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Herpes inside cervix or vagina???

Discussion in 'About My Outbreaks' started by La Femme, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. La Femme

    La Femme Active Member

    I am freaking out here. I have been doing some reading and I learned that herpes can also reside inside the vagina.

    Since most people dont really see legions inside, how can you tell if you are having an internal outbreak? I have been seeing some think discharge, sometimes coming out like a little ball of mucous (sorry for the graphics) or even it comes out with a tint of blood.

    Now I did a finger test to make sure everything was ok up in there and I saw a little bit of blood on my finger tip. I guess I also felt my cervix, but it didn't feel smooth (again sorry for the graphic description) kinda rough in the middle.

    Of course now I am afraid that maybe my OB's are inside. I am feeling really paranoid now ya'll and not sure what to think.

    No I haven't had any pain and my period was over like 2.5 weeks ago. So I am thinking not due for another 2 weeks or so.

  2. Eurydice

    Eurydice Active Member

    La Femme, don't panic. It might be just your ovulation time. It comes sometimes with a bit of blood. And not everything is supposed to be smooth in there. That is why men are talking often about grinding?
    I don't know exactly were you felt rough, if it was inside your vagina, it's OK. Just to be on safe side, I would go to see your gynecologist.
    If there is lots of mucus and looks like cottage cheese or smells weird, might be either yeast or bacterial infection. These are easy to treat and I read, they like to come after OBs, as if OB wasn't enough.
    I myself have some thoughts about yeast infection. Just finished second outbreak. I have to admit H is a real pain in the ass.
    Take it easy, everything will be fine anyway. It's not lethal, it's just very, very,VERY:twisted: annoying.
  3. La Femme

    La Femme Active Member

    Morning Eury,

    Thanks for your response. My discharge has no smell. If I had to compare it to something.. I would say - - it looks a little like bugars (but without the greenish hue to it). This is definately not Y.I type of discharge.

    Man that sounds gross...EWWWWWW!! LOL

    I still haven't identified what my OB's are like. I dunno if its inside outside and mostly alot of people's discription of sore doesn't match what I see. Just trying to figure it all out
  4. catiesmom

    catiesmom Well-Known Member

    If you've got something like that going on, what are the chances this is NOT attributable to HSV? You may have HSV too, but what are the chances you've got something else going on and your doctor stopped at HSV and said "well, that must be it"? I second going to your doctor.

    BTW, very few people have outbreaks inside their vagina. For some reason it isn't a common location. But my guess is a tampon would tell you REAL quick...
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