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Going crazy- could I have herpes?

Discussion in 'Herpes Symptoms' started by confused2859, Jun 26, 2010.

  1. confused2859

    confused2859 Newbie

    About two years ago I had sex with with a questionable girl who I later found out had acyclovir in her medicine cabinet. I didn't know what is was at the time so I didn't think anything about it.
    About six months later I developed a massive pimple in my pubic hair region. I popped it and a lot of puss and blood came out. Over the next month a few more smaller ones developed in different areas of the pubic hair region. Then I started getting these pains in my lower back, buttocks and legs which continue to this day. They are not constant but they come and go every day.
    I also get this stinging and itching feeling in my pubic hair region. I have never seen any blisters but I do get these small pink bumps that usually go away in a day or two. The problem is they keep coming back. It seems like every day for the past year and a half I will have the pains in the legs and buttocks or the itching in the groin or both.
    I have tested negative for herpes with herpes select three times now. I have been to two different doctors and they just kind of shrugged it off and said it was recurring jock itch. I was hoping for some advice on what to do next.
    Should I take a different type of test?
    Could I be one of those people that has herpes but will never test positive for it?
    Should I go to a dermotologist?
    I am just so confused and don't know what to do. Please help!
  2. RealisticGal

    RealisticGal Well-Known Member

    Have you tried using any treatments for jock itch, to see if that makes things any better?
  3. confused2859

    confused2859 Newbie

    Yes, I have tried Gold Bond Cream which almost seemed like it made it worse. Do you really think that I could have recurring jock itch for over a year and a half with hardly no relief ? After reading posts on this forum, it seems like people who are positive for herpes are experiencing the same pains in the legs and buttocks that I am.
  4. RealisticGal

    RealisticGal Well-Known Member

    Gold Bond won't do it!

    If you do have jock itch, and Gold Bond cream is the only thing you have tried to deal with it, you have not treated for jock itch. Gold Bond cream won't get rid of that.

    You would need to use an antifungal, because jock itch is caused by a fungus (tinea cruris), just like what causes athlete's foot (tinea pedis).

    Some of the antifungals you may have heard of would be those with names like clotrimazole, lotrimin, lamisil, tinactin, etc.

    Ridding oneself of a fungal infection can be a difficult battle. You have to be consistent, thorough, follow through and avoid reinfecting yourself. Here's a site with some info:

    I don't believe the pain in your legs, buttocks, etc. would be caused by a fungal infection, but it could possibly be attributed to something entirely unrelated.

    On the other hand, you might have herpes. It certainly seems worth trying to treat for jock itch appropriately to rule it out.
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2010
  5. confused2859

    confused2859 Newbie

    Thanks for your advice. I will try that.
    I was just wondering though, have you ever heard of someone that has herpes but their body doesn't produce the antibodies causing the blood test to come back false negative? It seems unlikely that the test would be wrong three times but who knows.
  6. RealisticGal

    RealisticGal Well-Known Member

    Yes. There are documented cases of folks who seem to obviously have herpes as diagnosed clinically, but the blood tests do not show formation of antibodies.

    I don't know anyone like that personally, but apparently it happens.

    That said, I would certainly try some anti-fungals if I were you. I am prone to tinea infections myself --- especially this time of year as the heat increases. It is not fun at all --- quite itchy/burny/stingy.

    I hope if you treat for that, it makes a difference. Wouldn't that be grand?
  7. confused2859

    confused2859 Newbie

    I will come back and post an update in a few weeks.
  8. confused2859

    confused2859 Newbie

    Well it has been a month and I have used Lotrimin Ultra every day with not much relief. It seemed to help a little but I would still get the recurring bumps in the groin area. I just don't know what else to do. I am miserable every day of my life. Being that the herpes select came back negative would it do me any good to try the western blot? I have read that it is the most accuarate test available but if I am one of those rare people whose body doesn't produce the antibodies would that be a waste of time?
  9. RealisticGal

    RealisticGal Well-Known Member

    Sorry you aren't getting the relief you seek.

    This is a difficult time of year for dealing with jock itch, if you are here in the northern hemisphere like me, because it is hot and we get sweaty. Tinea fungus loves a nice damp and dark environment.

    So...just wondering...what precisely have you been doing in your regimen to deal with this situation?

    I get that you have applied Lotrimin to the area. How often?

    Have you been washing the area thoroughly, preferably several times/day?

    Drying thoroughly?

    Using a different towel each time?

    Applying Lotrimin after each washing?

    Washing your towels in hottest water available?

    Wearing loose cotton underwear and preferably loose fitting pants?

    Going without clothes to air things out whenever possible?

    Possibly also using something like a baby diaper rash ointment to help keep the area dry? (I apply that after the Lotrimin has had a chance to sit a while.)

    Tried using a different clothing detergent, preferably one without any perfume or color, in case this could be a dermatitis type reaction?
  10. confused2859

    confused2859 Newbie

    Thank you for your suggestions. Unfortunatly after following them I still haven't found any relief.
    I recently had the western blot done and am confused about the result. I was hoping you or someone else could help me understand better.
    They told me that it was negative for type 1 but the result for type 2 was atypical reactivity. What does this actually mean? I would think that after two years there would be some way to tell if I have it or not. This is killing me inside and I just don't know what to do. This has really ruined my life. I just want to feel normal again.
  11. RealisticGal

    RealisticGal Well-Known Member

    I'm not an expert on the Western Blot test.

    This post on the medhelp forum seems to address your question about your Western Blot test results pretty well. It sounds to me as though it is quite unlikely you have herpes.

    If you still don't feel reassured by that, why not go to the source? I would suggest you call the University of Washington and ask them about the WB specifics.

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