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Genital Herpes Exposure Time to Symptoms? How I got this?

Discussion in 'Newly Diagnosed' started by calilove5050, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. calilove5050

    calilove5050 Newbie


    I was recently diagnosed by an doctor on Thursday for genital herpes. I started feeling the onset of symptoms late Monday (small red bumps, yeast infection, discomfort). By Tuesday/Wednesday I noticed the bumps becoming more prevalent and more "pimple" like. This is was when I became really concerned and went to the dr. the next day.

    It has definitely been an emotional roller coaster since. Sometimes feeling okay and other times feeling completely depressed. I am usually a very active/social person, and found myself sleeping on and off all weekend. I have been on valtrex (twice a day) since thursday.

    My main question i keep running through my head, is when the heck did i get this?! I have been sexually active for the past couple years (I am 22 now). I have always been religious about getting tested after any unprotected sex. I was actually tested just after the new year, and came out negative for everything. Little did I know herpes testing is not a routine testing unless you show symptoms which i have never had.

    I have been having sex with a guy i have been dating since mid November. Starting using protection in the beginning and then began to have unprotected sex (regretfully now). I assumed he was clean, and i never noticed any herpes type lesions on him. We last had sex on 1/17 and i noticed the beginning symptoms on 1/21. I read a lot about how exposure time to first outbreak is about 4-10 days/1-2 weeks. Before this i hadnt had unprotected sex since October and I had never seen anything like bumps or something ever. This was definitely something new. I havent talked to him about it yet, but my fear is that chance that I got it before him. It just seems so unlikely though from all the research ive read online. I want to go in confident when I speak with him, not accusing him or blaming him, but know that i really didnt have this before him.

    What do you think is the liklihood i caught this from him?
  2. BC125

    BC125 Newbie

    Hey Cali,

    I am in the exact same situation as you. Literally. I had symptoms a few days after having sex with a girl that I started seeing in December. She is now in Chicago and I am in Northern California, but she is coming to visit in a few weeks and I am going to have to have the talk with her. I have been researching myself to see how likely it is that I got it from her, but neither of us will really know. A lot of cases have the initial OB in the time frame you mentioned, but there is also a chance that one of you had it without any symptoms. Blood tests will measure the amount of antibodies in your system, which is a good indicator of how long you have had the virus. I had a blood workup done in addition to a swab, but I haven't looked at the numbers myself. I don't know if I want to find out if it was my new friend or my ex-girlfriend right now, but I will surely be looking at them in the near future.
  3. calilove5050

    calilove5050 Newbie

    Yeah, my next move is to go to the dr and get a blood test. I heard that a lot of the times when you are recently exposed it will show up negative for herpes in a blood test because there hasnt been enough time for antibodies to produce and appear. Guess its worth a shot. I know it still may have come up positive since I had sex with that person multiples times this month, and could have gotten it maybe 3 weeks ago.

    Ugh, just makes me so uneasy not knowing the for sure cause or root of the virus.

    Thanks for your response. Glad to know someone is in a similar sitch and I am not alone!
  4. GntiNh

    GntiNh Staff Member

    • Super Moderator
    It's a good idea to get a blood test now so that you have a benchmark. Some people show antibodies within days some take weeks or even months as it depends upon your body and how it reacts to the virus.

    You are DEFINITELY not alone - this site wouldn't exist if you were lol.
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