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common to have outbreak while on valtrex daily?

Discussion in 'About My Outbreaks' started by svo, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. svo

    svo Member

    kinda weird but can you still have an outbreak while daily taking valtrex??

    Just noticed yesterday that I had a few blisters on my shaft near the original outbreak site and so I went ahead and upped my doseage from 500mg to 1g and this morning I noticed there were a few other bumps in the area as well.

    I know its an outbreak...luckily it doesnt itch *knocks on wood* but I thought that since valtrex stopped the replication of the virus...this wasnt possible??

    also, dont know if it might be related but the past two weeks I've smoked a little bud a few times, maybe that affects it??
  2. catiesmom

    catiesmom Well-Known Member

    Valtrex doesn't stop HSV from showing up. It's a horrible misconception that doctors allow. Valtrex can reduce outbreaks and reduce shedding, but doesn't STOP the virus. There's no guarantee that you WON'T get outbreaks or that you WON'T shed while taking Valtrex. It's just supposed to help your outbreaks occur less frequently, heal faster, and reduce shedding. Sorry, there's no cure for HSV.
  3. svo

    svo Member

    ahhh ok, got it.
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