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Can you get herpes without having sex?

Discussion in 'Sex, Kissing and Intimacy' started by Upnorth, Jul 13, 2006.

  1. Upnorth

    Upnorth Newbie

    Does anyone know if u can get herpes when you've had absolutely no sexual contact? because i fear i have herpes but i havent had sex or any other sexual contact. i am 14 years old so i dont know.
  2. ouch

    ouch Well-Known Member

    No sexual contact whatsoever?
    then no, you can not get it.

    You CAN get herpes simplex 1 (coldsores) if you kiss OR perform oral sex on someone.

    What makes you think you have herpes? :?:
  3. chelly

    chelly Newbie

    that's not what my dr. told me. my dr. told me that if you come in contact with a sore then you can get it. he told me to be careful to keep my outbreak covered since it is on my thigh so that my daughter don't come in contact with it cause she could get it that way. just brushing up against it while it is active cause pass it on. for example, here it is summer, so i wear shorts a lot and so does she. so if she were to hop up on my lap while i have an outbreak, if i don't have it covered with a bandaid or something then if her leg touches my thigh where that sore is then it can cause her to have it on her leg. this is just what my dr. explained to me.
  4. ouch

    ouch Well-Known Member

    Oh absolutely you can catch it from just rubbing up against it. I think this young lady is talking about intercourse and having genital herpes, and since most people get genital herpes from sex, oral and even dry humping...then in her case NO, only some sort of sexual contact would give her genital herpes . (unless she has been dry humping or rubbing up against someone naked....then no.)

    But you are absolutely right, you can have herpes elsewhere on your body and it is just as contagious...and you CAN pass it onto someone. Like people with herpes whitlow have to be very careful. (herpes on the fingers/hands) as they can easily pass it onto another person. There is also that "wrestlers herpes" or herpes gladitorium (sp?) which is usually passed by close contact. (many many wrestlers get this.)

    sucks, eh?
  5. chelly

    chelly Newbie

    definitally sucks...mine is type2 but only on my thigh luckily....but that just means i have to be more careful around my children...and with a 4 year old, that is tough at times....i just have to remember to keep a bandaid on at all times during an outbreak.
  6. Very confused

    Very confused Newbie

    Do i have it

    So im 15 and i have had no sexual contact what so ever, never kissed, never sex, nothing. I have these little bumps all over my penis and scrutom. And there is one maybe two bumps that are basically pimple but on my penis, is this herpes or what?
  7. notsofast22

    notsofast22 Active Member

    Couldn't you technically get it with no sexual contact at all but by touching one of your own cold sores and then touching your penis or vagina a short time after. I heard this is possible
  8. artgirl87

    artgirl87 Active Member

    I got it without having sex, but upnorth it doesn't sound like the same situation as you. I was messing around with a guy that had it (which he didn't bother to tell me...he's never had symptoms so he didnt think he could pass it on) and I got it from touching and stuff even though we didn't actually have sex. If you've never done anything though, that sounds highly unlikely.
  9. wtfisgoingon

    wtfisgoingon Newbie

    Do i have it

    I myself am 17 and have very similar traits as Very Confused. I actually woke up this morning with my first serious outbreak of i dont know what. I as well have kissed only one girl, have never had sex or sexual contact or anything else. I as well have small bumps in the same areas, but, as I said, just this morning woke up with a larger, red, pimple like bumbs on my penis. Does anyone know wtf is going on??
  10. darkangel2100

    darkangel2100 Active Member

    I'd say go to the doctor now, they can test it or tell you what it is. I cannot speculate. What you described COULD be herpes but could be other things. It is totally embarassing to go to the doctor about this but it's the only way to get it diagnosed and treated.
  11. mike200

    mike200 Newbie

    do i have herpes ?

    i'm 15 and i've never had sex, or kiss someone, or nothing.. but i have like this little bumps around the low part of the head of my penis. i also have some on my scrotum. and the last day i had a pimple on my pubic area and i squished it and something white kind of yellow came out.. I'm very confused.. do think i have herpes:(?
  12. MsLucy

    MsLucy Well-Known Member


    If you're the only one who has ever had contact with your genitals, then the only way it could be genital herpes would be if you have facial herpes and transferred it from your face to your genitals via your hand. The only way to know what it is, though, is to have it checked by a dr. It could very well be something else. Have you ever had a cold sore? If not, and if you've had NO sexual experience at all, it likely is something else. You're only 15. Tell your mom or your dad what's going on, and let them take you to a dr. I know it's hard, but they're there to help you. You're too young to have to carry this worry on your shoulders alone. Tell them. You'll feel much better.
  13. hutchjoe

    hutchjoe Newbie

    Yes you can... I caucht GH in apan where a girl with GM gave me a hand job only. She had GH and had touched herself (open sores) just prior giving me a handjob and thus GH :(
  14. cemented3033

    cemented3033 Member

    Okay Mike, here's the deal:

    You're 15, I can imagine what's going through your head... You can get GH without sex. Yes. BUT here's the good news. Those white bumps might just be "Pearly Penile Papules" look it up. It's a common condition that just has enlarged glands around the head of the penis.

    You mentioned bumps on your scrotum? That could also be another benign condition, and the name eludes me right now but it's nothing to worry about.

    As for the pimple on your pubes? Could just be a pimple or a small cyst. I used to get cysts up in my pubes a while back, and they were like hard areas under the skin. I'd lance it and then squeeze it until the pus and junk stopped coming out and it was only blood, then I'd just let it heal. Happens sometimes. Not a big deal either.

    To be honest though, if you're concerned... check with your doctor and talk to your parents. They'll be able to help you. But honestly I don't think that I would be concerned given your sexual history. Or better yet-- lack thereof! ;)
  15. Niko

    Niko Newbie

    hey guys new to forum got a ? FIRST just got diagnosed with herpes (oral) after my symptoms clear up with the medication i am taking will i be able to have oral sex again?
  16. RealisticGal

    RealisticGal Well-Known Member

    Oral herpes sheds viral particles from time to time (without symptoms like sores) just like genital herpes does. At that point, you can spread herpes to someone else, including by giving them oral sex.

    That doesn't mean you can never engage in oral sex again. But it does mean you should tell your future potential partners about the situation so they get the choice.
  17. 6879760

    6879760 Member

    Niko, please please please (I cannot stress this enough) please tell your partner about what you have prior to performing any type of oral sex. I contracted GH-2 from my partner who got cold sores on his mouth. I was nieve and knew nothing about how I could get Herpes.. I really wish I knew what I knew now so that I could have prevented catching it. Also, use some sort of barrier while performing oral sex, like a dental dam or something. I actually have a friend who told me that when she has sex with her girlfriend she just cuts a condom in half and uses that instead of going out and buying a DD. Never used it, but it sounds like it would work pretty much the same.
  18. Lex

    Lex Newbie

    I'm 20 years old, never had sex, only kissed one boy, and I think I may have herpes. I think I get cysts too, but I'm really scared because I think I might have herpes. I'm already awkward when it comes to boys and kind of a social outcast and a nerd, and I don't have much self esteem. If I find out that I have herpes, I might break down....
  19. RealisticGal

    RealisticGal Well-Known Member

    Hi Lex,

    If you tell us a little bit more about why you think you might have herpes, we will have a chance of helping. What is going on that makes you think that? What part of your body is involved?
  20. crazydiamond

    crazydiamond Member

    To continue the discussion.....

    (1) If a guy dry humps my body or my legs, or
    (2) I hump a guy's leg and I am wet in my genital region when I hump his leg...

    then can I give him genital herpes (HSV2) either way ? Assume I have no active sores/outbreaks at the time. My sores occur vaginally.

    Also, is anal itching that never turns into actual sores a symptom of herpes ?
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