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herpes sore on inside of vagina

Discussion in 'About My Outbreaks' started by ChrissyLynn87, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. ChrissyLynn87

    ChrissyLynn87 Active Member

    What I thought to be an allergic reaction to soap turned out to be a herpes sore. It is right on the inside of my vagina and it does not burn nor is there an itchy feeling or burning feeling, it just hurts a little somtimes, on a scale of 1-10 it is a 1 and if I take asprin it goes away and it feels a tiny bit swollen down there ( well I think so anyways) .

    I thought that if you had a herpes sore it caused itching, burning and soreness?

    How long do these usually last? Also is it normal to cause flu like symptoms?

    Sorry if this is a little to much info :p
  2. elmerette

    elmerette Active Member

    No to people have the same feelings with the sores. Thats one thing that drive me nuts about herpes. There is no rhyme or reason to it, no consistency, no two ob's are the same. there are no time frames either, everyone is different. As for the symptoms, I call it "flu lite"--all the achy shit, but no vomiting or runs. Hope this helps
  3. ChrissyLynn87

    ChrissyLynn87 Active Member

    thanks , I have not felt like eating the past few days but I guess that can be put on the cold I have had and my little monthly friend currently visiting lol
  4. elmerette

    elmerette Active Member

    cold, period and ob??damn girl, you hit the trifecta!! just teasing...hope you feel better soon. try some frosted mini wheats with warm milk, it will be soothing to your tummy...
  5. ChrissyLynn87

    ChrissyLynn87 Active Member

    thanks, I do not really like mini wheats though, unfourtenly I am a VERY picky eater lol...

    Yea I have hit the trifecta , my son comes home from school with a bug and decides to share and no sooner I get better he brings something else home or a family member comes over sick and gives me something...
  6. Forgiving1

    Forgiving1 No longer a member

    Hey I'm from VA too! yes its usually normal to have flu-like symptoms initially. I suggest taking something for the pain like ibuprofen and make sure you are eating even if its just soup because you need to build up your immune system. I think the feeling lasts about 10 days maybe. I know it all depends on the person. I wish you the best and hope you get better soon.

    ETA: Try soaking in epsom salts that should help with the sores.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2011
  7. aquatic

    aquatic Member

    Hi ChrissyLynn87...I can't speak for inner-vaginal OB's but the premise should be the same. I take 2000mg Lysine daily, Vit C and Orgeanol Oil, multivitamin. My OBs are not bad anymore, I still get all the symptoms but I have typically 1 day of warning symptoms, 1 day of developing blisters, 1 day of open blister and 2 days of healing.

    Also, your little cold and period has reduced your immune system enough to trigger your OB (most likely). Anyway, food for thought.
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