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Genital herp that won't heal - Steroid knocked my immune system down

Discussion in 'About My Outbreaks' started by LILSURFERGIRL, Apr 12, 2013.



    18 years diagnosed with herpes. I only have a couple outbreaks a year nothing severe, I have learned how to manage it. But this one ulcer is unusually taking long, it's been 2 months and has not healed.

    Let me start with about 2 1/2 months ago I had bronchitis and my general doctor prescribed a steroid called prednisolone to help my chest congestion and upper respiratory problems, and a steroid nasal spray, along with an antibiotic for the infection. I know instantly that I will get a yeast infection and within 3 or 4 days signs of a yeast infection so I treated with over the counter. A couple days later I started to get that tingly feeling and thought oh great its coming on. So I started taking my valtrex as soon as I got a prescription refilled, 2 days later which sucked as the herpes came on full blown. 2 tablets per day for 3 days. This usually knocks it back into remission. But I was still having pain and problems a week later. So I thought maybe it was the yeast infection and I treated that again. When that didn't help, I got another script and took another 3 days of valtrex. Still no relief.

    By this time it was close to a month into it and I got a mirror to look. There was one single ulcer that looked like a mini volcano on the inside of the vulva. I kept eye on it but not healing. At the end of the month I went to doctor because usually it always heals with valtrex. The doc ran tests for all other stds, but probably just herpes. She came to conclusion that the steroid I took knocked down my immune system so bad that it was not healing. She recommended vitamins, etc and to come back in a week for results.

    I took multi vitamin, L-lysine, zinc, acidophilus, probiotics and plenty of antioxidant foods like blueberries, cranberries, etc. After a week it was looking a lot better, not totally healed, but better. Doc said all tests passed (except herpes of course) I keep checking on it, and its not totally healing. Now on 2nd month same ulcer getting worse again. Hurts to have sex, hurts to pee, arghhhh. I am taking valtrex for another 3 days, although doc said it wouldn't help if my immune system down, I'm taking it anyways.

    Frustrating -- anyone else had problems with steroids and herpes not healing? How long does it take for the stupid steroid to get out of my body? Is there any other suggestions to conteract the steroid?......I will never take steroids unless it is to save my life lol
  2. GntiNh

    GntiNh Staff Member

    • Super Moderator


    I know how to treat the pain. But going on 3 months now and this one ulcer will not heal. 3 months, and its not getting bigger spreading or getting any other blisters.
  4. RelaxFoo

    RelaxFoo Newbie

    So you said it's painful so we can rule out syphilis?

    Could it be chancroid 'bacterial infection'? steroids negate antibiotics so hmm. Chlamydia can also cause ulcers like that I believe.


    I've been checked and negative for all other STD's, negative for HIV. Although the doctor did say Chancroid is possibility but is very rare, although I do live in South Florida and may have been rare 20 years ago.

    I wonder if there is a different test for Chancroid and she didn't test for it after thinking its just Herpes? She did test for the regular bacterial/ yeast infections and I was negative.
  6. dangitinAL

    dangitinAL Well-Known Member

    Try to alkalize your body. If you don't have blood pressure issues, you could try baking soda 1/4 tspn daily and cut back on meat for a few days. look up alkaline diet to aee if something you can try? Tea tree oil mixed in a bit of coconut oil should also heal up the sore as well as ease pain. Ir's my goto. Personally I tried the baking soda ( not baking powder) and believe it kept me breakout free after steroid shot AND no itchies for first time in couple of years. Just keep check on blood pressure. Hope you get better soon.
  7. slimbyslim

    slimbyslim Member

    I contracted the virus while on steroids. I have bad sinus issues and have had 3 endoscopic sinus surgeries in the past 12 years. needless to say I have to go on steroids on average two or 3 times a year and they are the only thing that opens up my sinuses when the nasal polyps become inflamed. so, this is probably gonna hold true for me that the steroids will slow the outbreak recovery. what sucks is the catch 22 of it all-having a cold or flu can trigger an outbreak and then the meds to help you heal from the upper respiratory infection in turn slow the healing of the virus. I hope you have got through this rough time.


    So wanting to Update all as the open sore has not healed in 10 months! Blood pressure is great. I went and had all kinds of bloodwork done thinking maybe low on B12 due to yes I drink alot and eat lots of veggies, so sometimes open sore in mouth is from deficiency of B12. Although I had been supplementing with B12 for a month before blood test came up ok for that, but very low on D3. Which D3 has more to do with bones and calcium. hmmmm.......*throws hands in air. So At this point I am going back to doctor and see about getting biopsy because if its not healing could it be cancer? I really don't know I am just very tired of it hurting during sex, and definitely can't even touch the spot. I haven't had any herpes breakouts at all in this time period and am stress free and healthy, I think lol.
  9. dangitinAL

    dangitinAL Well-Known Member

    I have the same problem with sinus infections. I found using a sinus irrigation regularly or at least at first sign of sinus issue helps tremendously. I haven't had bronchitis in 4+ years since using it. I was getting bronchitis 1-2 times a year previous to that. I even caught whooping cough too. jeez.

    Anyway, you could try taking eleuthero root for up to a period of 3 months and then a month off of it to help boost immunity. I found that cordyceps helped me also. I believe being low in D3 would also cause you issues with immune also. Is the dr going to give you supplement for it?


    Yes I've been taking D3 daily supplement, along with a Daily vitamin, and extra B12. At least I haven't gotten sick since then with all the extra vitamins etc I've been taking. I will look into eleuthero root.

    The doctor concluded that it's not a herpes sore as it has not healed, but I have appointment again. Since 10 months not healing is way too long for One Open Sore, its not itching, its not characteristic of herpes, all other stds have been ruled out by negative test.
  11. dangitinAL

    dangitinAL Well-Known Member

    Fingers crossed it is something easy to fix once you know what it is.
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