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Genital Herpes and Working out

Discussion in 'Coping with Outbreaks in Every Day Life' started by jamie0330, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. jamie0330

    jamie0330 Newbie

    Since i have had genital herpes - i have noticed i am having a really hard time working out.

    i get tired easily.

    i used to be very very atheletic. since i have had GH i get tired easily. could it be because my body is working extra hard to fight the herpes virus AND work out at the same time??? i also am more sore after my workouts than usual since ive had GH it just takes alot out of me, tho.

    however, ever since i have been working out i have had less outbreaks and if i do have an outbreak, they seem shorter than normal.

    anybody have the same issues?
  2. postivelove30

    postivelove30 Member

    interested to hear these replies - ive had this a month now - its healed, but there are scars and im uncomfortable down there...i wanted to start working out this week but i cant imagine its going to be comfortable...
  3. I've recently started working out 5 days a week (for the past month), and taking the supplements from Dynamiclear.

    I feel exhausted throughout my day, and was hoping that working out would give me some much needed energy. I'm still unsure if it's the summer heat that is draining me, or the H. Specifically, I am not tired whilst I work out, rather tired throughout my entire day.... I am however, finding my neck is quite a bit stiffer...

    Ahhh...who knows? Am I imagining any of this? I don't know. I read things on here (sore butt, sore upper legs, etc..) regarding others symptoms...I almost feel as though they are happening to me?

    Good luck, and I can't wait to see what others have to say about this!
  4. jamie0330

    jamie0330 Newbie

    well, i have felt uncomfortable down below when having an outbreak. the sweat burns the blisters and clothing rubs and catches on the sores. i try my best to put some vagasil down there. but mostly, on the days when it is a fresh sore, i dont do a whole lot of moving around. i just skip my workouts on those days.

    i need people's replies. does anyone else have the same issues as we do in the main topic post? comments appreciated!
  5. MsLucy

    MsLucy Well-Known Member

    Admittedly, I haven't been working out lately, but when I was hitting the gym regularly, I can't say I felt any different after contracting H than before. I usually went about 4 days a week and did a normal workout, which is what I'd been doing for years prior to H. I did abstain from going while in the midst of an OB, however. I didn't want to put that extra stress on my body, and I think that's a wise choice. Better to rest up for a day or two and let your body take care of the business at hand... healing.
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