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Discussion in 'Nature has a Remedy' started by NotSoGood, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. NotSoGood

    NotSoGood Member

  2. Ezekiel47:12

    Ezekiel47:12 Newbie

    The truth will set you free!

    I used Dr Sebi's products for herpes and so far so good. Some people may say it's a little pricey but I think it's totally worth it. I'm a living testimony! Think about all the money you spend on pleasures or on stuff that only reduces outbreaks. We as people need start opening our eyes to the truth. Please don't dismiss this message until you research and try it for your self.
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  3. lostone08

    lostone08 Newbie

    Dr Sebi

    What products have you used.I would like to try them.
  4. bluefrog

    bluefrog Active Member

    i clicked on the link you provided and it states herpes, he would not say what he helped Eddie Murphy with, but I would think herpes since the word herpes follows his pictures. Anyway, what product/s did you use?
  5. I am taking Dr. Sebi's products now too and its is pricey and worth it. But how are doing with the diet regimen. I need some help on that because im on a budget and im always on the go, and its tempting as hell. I even bought the Dr. Sebi cookbook as well. Its just hard I need some will power. How long have you been takin it? The representative for Dr. Sebi Office told me I can get rid of herpes in as little as 6-9 months if I eat right and drink lots of water. Please write back or email me from my profile thanx and jah bless!:cool:
  6. OceanDeep

    OceanDeep Newbie

    People who are following the Dr. Sebi route can you please post here with how its going. I am very interested in this in general for health not just as a herpes cure. I am going to try MMS first (which is already in the mail) but please post links about where you got Dr. Sebi's books and which site you get the herpal food from.

    Thanks & good health <3


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    Has anyone actually done the treatment for for herpes with success?? How much is the cost of the 6-9 months of treatment for h?


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    Has Anyone tried it and recieved negative test results??

    Well I called Dr. Sebi's office today and I'm really interested in trying out the therapy. The lady told me the therapy time would depend on the person and it could be anywhere from couple of months to a year long. It is very expensive, but I want to know if anyone on here has tried it with success and if they tested negative afterwards. I was told after my therapy I should test again for Herpes and that it should be negative. I did some research on Dr. Sebi and he says he cured Magic J, Eddie Murphy and his Mother, Steven Seagul, and others.
  9. ntdc

    ntdc Well-Known Member

    The claims of "Dr Sebi" are dubious to say the least. At the current time there is no cure for herpes. Anyone claiming they can cure you of herpes is lying and in violation of United States federal law. You should report such fraudulent claims to the FDA, FTC and your state attorney general's office immediately.

    "Dr Sebi" has by his own admission no formal education of any kind (not even gradeschool). The explanation of treatments are vague and contradict basic scientific facts about human anatomy, biology and the nature of disease. It is very likely he is simply a con artist.

    I would not send this man any money you cannot stand to lose, and frankly, if you feel you can stand to lose the money I would recommend donating it to a legitimate scientific research program instead.
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    HITBYHSV Active Member

    Surely if this therapy can cure H - someone who was cured would have posted here already......???????
  11. Seatortuga

    Seatortuga Guest

    I read an article somewhere that he was arrested and put on trial for claiming he could cure HIV/AIDS. The article said that some 100 people testified on hid behalf and some even showed documentation that they had in fact, been cured of HIV. Can't remember where though:rolleyes:
  12. ntdc

    ntdc Well-Known Member

    The case was in New York. I believe the judge ordered "Dr Sebi" to find 9 people who would testify he cured them of HIV. Yes many people testified to this in court. Some even had documentation of positive then negative tests. None could have shown proof of being cured of HIV because no such proof exists. Testing positive and subsequently testing negative for HIV is not proof of being cured, it is simply the proof of the fallability of medical testing which everyone knows about. It is not uncommon for standard HIV ELISA tests to be false positives, which is why all positives must be confirmed with a different test.

    You can find 100 people who would testify the moon is made of green cheese, it does not make it so.
  13. Cmel

    Cmel Newbie

    What is the price range for the therapy?


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    It's about $400-1000 dollars a month. Very expensive, but worth it if it worked....only I havent come across anyone who has tried it and been cured. So until then I will not do the therapy.
  15. Lots of false promises out there, if something isnt widely accepted in the medical community it most likely isnt true.
  16. Did this really help you.

    I have heard about Dr. Sebi for some time now. Yesterday I really started to learn and research about him in depth. I called to the clinic yesterday and his prices did seem a bit pricey but, if it is true then i would pay everything to get rid of this. Did it take it away completely or do you just not feel the pain anymore? I want to have kids soon but I do not want to but my children in danger and I want to experience a natural birth. The way Dr. Sebi talks about in one of his lectures. Please respond so that I may better understand your experience.
  17. justmyself

    justmyself Active Member

    Unless I heard it personally from the mouths of those he claimed to have cured, I wouldn't believe a word of it. He can say whatever he wants, especially when no one is going to ever get it out of these celebrities that they ever had or now have herpes! He is praying on the hopes of those who will try anything to get rid of this virus. Stick to the medical profession and the tried and true methods that people have successfully used on this site! I sure wouldn't waste my money on these baseless claims!
  18. Prinny973

    Prinny973 Active Member

    I dont believe that shit!...If it is a CURE for herpes then why be so discreet about it!? It would be all over the news if it were true. Dont be fooled people...people always wanna con u of your money...they just wanna make money of all us vunerable people
  19. lisanisa

    lisanisa Newbie

    hi just want to know if dr sebi rodut cured your herpes
  20. Hopefull2010

    Hopefull2010 Newbie

    My husband and I have tried Dr. Sebis product. I have not got my bloodwork back yet to show if I am positive or neg. Even though the virus hasn't affected me w/ outbreaks or pain; it leaves my spouse in constant agony. Since taking the product the pain is gone for him and doesn't affect him on a daily basis. I believe he will have to take more treatments since his seems to be more severe and was left untreated for years. I on the other hand do not know until I get my bloodwork back. So-if this helps anyone-the product has done something. Just to be able to get through a day w/o suffering should be enough for anyone to try it.