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Esophageal Herpes

Discussion in 'Partners, Family & Friends' started by GraySQU, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. GraySQU

    GraySQU Newbie

    Hello, I am new here and was hoping to find anyone who is familiar with esophageal herpes. I just found out that my loved one contracted this after a short fling with another woman. I was told he contracted it by kissing and that was the extent of their involvement. It doesn't really matter at this point. We just spent 3 days in the hospital and he was unable to eat or drink for 7 days or so. He is on the road to recovery now. I havent had much success in finding info on this presentation. Our Dr advised us that is like an orally contracted herpes virus. This type of herpes usually presents in immunocompromised patients. He was tested and is NOT immunocompromised. Can we kiss? When? How do we know when the lesions are healed? (they are in his espohagus) Any feedback would be great. Thanks.
  2. tohealth

    tohealth Active Member

    If this just happened recently (as in within the last 6 months), I don't understand how there can be confidence that he is not immunocompromised.

    Also, "flings", however benignly characterized by the fling-partaker, don't strike me as having brakes at the quasi conservative act of kissing for any particular reason, because of just that--they're a fling. So my reaction is that not all cards are on the table. This is so rare for a non immunocompromised person. He should be written up in a medical journal.
  3. GraySQU

    GraySQU Newbie

    Thank u for your feedback

    I thank you for your reply...Although I wasn't really looking for someone to point out my obvious insecurities and questions about my relationship. I am aware about how rare this is and was hoping to find someone with actual experience with the recovery and transmission.
  4. tohealth

    tohealth Active Member


    I wasn't intending to assess any insecurities---for all I know, a person can come here and intentionally withold information for some analytical reason. You aren't obligated to tell us every detail or any detail. I was just saying as an "objective" person just reading this cold, that's how it hits me. Objective reactions like that can be valuable or off, but I'd lean toward the valuble side more often---just b/c a random distant person really is removed and emotionally hasn't anything to win or lose by suspecting some missing piece of the puzzle. So they're more likely to just plain flag something worthy of being flagged, vs. rationalizing it. And the point is that if there is some missing piece of the puzzle and a person does have a compromised immune system, it may significantly change how somebody advises you on transmission and recovery. For example, a person with a compromised immune system might be more likely to transmit a more virulent strain of HSV that isn't readily treatable (as insinuated in the 3rd to the last sentence in this NIH report http://www.aegis.com/news/nih/1993/NIH93095.html)

    I had a rare complication from HSV so I am intellectually oriented to outlier realities of HSV more than the average person who contracts it. My complication should have been captured in a medical journal like JAMA or the New England Journal of Medicine too.

    Insecurities IMO are full of information---I personally think they are liabilities when they are just "there" sitting in us like an unopened letter, but if they are there and we boldly investigate them, I think they can become assets.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2007
  5. mntlyblind

    mntlyblind Newbie


    I also have had esophageal herpes but I am not immunosuppresed. It is very rare but not impossible. I have been with my boyfriend who is HSV positive for three years and I am just now getting it. Herpes is weird like that. I don't know about your boyfriend/husband's personal life, but he may be telling the truth. He just needs to be tested for the type of herpes that he has, that will tell you what happened.
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