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dr. say's i have been exposed 2 herpes in my past. i dont get it.

Discussion in 'Newly Diagnosed' started by monique25, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. monique25

    monique25 Newbie

    2 weeks ago i had my pap & std screening done& my doctor says i have been exposed in da past & its not active. I thought once u had gh u have it 4ever & u have 2 tale medication everyday. I had a hsv back in 06 it was -
    wat do she mean by past? O just had a baby 5 months ago, do my kids have it? I went 2another doctor last week & i'm waiting om the test results
    it's really driving me crazy cause i don't know wat 2 do.can sumone please tell me sumthing dat make sense until i get my new test results back? R there false +? Is there another blood test i can take.
  2. heybabysmile131

    heybabysmile131 Active Member

    Once you have herpes, you have the virus for life, but it doesnt mean that you will always have symptoms! Your kids should be okay, they probably dont have it, u would be able to tell! It is possible that this is a false positive, but if u are postive for herpes then it is possible to transmit the virus to someone else therefore you would want the meds, but if you dont have any outbreaks or symptoms you dont really need to take medication! i hope this helps a little!! goodluck!
  3. monique25

    monique25 Newbie

    Yes it does. Wat do u mean I could tell if my kids had it or not? My 3 yo has had a couple of cold sores but dats all I notice. I haven't had an ob (or I just didn't notice it) r ther ob always like the pics I've seen on here? My kids father do have sum mole like things on his wood but they don't hurt he say dey have bben there 4 years. I'm just confused but I do thank u!
  4. exposed

    When a doctor says you have been exposed, it means you have contracted the HSV virus. In the past meaning you contracted it months ago, a year ago, many years ago..theres no accurate way to tell when exactly. There are NO tests known to mankind at this time that can tell you how long or when you contracted the virus. You may have no known outbreaks because the virus is dormant inside your body. You may have a healthy immune system and therefore you show no signs or symptoms. You stated that you had HSV in 2006 but which one? HSV1 (oral) or HSV 2 (genital)? You said you went to take another test from another doctor and waiting the test results...what kind of tests are you taking? An IGG specific bloodtest for HSV 1 & 2 or a culture (swab) of the infected area? If you know you have HSV in 06 what is the reason you are taking another test 4 years later? Did you not believe the first results back in 2006? If you believe there may be a chance of a false positive what kind of test did they perform in 2006? You did state "another blood test" so im assuming they did a blood test in 06. Well it depends if they did a IGM test, if so a lot of the IGM blood tests are inaccurate. So it may be possible that you did recieve a false positive. But yet, you got to remember how long after you took that blood test for HSV in 2006 from the time you last had a sexual encounter because it takes 12-16 weeks after the last time you had sexual contact for any blood test today to be accurate. I hope I make sense....As far as your kids...well doctors usually dont perform labor (but will perform a C section if you did have an outbreak) when a known outbreak is present during birth. If you didnt have a C-section than I am sure you didnt have an outbreak during labor so therefore it was not passed along. Cold sores are common at any age. It is estimated that 80% of the population has one type of HSV. Please understand that this disease will not kill you or your children. It is mostly a bothersome skin disease that comes and goes. I think you got to do some research for yourself to understand what this Virus is. There is no accurate answer to anything. You will not find 100% accurate answers to your questons here on this forum because HSV affects everyone differently. Some people might go through excruciating pain and other people dont have any symptoms at all. Everybody's immune system is different. In my opinion, this disease is more of a psychological problem than it is a physical one. As far as medication for HSV, well a doctor will only prescribe it to you if you have an outbreak. So that means, You DONT HAVE TO TAKE MEDICATION FOR LIFE. You only take medication for the Flu when you have the Flu right? You dont take medication when you dont have the Flu but the Flu virus will always be inside your body. Makes any sense? I myself have been exposed to HSV 1 & 2 for how long I have no idea. Does finding that out cure me? I know it will not, but i have no outbreaks, no symptoms, for many years does that mean I dont have HSV? No, it doesnt but I am dealing with it and I am thankful for not having those painful lesions, blisters, and bumps like some people do. Some people say ignorance is a bliss...if you know the disease will not kill you, is there a reason why you want to know? Are you going through outbreaks and need medication? Do u want to know to ease your mind? I think you already know you have it from your test in 2006 but you want to believe theres a chance you dont. Thats understandable....it is always best to get a 2nd medical opinion.
  5. monique25

    monique25 Newbie

    Da test I had in 06 was a blood test & it was 4 both not sure of it was igm or igg but it was - in 06. The test I had 2 weeks ago was igg & it was + (this doctor has had sum problems w/ da lab in da past I test a false + 4 syphilis w/ my last baby). Dats y o I went 2 go c another doctor. This was a igg. I just wanted 2 know wat she ment by past (like how long back) but since u can't tell I'll just have 2 pray & hope 4 da best.. thanks
  6. anonymous4life

    anonymous4life No longer a member

    * There is no such thing as being exposed to herpes. If you test positive, you have herpes. If you are not currently having an outbreak, then it's not visibly active, but there is still asymptomatic shedding of the virus when you can pass it on without visible symptoms.

    * Yes, once you have it, you have it for life.

    * You would know if your kids had caught herpes from you (neonatal herpes, it is rare and usually fatal). So no, your children do not have HSV-2, but if they have cold sores then they have HSV-1 (HSV-2 is genital, HSV-1 is usually oral).

    * There are false positives with blood tests. You want to get the IGG blood test and if the index value for HSV-2 is less than 3.5, you can get it confirmed with the Western Blot, which is a blood test that is less common but is very accurate.

    Hope this helps to answer your questions!
  7. monique25

    monique25 Newbie

    I would like 2 thank everyone 4 there support. I got my new test results 2day and they were -... thank u god!
  8. Undefeated

    Undefeated No longer a member

    Being exposed doesn't necessarily mean that you are positive (research it!), being exposed simply mean that you were exposed to the virus but your defense system was able to fight it off. Many people are exposed to viruses everyday but do not actually get sick or catch the virus. The antibodies in our body are able to attack these so-called viruses thus preventing one from becoming ill. This is why some people test positive and then months later they test negative! Think Magic Johnson's wife, she was exposed to the virus, but months later she tested negative and even years later she's still testing negative.

    Please research what being "exposed" to a virus really is....

    Great for you!!! I'm glad that your test were all NEGATIVE!!! THAT'S AWESOME........ : )
  9. anonymous4life

    anonymous4life No longer a member

    Just to be clear, if the herpes test (igg with index > 3.5) comes back positive, you have herpes. It does not matter if you have had symptoms or not. You have it and can pass it to others. When someone giving you the results tells you "you have been exposed to herpes" it means you have herpes. It's a stupid euphemism they use which gives you hope that you might have been exposed but not caught it, which is not the case. If you had sex with a person with herpes but did not catch it, you would be negative. Cookie Johnson has had sex with a person with HIV but she did not catch it. She has been exposed to the virus but tests negative because she didn't catch it from Magic. When a healthcare professional tells you "you have been exposed to herpes" it means you have herpes, they are incorrectly using the word exposed.
  10. gotitsowhat

    gotitsowhat Well-Known Member

    For more information

    about doctor words like "exposed," look up my old post, Doctor Dictionary. It tells you all about the various euphemisms and other ways doctors avoid saying the dreaded words, "You have herpes."
  11. Olderbutwiser

    Olderbutwiser Newbie

    Hi Brainyblonde, I'd like to read that too, is there a way of looking up old posts other than trawling through pages of forum history?
    I'm not technical, it's taken me months to learn how to communicate on here and I fell into the live chat by accident (but it was fun once I got the hang of it!)
  12. RealisticGal

    RealisticGal Well-Known Member

    hey Olderbutwiser...I think if you look at the blue bar at the top of a forum, you will see a SEARCH option. Click on that and you might be able to find BrainyBlonde's post by putting in the search terms Doctor Dictionary.

    I am going to give it a try.
  13. RealisticGal

    RealisticGal Well-Known Member

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