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herpes on fingers

Discussion in 'Personal Experience with Herpes' started by gem, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. gem

    gem Newbie

    just wondering if anyone has had lesions on their fingers...im panicking bc i have blisters on one finger, have been for a long time and wondering if it might be herpes or a symptom of it.
  2. SpecialGuest1234

    SpecialGuest1234 No longer a member

    Have you been to the doctor yet? If so, what did your doctor say? Do you have herpes whitlow?

    Angela :wink:
  3. gem

    gem Newbie

    yeah...thats what it was. my doctor made it seem as though it was nothing to be worried about, even going as far as saying his wife has it. i was given some cream to help with any breakouts i have, but so far ive only had maybe two or three blisters in the past two months. whereas, before my whole finger would be covered in blisters.

    although i never asked him the question - can a reinfect myself genitally or orally from my finger? so if anyone can answer that question that would be great! :)
  4. ouch

    ouch Well-Known Member

    Hey gem...

    I am not sure about the 'reinfecting' thing....I know you CAN spread it to other body parts, especially if you just contracted herpes and your body doesn't have the antibodies yet against the virus.

    I did see these things at like....walgreens and rite aid....they are like this latex finger splints. They are so funny, they look like little finger condoms.... :D but if you have any more outbreaks, go buy some of these and slip em on the finger while it is healing. Put the cream on it as well, then put the little "finger condom" on and it should work great. I have used them for bad burns on my fingers and such. I also used them when I thought I might have spread herpes to my hands.

    Also, ask you doctor more about this, seeing as his wife has herpes whitlow, he might be more educated than others doctors and can offer some good advice!

    Good luck! :D
  5. ThisSucks

    ThisSucks Active Member

    I have it on my finger! It is worse than having it on my genitals. The outbreaks are very painful and they never break the skin as they are on the inside of my finger where the skin is thicker. It just looks disgusting. You can see it underneith the skin. Takes about 3 weeks to completely go away. Went through a few months of having outbreaks on my finger.
  6. Ironic

    Ironic Newbie

    How easy is it to contract on your hands? the girl im seeing has it and ive u know... with my hands a few times.. i always wash them after... she is on Valtrex
  7. paxton

    paxton Newbie


    That is quite unfortunate to hear.

    You can get herpes all over your body. From my knowledge, if you don't have herpes on your face or genitals, it increases your chances of getting herpes elsewhere on your body if it is your first infection.

    Once you get infected, it increases your chances of NOT getting it elsewhere, however you still can get anywhere else on your body.

  8. BoxofRain

    BoxofRain Active Member

    yes it is possible to get it from doing that to your girl....good that you wash your hands, but yes it is possible.
  9. hope1053

    hope1053 Newbie

    what does it look like? little white spots on your skin or what? describe it. I may have tracked it to my thumbs. it doesn't blister - not yet anyway. just little white spots showing through the skin
  10. GeminiGirl

    GeminiGirl Member

    I am just getting healed up from my first ghsv ob, and today noticed three bumps (tingly) on my thumb. Any suggestions for what I can do to nip this in the bud if it is another ob? They're not blisters yet, but have definitely developed already during the day... I've been using Purell for the last few hours -- any other suggestions?

    Also, if this IS another ob, even if they're not at the blistery stage, does that mean they're contagious?

  11. coalminer

    coalminer Member

    Use Dynamiclear

    Use Dynamiclear. Put a bandaid over it. It's at an early stage so its probably contagious.
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