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Constant Burning: Please Help!

Discussion in 'About My Outbreaks' started by doover, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. doover

    doover Newbie

    I was correctly diagnosed with "H" 4/2009. I had several bad outbreaks during the months after being diagnosed. In September I went to a different doctor and was put on suppressive therapy. I have not had any oubreaks since then.
    The problem I'm having now is a constant burn. It feels like it is right inside the opening of my penis. It does not burn when I urinate, but afterwards and all during the day. I have gone to my doctor with this complaint. They take a urine sample and there is no virus showing in the results. I have even gone to a urologist and had a camera insereted and nothing showed up.
    If anybody can give me some advice. I would really appreciate it. I would really like to feel normal again(if that is possible).
  2. KeepOnSmiling

    KeepOnSmiling Newbie

    hmmm I wonder if this is similar to what I've been experiencing??

    I was diagnosed with HSV-1 genitally last summer; haven't had an outbreak since then (that I'm aware of) but regularly feel pain around the area of the initial outbreak.

    The pain isn't that bad, it's more of a general ache of sorts - I generally notice it after a lot of intense sex so I tend to dismiss it as a well-deserved 'muscle' ache but DO notice that it is right in the area of my initial outbreak...

    Wish I had more of a scientific reply for you but thought you might appreciate any kind of input...
  3. SummerGal

    SummerGal Member

    Last edited: Jun 7, 2010
  4. alannahlynn

    alannahlynn Newbie

    heyy, i get that too, for the last almost 5 months since i contracted the virus i've have this tingling feeling every day and its the most uncomfortable feeling in the world :( and hurts as well, but no sores since the primary outbreak. I took the valtrex to get rid of the sores and tried the suppressive therapy for a month and nothing helped :( If you find anything out or anything that helps you keep us updated pleaassee:)
  5. Telly

    Telly Member

    I experienced the same kind of symptoms and a naturalist told me to try super lysiene cream (I have ghsv1). Seems to work and get rid of the burning symptoms - it's good for itching around the area as well. It worked for me - hopefully it will work for others too! I haven't tried the aloe - think I'll pick up some of that and try it too!
  6. texasguy25

    texasguy25 Newbie

    i feel ur pain

    i know what you mean,i just recently contracted something,,might be herpes,but i get this constant burning in my penis also, sometimes even in my upper legs area..i might have to go to urologist also,,how did that camera thing go?..is it painful,,just kind of freaks me out with anyone coming near my penis with an instrument..just wondering..hope you get better though,,i know its a drag
  7. Milkydave

    Milkydave Newbie

    I'm in the same boat. Visually diagnosed last July after unprocted oral (so GHSV1) and can't shake the pain and burning, tingling, and stabbing pains at site of initial 'outbreak'. Seen the urologist 4 times, numerous GP visits, trips to the GUM clinic, and enough pills to last me a lifetime. Absolutely no joy! Had 2 negative Igg blood tests, so not a clue what next step is.

    I've also had the camera thing. Not nice, but not as bad as it sounds!
  8. Outdoorgirl

    Outdoorgirl Newbie

    The burn is the worst

    I was diagnosed yesterday with HS2. I got from my bf who has HS1 & gave me via oral sex. I'm no pain wimp, having autoimmune disorders and extensive back probs. But this burn is the absolute worst pain. Lukewarm baths help along with lidocaine cream. My doc called in RX so hope they work.
  9. CureASAP4HSV

    CureASAP4HSV Banned

    • Banned
    If boyfriend has only HSV1...

    There is no way you could have got HSV2 from him.

    HSV1 does not turn into HSV2 and vice versa.
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