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Can you tell from blood test how long been infected?

Discussion in 'Herpes Tests and Diagnosis' started by girl1, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. girl1

    girl1 Newbie

    Awaiting blood test - wondering if it is accurate that genital herpes may not show up in blood until several months after initial exposure. If it does show up, can you tell by the level of antibodies how long the virus has been there? Does anyone know what low levels and high levels are? And do low levels correlate with new virus and high levels correlate to long term virus? Appreciate any feedback on this. I don't believe my husband that after 8 years of being together I just now got the virus from him. He claims he has never had symptoms and never cheated. I'm very skeptical, hurt of course and in physical pain due to my first OB. Thank you for any feedback.
  2. Denise 07

    Denise 07 Active Member

    Well I'm in the same boat as you are. I had my first OB to ghsv-1 almost 3 months ago and was very shocked and surprised. I had a swab done and it came back + to hsv-1 and also a blood test confirmed + to hsv-1 old infection but with a recent infection due to cross reactivity. So in other words it can lay dormant for awhile. I've been married 13 1/2 yrs and been together with my husband for 20 yrs and I have never cheated and he says he hasn't either. His blood test was + to hsv-1 old infection but nothing recent. So in my circumstance I believe I've had this for a long time. The test can't tell you for how long just if it's old or new infection. I wish I knew how long as well. I got mine through oral sex and only two men have done that with me. My husband and an old HS boyfriend so I don't know who gave it to me. My old HS boyfriend could have had coldsores on his mouth as a child as well as my husband could have. My husband has never had an OB of either oral or genital that he can remember. So I don't know if I gave it to my husband if my old boyfriend gave it to me than I did give it to my husband and he is just asymptomatic which means he doesn't show symptoms. If you trust and believe your husband that is all that matters and only you know your husband better than anyone else. I believe my husband is loyal to me and that this just layed dormant for me. It's hard to accept having this but what's done is done. You can come to live chat if after you make two posts and talk to people live if you want. The support here is awesome and you know that you aren't alone with so many members on here. Good Luck and I hope you feel better soon :)
  3. girl1

    girl1 Newbie

    Thank you for reply denise07

    This has been such an unexpected emotional roller coaster. Though reading on websites such as this, it has calmed me down. So my husband got his bloodwork back and he was only positive to type 1. He told me he would get bloodtests for the next 6 months to assure me. So for me, the most emotional part of this ordeal was the thought of him cheating on me, and then to boot giving me an STD. My mind kept thinking I had to leave him if he cheated and that caused me so much emotional pain. So now, I am left waiting for my culture test to come back. Maybe it's not even herpes, although I don't know what else it could be. I went yesterday to get a blood test for myself, to see if maybe I've been the carrier all these years. So I should have all my results back by wednesday, which seems an eternity. This seems to be a good place to vent and write down some feelings. I supposed I should move this to a different thread since I havn't talked about test results but I'm not sure how to do that at this point.
  4. totalregret

    totalregret Active Member

    i tested positive via blood test about a month after infection. looks like denise did as well. they say that 50% can show antibodies in the blood and test positive after one month, 80% after 6 weeks and the rest can take 3/4 months.

    everybody creates antibodies differently, so really there is no way to tell by the levels in the blood. if you are neg and test pos later is really the only way to tell if it's a recent infection.
  5. regret

    regret Well-Known Member

    if the number is 4 or higher its an old infection,,,
  6. totalregret

    totalregret Active Member


    i've heard that and i've also heard that the numbers don't mean anything as everybody builds antibodies at a different speed. my dr said an old infection can mean a few weeks in someone and months to years in another. there really isn't anyway to tell.
  7. girl1

    girl1 Newbie

    Received my culture test

    I received my culture test today and it turns out I am positive for type 1 and Not type 2. My blood test is still waiting for the type 2 results, but my blood said I'm negative for type 1 (i should have the results back on blood for type 2 tomorrow). So I guess that means because I just contracted it last week and havn't developed the antibodies in my blood yet. I suspect I will be negative in the type 2 blood test as well. My boyfriends test was positive type 1 and negative type 2. We had oral sex 2 weeks ago and for whatever reason, I contracted the type 1 after being with my boyfriend for over 8 years. I have never seen him with a cold sore and he doesn't remember ever having any. I sure wish the Dr. would have told me about the different ways of contracting herpes when I got the exam and she just said it looked like herpes. She left me thinking the worst about my boyfriend. I am so relieved that he didn't cheat on me and I can learn to live with this now that I know he didn't cheat.
  8. I just got the phone call yesterday afternoon from the nurse in parenthood center. and was told that i am infected with HSV2.

    My never had a outbreak..it was a very shocking news for me. Indeed , i am in a very difficult situation now.
    I have a bf who i have dated 5 years. I have just moved in with him two montsh ago . we are planing to get married soon...now...I really dont know what to do ..i cant stop crying..i wanna kill myself..i totally ruin our relationship...i know he loves me very much..i dont know how to tell him the bad news. ..i wish i can just leave without telling him the truth..but that will hurt him too...what should i do?
  9. cookie1978

    cookie1978 Active Member

    Regret- I understand what you said about the >4 = old infection.

    That said, I know by fact (I used to test regularily and this was not in my blood at all) and when I did my IgG and IgM 3 weeks after exposure, I had IgG 3.3 and IgM 7.7; my doctor did say it was a new infection, confirmed by my previous results.

    I did have a swab previous to the blood text, a week before to be exact, and of course it came back positive for the virus.

    In conclusion, I swabbed positive, tested for blood at 3 weeks and had numbers higher than normal, but still indicating a new infection.

    Like Total said, everyone's immune system runs at different paces; mine seems to run faster than others'.

    Confusing, huh?

  10. totalregret

    totalregret Active Member

    exactly cookie. i didn't have numbers but tested positive after a month, so who's to say i would not have tested positive at 2 weeks, 3 weeks, etc. by the 3/4 months test mark my numbers would be totally different than someone who didn't create antibodies till 3/4 months. so, like my dr said - no way to tell if it's two weeks or years by the numbers. everyone is different.
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