?) and I LOVE it! You might wanna give your lips a little break from anything too harsh.

    I hope you feel better soon!
  8. Katiehope

    Katiehope Active Member

    Dandruff shampoo helps

    Just wanted to post again to say that although I don't have dandruff, I tried it to see if it would help and it has. I still don't know if it's H or pimples or whatever, but using this once in a while has helped. When I'm having an issue, i use it every day until it's gone and it seems to go away much faster. Gotta count your blessings when you have them.
  9. Katiehope

    Katiehope Active Member

    scalp reply

    I just wanted to post again for anyone who is following this. For a few months I had this regularly then it seemed to go away. I have been getting it again for the last couple months and although I'm still not sure if it's H or not at least it hasn't gotten any worse over the years. I lost about 60% of my hair over the last couple years but that is better than constant OB's. I just quit taking the supressive 3 weeks ago and so far I am good. I don't know if I just had a few bad years or if taking them so long helped my body cope but the last year has been pretty good. I just keep fighting it whenever it pops up and that seems to work. Thanks for all the support.
  10. Hopeless39

    Hopeless39 No longer a member

    I have this problem too. Before I get bumps on my head that take forever to go away my scalp and face gets really oily and both areas are on fire. During this time my hair falls out in huge amounts. I barely have any left. It seems to be worse on the right side, which is weird because I get genital obs on the right side too.
  11. marlboro31

    marlboro31 Newbie

    Im experiencing the same thing !! for the last 2 years. starting maybe 1 or 2 years after i was diagnosed with hsv2. literally just now i used q-tip after the shower and theres blood on the 1-tip. my left ear always feels like there is an open sore. Tiny little open sores arrive out of nowhere on my scalp. I also get little tiny clear liquid filled itchy singular blisters on my forearms, hands, sometime under my arms, sometimes my legs and knees. Also feel like i have open sores in the tip of my nostrils.

    Have you found out what it is?

    Im going to see a dermatologist again this week bc the last one was a joke & said it was acne & sent me on my way.

    HELP !! This is ruining my life.

    & within the last couple months hair has been falling out a lot. Maybe because of the winter, maybe because of recent shampoo.

    Also I finally starting VALACYCOVIR today. Generic Valtrex bc a 10 days supply of valtrex is insane money. 180$ for 30 500 mg pills. No way.

    Going back to the doctor to figure out a suppressive therapy for hsv2 that doesnt cost 200$ ever 10 days.

    I have outbreaks monthly some time twice a month ever since the emergency room first 2 week outbreak 3-4 years ago
  12. GntiNh

    GntiNh Staff Member

    • Super Moderator
    Hope you get some relief soon.

    My giver's daughter had HSV on her head and the dermatologist gave her acyclovir cream. She also washed her hair with tea tree oil shampoo
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