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Garlic and herpes

Discussion in 'Herpes Treatment Zone' started by shopguy, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. shopguy

    shopguy Newbie

  2. JBnATL

    JBnATL Staff Member

    • Super Moderator
    Interesting, I had never heard of garlic being effective in battling this bugger.

    Someone here recently was posting that when he felt a cold sore coming on he would apply ear wax to the spot and it 100% stopped the sore from appearing.

    Come to the Chat Room, there you will find many nice fellow Herpsters who can offer you their support.

    Good luck!

  3. dinki

    dinki Active Member

    so what does this mean? take garlic gels and ure good?
  4. struggle83

    struggle83 Active Member

    Garlic has been linked to curing everything imagineable. Just search internet and see.

    In fact, garlic could act as a 100% prophylactic for herpes. Just rub garlic all over body. No one will want to go near you with that stench so you will never be exposed to STD's. ;)
  5. Hello there Shopguy.

    I did a similar thread of the efficacy of garlic a while back:-


    ... But it died of loneliness.

    I reckon if we spelt out the chemical formula for garlic then people will think it's a pharmaceutical drug which must cost lots of money and then more folks might believe it must be worth trying.

    Garlic? Garlic!!! RU kidding me? Garlic can do something for herpes!!! Should get the firing squad for raising people's hopes and wasting their time! But then I'll be shot as well of course because I have NO DOUBT it's made a big change for the better in my case.

    I used to get occasional signs that an OB was likely or imminant - We all have our own indicators, don't we. Well for the past six months I've had NONE!

    As I tried to say in my dead thread; try it! I reckon it's the miracle you've been hoping for if your body responds like mine does to the stuff. I'd say to ingest a quarter or a fifth of a clove of garlic (two or three pieces) for a few weeks and then you might not need so much. (But I love garlic anyway).

  6. Nooooooooo! :D

    ... Just go down to the supermarket and buy the best garlic you can spy. Don't cook it, but rather, crush it and add it to your prepared food. Not too much either! Just a piece or two or three.

    Chew it if you're some sort of hero though! I can't chew through it because it burns my mouth and stomach. Mix it with (Italian) food and enjoy! :)
  7. camomile

    camomile Active Member

    It seems Nutritional/Diet section on this site seems to be quite dead lately.
    It's nice to read this inspiring thread full of enthusiasm :D

  8. Canadian Daisy

    Canadian Daisy Active Member

    Couldn't agree more camomile! :)
  9. camomile

    camomile Active Member

    Thank you Canadian Daisy :D

    Enjoy x x x x x x
  10. Sorry. I didn't know what bits make a bulb of garlic - never thought about it seriously before. So the whole lot is a bulb and the individual pieces are cloves. So one bulb would last me four meals and I'd use two or three cloves each time.

    * Just in case anyone else didn't know. :) Now you can unravel my confused references to the quantity of garlic I use(d).
  11. soul5821

    soul5821 Active Member

    Hye guys u can also buy alli-c which is the chemical compound (allicin) made from real garlic which is the antioxidant u get from real garlic, is odor less but kinda expensive, u can google it...
  12. I just called in to tell you the garlic is still working. Maybe it's even been erased or the numbers are so low that my system can easily deal with the virus before it causes any trouble? All I know is that I have forgotten to post what I've discovered here because I forgot I had herpes.

    I eat it every few days now. I think it may be working because I don't heat it, rather I mix crushed garlic in food.

    I don't suppose I'm the only one who's field-tested garlic and found it to be amazing. - To be honest I'm wondering why people waste their money on meds which either don't work or work but have awful side-effects ... and cost an arm and a leg.
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2011
  13. camomile

    camomile Active Member

    I am not sure. does that help you? supposedly, I hear "matured garlic" has anti-c effect in clinical trials. (incidentally, I have been on)

    I tend to think nothing would be able to beat "fresh" full of live enzymes. (nothing is missing or destroyed?)
  14. camomile

    camomile Active Member

    The difference is doing it in a long-term. It's much easier to pop pills and forget about anything else e.g. diet, stress etc.

    Maintaining good health takes care, time, effort, wisdom and commitment.

    I noticed a farm shop selling extra large garlic bulbs from the Continent. I might have a go with that. (less effort/time in peeling its skin that tend to go everywhere..)

    About Valtex/anti-viral that you raise, I'm not sure if there's any long-term study (let's say following people over 20-40 Yrs) on the effects of not taking anti-viral. If there was one and if that proves, ppl had far less viral load then I would have seriously considered going on anti-viral maintenance.

    What I dislike about the current "mainstream" medicine dealing with a virus like H, doctors tend to blindly believe in the clinical data that big pharma had produced to influence and brainwash the clinical decisions of front line doctors.

    Without a site like this, I had never heard of Lysine as H inhibitor. Why I hadn't heard about this from a doctor before? Because Lysine is so cheap and available and big pharma isn't making any billions ££ out of it.

  15. I wouldn't trust anything coming in from overseas ... and especially China!

    So, get it locally. Get garlic which hasn't been irradiated. Get garlic which has just been dug up and you can either eat it fresh or eat it when you've aired it for a while.

    Some peel easier than others - I seem to recall the stuff which has been stored is the easiest to peel. - That's stored in a cool dark place ... .

    * I wouldn't advise eating anything which isn't local these days, and anything coming in from overseas would be extremely suspect. But I think the US would have the most to worry about because they irradiate just about everything and spoil it. If you are in the UK then get it from your local area until you can grow it yourself.
  16. Oh! I wanted to say I haven't made any special effort with the diet or stress. All I've done is add raw garlic to my food from time to time. Zero hassle. :)
  17. camomile

    camomile Active Member

    What I meant was, France...=The Continent. ;)
  18. Yeah! I know. I just thought I'd be deliberately obtuse so's to get the Americans to note about irradiation & the danger of Chinese grub.

    Well I'd say the French must know something about growing good garlic... How else can a nation of drunken over-eaters live to the age they do? They must be on to something with some part of their diet - and garlic is certainly one of them.

    I honestly feel it is the PTB's intention to ensure we are kept malnourished, and the further away from organically home-grown you get, the more risks you are taking.

    I live in Japan, so the problem here is the Chinese stuff flooding in cheaply. The locals try to get Japanese stuff but with the economic situation and a few other factors there are more who simply cannot resist any more. Very sad! I'd go without rather than knowingly purchase Chinese stuff ... but there is of course a limit.

    Anyway - I have had H for a couple of decades and I'd get a reminder of that fact from time to time. But since using garli (raw) I really have had no need to remember it.

    Good luck, and I hope you are getting enough. :)
  19. I reckon honey is another amazing substance.

    But to get home-produced, non-treated, non-medicated etc. honey which has merely been harvested and run through a strainer (if that) -

    - costs around three times the price of Chinese 'honey' - which has been irradiated, pasturised and the bees were treated with antibiotics so they didn't cark it before flopping back to the hive because of all the chemical crap on the Chinese greenery.

    I've even tested the medical efficacy of honey from overseas and from here and confirmed to myself that the processed honey is useless. - I dread to think what Chinese honey does to people who actually eat it?
  20. Either way, Camomile, See if you can't ascertain the organic status of the French garlic.

    You never know these days. I trust the Eu Parliament about as far as I can lift an elephant, so I'd be one to actually make sure they haven't legislated something done to garlic. I hope they haven't of course ... but with things being the way they are you really must be careful and wary.

    The absolute best is to get it local. Maybe someone has some stored from last season near where you are? I'm trying to press my points because if you are using compromised garlic then I'm pretty sure it won't work and you'll think I'm BS to you. And I really want you and me and everyone to be free of the problems of herpes, and everyone needs more sex. :)
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