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Flax seed as a trigger?

Discussion in 'About My Outbreaks' started by swizzle, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. swizzle

    swizzle Newbie

    Hi... I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about flax seed and it being a trigger for an OB. Before being diagnosed with HSV, I ate flax on a daily basis due to it's high omega conetent. But now I hear you are supposed to steer clear of nuts and seeds. Would this include flax?
  2. amy3

    amy3 Newbie

    The information that I got from an herbalist who specializes in treating herpes is that flax seed and hemp seeds are actually good for herpes (maybe he didn't say good but definitely not harmful).
  3. swizzle

    swizzle Newbie

    Thank you so much for your post! It would be a shame to cut them out of my diet!
  4. peppermintpatty

    peppermintpatty Active Member

    swizzle...for many years now there has been a belief that there is a connection between the amino acid L-arginine and increased herpes outbreaks. Nuts and chocolate for instance are high in arginine. Some people supplement their diets with Lysine... another amino acid... which "neutralizes" the pro-herpes effect of L-arginine. I personally believe this theory to be true.
    Here's an interesting factoid:drug companies researched the L-arginine/lysine theory and used that very model as the basis for development of drugs like Zovirax(acyclovir) and Valtrex(valacylovir)
    One more thing for you ladies...You should avoid using those sexual enhancement gels that are supposed to make your clit more sensitive. They are loaded with L-arginine.. in fact.. L-arginine is the main ingredient Two that come to mind are Viagel and Climatique. Gynecologists have reported their patients and/or partners complaining of having more genital herpes outbreaks with use of these gels..in fact it happened to me A gel by the name of Zestra does not have L-arginine in it and is recommended for people with herpes. I haven't used it.
  5. Nora

    Nora Newbie

    about Flax

    yeah, according to Chinese Med (book: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition) flax is definitely OK for ppl w herpes........

    question: Anybody know about Chia seeds? What about Coconut? - ive heard mixed messages on the latter....

    btw, anybody tried the diet they recommend in the above book? they say if you follow for 6 months MOST ppl never again experience herpes symptoms.... im thinking to do it but it is strict - no animal products, no nuts/seeds (except flax), no fruits (including tomatoes, citrus), no honey/sugar etc, no added salt, only small amts of olive oil (no sesame oil)... etc etc... any one have any thoughts? oh, plus take decoction of sarsaparilla, dandylion, and gentian... thanks - please email me at noramc6@hotmail.com if you have any info for me :-)
  6. samallen

    samallen Active Member

    I consume 2 tbsp of flax seed oil a day and it hasn't been a trigger for me but everyone is different. If you're worried try a little bit and see what happens.
  7. Sadbb

    Sadbb Active Member

    Nora, if you find out anything, please post it here so we all know but... the things that you said No... it is hard.... it is already hard enough for me to say no to nuts and chocolates :(
    I do eat alot of sesame seed.. didn't even think of that is seed and nuts.... but for my case... seseame seed seems ok to me even if I put alot in my rice daily... just chocolates...
  8. Sadbb

    Sadbb Active Member

    oh by the way, I do have flax seed (ground one) with my cereal and it is fine with me...
  9. beachday

    beachday Active Member

    Nora, what does the book say you can eat???
  10. glowgirl

    glowgirl Newbie

    Not all foods on that chart are off limits! Look at the chart, and analyze the ratio of arginine to lysine. The foods at the bottom of the chart are the worst, and have the most arginine. The foods at the top of the chart are ok. You must read the chart by reading the numbers!
  11. hulu

    hulu Newbie

    i eat flax all the time with no prob. i havent had an outbreak in FOREVER....then i found coconut oil which i took to clear up my acne. it worked and no prob with flare ups.
    THEN i found out chia seeds were great omega for you but when i started adding a scoop to my shake in the morning- it was about 3 days later and i started having an outbreak. i stopped chia seeds and havent had outbreak in months.
    decided to test chia seeds again and the same exact thing happened....2 days after eating them in the morning i had an outbreak so i no longer eat them. that has proved to me that they are a trigger for me. but i still take the flax and coconut with no issues at all.
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