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herpes on my back?

Discussion in 'Herpes Symptoms' started by tomato80, May 1, 2009.

  1. tomato80

    tomato80 Newbie

    On Monday I felt something on my back and thought it was a pimple so I tried to pop it. I couldn't reach it with both hands because it was in the right-center of my back so I scratched at it thinking maybe it was a whitehead and that would "pop" it or close enough. The next day, I felt it again and I felt a raised patch. In the mirror it looked like a rash. Now it's Friday and the rash hasn't gone away, so I went to the doctor. He looked at it and said right away it was herpes simplex. Then he asked me a series of follow up questions: is it painful? have you had a fever? etc. But no, I haven't had any of that. The rash is slightly itchy, but only if I touch it. I questioned the doctor on the diagnosis but he is certain that he's correct. Has anyone heard of this? Herpes in the middle of your back with no other symptoms? I have no idea how I would have gotten it either. I don't even think I've had my shirt off except to take a shower or change clothes. I've thought it could be shingles, as I had chicken pox when I was younger, but I'm only 26, and so that doesn't seem likely.
  2. tomato

    tomato Newbie

    I've never heard of that, though some people get herpes in their eyes or hands so i guess its possible. Did he actually swab it, and did you get a blood test? :eek: You should get him to swab it.

    p.s. tomato80 :lol: :lol: :lol:

    feel better. hugs!
  3. tomato80

    tomato80 Newbie

    No, he didn't do any tests. He just said was he was sure it was herpes, dismissed my questions, and wrote me a prescription for Valtrex. Basically, he said you can get herpes anywhere, which I'm sure is true...I apparently just have the improbable herpes in a place I can barely touch and that no one on the internet has ever had herpes.

    I'm thinking of seeing a dermatologist, but I worry the wait to see one will be long and by then the rash will have gone away.
  4. wondering333

    wondering333 No longer a member

    I think I have heard of wrestlers getting Herpes in weird places. Do you have the virus anywhere else? Mouth, genitals, etc?

    I would press for a test, just to know for sure.
  5. tomato

    tomato Newbie

    this doctor sounds terrible. i would definitely go to a different doctor. seeing a dermatologist is a good idea but maybe for the time being a doctor would be quicker.
  6. tomato80

    tomato80 Newbie

    No, I don't have it anywhere else. I saw the thing about wrestlers, but I can't think how that would have happened. It's been cold and I haven't been without a shirt much. My long time girlfriend is probably the only person who's touched my back in who knows how long.

    My sister told me she knew someone that had shingles at 16, so I'm starting to think this is what it is. From the photos I see online, I don't see how you could tell the two apart except by placement on the body. Anyway, thanks for the respones. It doesn't look like anyone's ever heard of herpes on the back and I suppose it doesn't matter since the treatment is the same for both.
  7. brassmonkey

    brassmonkey Member

    Yea i would definitely get a second opinion, I know you can get sores elsewhere but didnt know on your back, it could just be a rash even a fungus who knws but get it checked out
  8. Response to your ?

    That happened to me quite a few years ago, except mine was on my shoulder. Raised rash and itchy. The dermotologist said it was Herpes also. I was shocked and to this day do not understand how that happened, but obviously it does.

  9. jolisa

    jolisa Newbie

    I was told last week that I had herpes on my back, the same place that you had yours, but my Dr did a test and it came back possitive for herpes, But thinking back when we were stationed in Japan I also would get a very painful wort on my Vajayjay, the Navy dr said it was nothing to worry about and did nothing. It was so painful that I could not wear underwear. I think for the last 10 years I have been living with it and did not even know it.Please go get a test if you have not already.I also had flu like symptoms.
    Last edited: May 4, 2009
  10. Nmnicole

    Nmnicole Newbie

    I have herpes on my back

    Yes, I know, it´s weid but It´s possible. I have the exact same thing, a rash on my back, dindt hurt, and it went away after a week. Then, it appeared again after a few years, at the same spot, then again... so I started to suspect it could be herpes (although it didn´t look like it, nos blisters, or vesicles...) Last time it appeard I went to the doctor and right away she said it was herpes. To make sure, you can ask another doctor to ask for the blood test for herpes.
    But dont worry about it, herpes is very common, more people have it than the ones who don´t. I think, as I watched my father having outbreaks on his mouth my whole life, it didn´t come as such bad news for me... it´s just weird to tell the guy I´m dating that I have herpes... on my back...
  11. Vashti42

    Vashti42 Newbie

    Not unusual

    I've got the back breakout going on now. But I'm not at all surprised. I was actually completely relieved that it wasn't skin cancer. Somehow my mind went to cancer first even though I've had herpes on my leg multiple times. So back doesn't seem far fetched. When I was young I had sores on my mouth regularly for years and I have a spot on my leg that breaks out every couple years. So far, knock wood, no vaginal herpes.

    What I was wondering is if the Shingles vaccine might lesson the chances of these "body" sores. Anyone have any insight, or experience with the vaccine. Technically I'm a couple years too young to get it.
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