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Did I spread herpes to my eyelid?

Discussion in 'About My Outbreaks' started by ScaredToTell, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. ScaredToTell

    ScaredToTell Newbie

    Last Saturday I felt the prodromal stirrings of an OB in my leg. Sure enough, I developed small lesions in my perianal area that have since resolved.

    On the same day I developed what I thought was an allergic reaction to the dust or artificial Christmas tree. I woke up with two puffy very irritated eyes that later went down. I was left with a pretty bad scratch on one eyelid from rubbing so much. I applied Polysporin to prevent a scar.

    Yesterday, I started to develp a few tiny pimples in the area I applied the ointment, so I thought it was a reaction. It is now puffy around the small red bumps, feels tight and extremely itchy. There is some discharge in the corner of my eye but no symptoms inside the eye itself. I don't believe it is conjunctivitis which I had once. It looks suspiciously similar to a herpes OB. But it is only in the exact area I applied the Polysporin.

    I was careful about handwashing after touching the genital lesion, and in the 15 years I've had this it's never spread from my thigh/genitals. But I'm really worried the scratch opened a new port of entry.

    I'm going to my doctor this morning, but he is useless as some of you may know from other posts. I read the link on this site to ocular herpes but it didn't clarify much.

    I'm so freaked out! and my fiance comes home tonight, I haven't seen him in 2 months. Why now?

    If it is herpes, does this mean I can look forward to getting OBs on my leg, genitals, and now eyelid?? Will it affcet my vision someday? SO freaked out!!!

  2. ScaredToTell

    ScaredToTell Newbie

    The doctor didn't seem to think it was herpes, "that would be really atypical", and couldn't really provide a better reason than that. Except "it would be all over here too". Oh, really? I have almost zero confidence in this guy.

    If it looks and feels like herpes...

    He says it look like "a reaction", gave me a topical corticosteroid to apply, and told me to come back Monday if it wasn't improving.

    I guess it will improve whether it is herpes or a "reaction" and I won't really know unless it recurs.

    Also bought myself a bottle of lysine on the way home. Merry Christmas to me.
  3. baffled07

    baffled07 Member

    I totally understand your lack of confidence in your Dr!!! I have come to the conclusion that they have no clue about herpes! Your posts made me laugh...your comments...not that you think you've transmitted it to your eye.

    I doubt seriousely that that's what happened....I bet it is just a reaction to the tree..and possibly the ointment you initially put on it...

    I have actually wondered the same thing..I now have teeny tiny little bumps..about the size of a needle head near my eyelid..that I started feeling after I was "diagnosed" ...eventhough I've had it my entire life and didn't realize it. I haven't had any other problems with it though..I just still feel them there every once in a while...

    Anyway, Merry Christmas to you. I also bought myself the same gift of Lysine!!! ;-)
  4. Lilianna44

    Lilianna44 Newbie

    Scared To Tell,

    I recently have been getting these bumps on my lower eyelids. Only two so far. One on each eye, but the left eye has discharge from the inside corner and it is tender to the touch. I have been looking online and have associated it with herpes. I also had OB's recently in my genital area. I occasionally get outbreaks on my left ring finger (at least my boyfriend said it was from herpes). It's really disturbing but I haven't been to see a doctor about it yet.
  5. diamondgirl

    diamondgirl Active Member

    I've had ocular herpes for over 2 years now. I don't have any other kind of herpes, so I can't comment on anything but the eye kind. When I had my initial outbreak, I had red eyes, very blurry vision and eye pain. I had no bumps on my eyelids (although I know a person can get them), and I felt as though I had something in my eye. If you have any of those symptoms, or if you have any doubts at all about what your regular doctor says, get yourself to an ophthalmologist right away. An ophthalmologist is who can truly diagnose you as having ocular herpes or not. Since I have become permanently vision-impaired in that eye, I encourage anyone who is concerned that they might have ocular herpes to get to an ophthalmologist as soon as possible. I have an unusually bad case; the vast majority of ocular herpes cases are treated with much better results than what I've had. So check it out, and good luck!
  6. asocialstigma

    asocialstigma Newbie


    So Does the virus actually have to be on your eyeball or can it just be on your eyelid in order for it to be "ocular" herpes?? Right below the lower eyelash line to be specific. Also. Is it possible to have outbreaks that last two months?? I've been experiencing facial rashes accompanied by what appear to be small blisters on the inside of the nose. Right on the edge where it goes from being the outside to being the inside. These blisters come in one at a time and a new one comes in every week or so. And to be honest I'm not even sure if they are "blisters". They could very well be zits. The "rash" is sometimes tingly and itchy however these symptoms appear to come and go randomly. Also the degree of "redness" fluctuates and it's usually not very noticeable in the morning. The "rashes" have like two or three locations that they are basically always present in addition to a few other spots that have come and gone completely. Like I said this has been happening for two months now and it seems to be better when I was my face two times a day with soap and water, however, the past few weeks I've developed a few "blisters" right below my left eye. This doesn't seem to be acting like herpes at all but I've pretty much convinced myself it is. I've been hiding in my house and avoiding well lit areas for fear of people seeing me like this. I cannot afford healthcare and I'm unsure what to do so I just keep trying to wait it out but it doesn't seem to be showing any signs of going away.
  7. diamondgirl

    diamondgirl Active Member

    I'm no doctor, but it's my understanding that ocular herpes is IN the eye. That said, I know it can be spread into your eye from an outbreak somewhere else. My ocular herpes outbreak lasted 9 months! Maybe it isn't IN your eye at all. If so, that would be great news to you. Do the blisters scab over at any time? I know that zits don't make scabs unless you pick at them and make them bleed. I know you said you can't afford health care but if you live in the US, maybe you can apply for a low-cost or no-cost healthcare program. No matter what you do, PLEASE try to find a way to get to a doctor. If you make arrangements ahead of time, many doctors will accept a payment plan. From what you've said, it seems it's not going away by itself. Perhaps it's not herpes at all, but if it is, you may need medical help to get it in remission. Wouldn't you like to know what it really is? Keep me posted, and good luck!
  8. asocialstigma

    asocialstigma Newbie

    So is your ocular herpes hsv-2 or hsv-1 or shingles or what exactly?? Was there a lab test?? They don't really seem to "scabbing" up but they are so small that it's really hard to tell. The areas Of "redness" I'm dealing with tend to be real dry. So 9 months huh?? Holy crap!! What did you do?? Why did it take so long?? There doesn't appear to be anything actually in my eye!! just right below it. Ugh!! The only thing I'm really feeling is random moments of itchiness. I seem to be also dealing with headaches but I'm not sure if that's from other potential contributing factors. Also how many outbreaks have you had and what other areas do you experience them (if that's not to personal)
  9. diamondgirl

    diamondgirl Active Member

    My ocular herpes is hsv-1. As far as lab tests, they took eye cultures. It hurt, but it told the doctors what they needed to know. Maybe the areas of redness you have are rosaceae or a skin allergy. I once knew a person who had a fungus on their face that made it red, but it went away with some prescription cream. As for the 9 month outbreak I had, it was basically a continuous thing. The doctors never told me to stay out of the sun (it makes ocular herpes flare up BAD), or to avoid certain foods (same thing), and they were having a hard time getting a handle on the virus. My eye is the perfect host for it, apparently. The doctors told me that my case was bad and that my body's resistance to the medications was unique. To finally get the virus under control, the doctor was forced to overuse an antiviral eye drop. As a result, the medicine ate a hole in my cornea that was rather large. When that happened, I had to wear a contact lens bandage for nearly a year to protect the eye while it slowly healed over. That was over a year and a half ago, and my cornea is still in the final stages of smoothing out. And of course, I have a scar on my cornea, right across my line of sight that is visible to others in the right light. My vision in that eye is permanently impaired, which is why I hope it's not IN your eye. It probably is not because if it was, you'd have eye pain and redness probably like you've never had before. You may not have herpes at all but whatever it is, I'm sure you want to get rid of it. As far as your headaches, that could be caused by anything...anxiety, stress, you name it. I don't have any other kind of herpes, just the ocular kind. In fact, the doctors tested my blood several times to be sure their results were correct and the only thing they found herpes-like was a distant case of chicken pox. So it's only in my eye. I have begged the doctors to tell me how I got it, and was told that I probably got it from some contaminated surface like a door knob. I wash my hands many times a day, but my face is washed only twice. So I inadvertently got it in my eye or on my face and now it lives in my eye and the nerves of the left side of my face. Have you noticed an increase in problems when you've had a lot of sun? And I'm surprised when you say it itches; I know people complain of tingling and stinging with herpes, but not so much itching. Either way, I really hope you're able to find out what exactly it is, and that it GOES AWAY! And I hope you're able to find out SOON! Keep me posted!
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