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hey guys

Discussion in 'Just signed up? Say hello here!' started by nala91, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. nala91

    nala91 Newbie

    so i just got diagnosed and i'm going thru a really hard time :/
    my body feels like it hates me and i just need some help and people to talk to :/
    hopefully i can find some people that have helpful and supporting information so i know i'm not alone.

    RAINDROP Newbie

    Hey there,
    Ihad a really hard time coping with it at first. I have had it for 7mths appart from the first couple outbreaks i have been fine now. It's not easy to deal with but your not alone! people on here seem pretty good I'm happy to chat with you :) take care
  3. loverlie

    loverlie Newbie

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