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herpes in my pubic hair?

Discussion in 'Herpes Symptoms' started by allie, Jan 10, 2003.

  1. allie

    allie Newbie

    hi, the last 2 months i have had some reocuring red sores in my pubic hair about an inch from where the "slit" starts, i showed them to my mother she didnt think they were herpes, but she isnt an expert i have had no other signs, it has been 11 months since i had sex last, i dunno my sores are red, not pain full, a little messy, i have 2 at a time usually, they go away quicky, my mom doesnt think i need to get checked, i have never really heard of having sores in my pubic hair no where else, all of the people i have had sex with i have had oral sex with ,wouldnt that mean i would have them on my mouth too? im confused and scared do any of you have sores amongst your hairs? i dont get it, im 18, i have had to male sex parteners and 1 female, maybe one of my girlfiends gave it to me,,,,ahhhh help pubic hair?
  2. allie

    allie Newbie

    please help

    hi, could someone please reply and put my mind at ease. :cry:
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    hey allie yes ive had some off these sores around my hairs... are u still lookin at this post? if u still do... write back and we'll talk more
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Little red blotch in pubic hair that itches

    I also have one little red blotch in my pubic hair (male), nothing on my actual equipment or anything. The little red blotch itches but doesn't hurt or anything, looks almost like a bug bite would. I only have one and it appeared just recently.

    Is this herpes or no?
  5. No_Regrets

    No_Regrets Newbie

    A Cure!

    Everyone! Please Read the book: "Natural Cures They Dont Want You To Know About" This book changed my life! It lists many natural cures for all kinds of things that the government doesnt want you to know about because they want to make money...if everyone was healthy They would be broke..Makes sense...There IS a cure for Herpes! Natral too! Please read the book, Its in there... Hopefully Your lives change too!
  6. Caliope

    Caliope Well-Known Member


    Re: Natural Cures . . .

    You really need to google "Kevin Trudeau" and see what is posted about this author and his products. He is considered by many to be an unscrupulous vendor of "snake oil" treatments.

    Unless of course, you want to tell everyone what he recommended that changed your life.
  7. BoxofRain

    BoxofRain Active Member

    very possible it is herpes.........i get my symptoms in my pubic hair primarily right where you described..........also, it is very likely to get it in regions not covered by condoms, and even if you did or didnt use condoms with all your previous partners you could still get it either way in the location you described. You could have also got it from oral sex from someone who carried the virus orally(either didnt ever get symptoms so didnt know, or got coldsores earlier in life and never knew it was herpes or that it could transmit even without any symptoms present)

    so If I were you I would immediately go and get tested and ask SPECIFICALLY for a herpes BLOOD test and do not let them talk you out of it, as that is the only way to know for sure. You can also get a culture of the bumps IN ADDITION to the blood, but do not settle just for a culture as they are highly unreliable and a negative result doesnt mean you dont have herpes, it just means at the time of the swab there was no active virus on the skin at the site. Hope this helps.......better to be safe and informed then left in denial and never knowing until you potentially infect someone else one day. Better to know than not to know and if nothing else now you will be aware of how easily it is to get herpes and be more careful in the future.....hopefully its just something else but you need to be checked via blood for herpes or you will never know the truth,

    If its not herpes (via blood test) then have your doctor check you for other things....you can never be too careful with your health...you owe it to yourself.
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