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How long can herpes lie dormant?

Discussion in 'Partners, Family & Friends' started by publik123, May 18, 2008.

  1. publik123

    publik123 Newbie

    I'm in a relationship. About a three years after we were together she had an outbreak and continues to have them every couple of months. I know it can lie dormant for a long time, but three years? Is this possible with semi-frequent outbreaks after that? Want to believe, but... well... any advice would be appreciated...
  2. sadpuppy

    sadpuppy Member

    i think mine was dormant for about 4 years. my 1st outbreak occurred (i believe) due to major rough sex with bf of 3 yrs (he was a virgin before me) and a time when i was pretty stressed up. it is possible that ur gfs telling the truth, as it really is different for everyone. the usual time to have an outbreak is 2 days- 2 weeks after transmission (so i've read) but as i've said, mine was dormant for a lot longer than that.
    hope that helps a bit :roll:
  3. publik123

    publik123 Newbie

    Thank you! That's what I was hoping to hear!
  4. ginnyp

    ginnyp Well-Known Member

    Yes, I think it's more common than some think. Some people have gone over 10 years before their first ob! I personally had it for AT LEAST 2 years, if not more, with no symptoms at all. Then I met a guy and after we became intimate, wham, I got my first ob. I thought he had given it to me, but he tested negative and my test numbers made it obvious I had it for some time. It felt so crazy, I got my first ob in the exact time frame, and found out I had been carrying this disease without knowing it. Many couples can go years without either partner knowing they have H, and then suddenly it shows up and their partner thinks they cheated. In many cases, it just decided to show up. :)
  5. happygirl0000

    happygirl0000 Member

    What my MD told me is that he thinks it's based on the severity of the primary outbreak. (It's amazing that there are so many opinions out there even in the medical community). He told me that my outbreak was severe-I didn't have many external lesions but a ton of internal ones, fever and flu symptoms, painful urination, fatigue, itching, tailbone pain, and shooting pains into my labia. So he thought that I contracted HSV-2 from my most recent sex partner based on that information. He said if I'd had it for a while first I would have noticed something strange and second my primary outbreak would not have produced so many severe symptoms.

    Wish there was a clear answers out there but sadly there is not.
  6. Stillme

    Stillme Newbie

    I know a guy (a former colleague who chose to confide in me) who had been exposed 10 years prior to an outbreak... apparently got it from an old girlfriend, and then got married and almost 10 years later, bingo, there it was.
  7. skydreams

    skydreams Active Member

    I was told this second hand from the nurse practitioner and it's kind of crazy.

    She told me she'd treated a woman for her first OB when she was 80 years old. Her husband had it for many years (how long I have no idea), but he had died about 10 years before her primary OB. Everyone assumed she was just having a strange female problem because of the long amounts of time involved until her test results came back.
  8. Ethan

    Ethan Newbie

    This thread makes me feel better. I registered here to ask about this very topic.

    Here's my story. I've been with a girl for 6 years now and I have been faithful. I tested negative for herpes a few months after we got together. She had an STD test (everything negative) at that time too, but I don't know if they tested her for herpes or not. We got our tests from different doctors. She has always gotten sores in her mouth since she was a child, but we don't know if they're herpes sores or just canker sores. We haven't had any problems until just a few days ago, when a single sore of some kind showed up on her labia. She says it hurts. She went to the doctor and we're still waiting on the test results. She assures me she has been faithful, and I think I believe her. I want to believe her. This thread helps with that.

    I guess I have a question. If she has had oral herpes since she was a child, is it possible that she somehow transmitted it to her genitals herself, maybe through masturbation? Or can genital herpes only be caught from a partner? I think she has been faithful to me, but we're curious if she got it from a previous partner, assuming she's even infected.
  9. regret

    regret Well-Known Member

    if she has had it since a child she most likey self infected herself, i would beleiveher if she says she has been faithful..its common to self trasmit this to other parts of your body, thats why its so important to wash your hands after you touch it..read as much as you can about it, she should get soem lysine, it would help with the severity of her outbreaks..read ass much as you can on the right side column, on fighting back and suppliments for herpes,,etc...
    it can lay dormant in your body for years and you dont even know you have it..the chances are high you have it if you 2 had oral..many men carry no symptoms, it affects women more harshly in the genital area..you should go get tested also.. who knows maybe you had it for years..many dr.s do not believe you can have it and not know..thatsh why it is spread so easily, they are not knowledgable about this virus enough...if you both have it,,just presume life as usual,,
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2008
  10. jnh

    jnh Member

    i read on another forum that a couple found out they had it 20 yrs into the marriage and no one cheated or anything of that sort.
  11. chole

    chole Member

    I had it a good 6 months before actual ob.I have flu,aches,pains,ictching for 4 months,tests for gladual fever,didnt know why the flu would not go,then I had ob,and finally found out what it was,like I said 6 months,so it can be a little s*** and hide for a while.
  12. MsRachelMilano

    MsRachelMilano Active Member


    Well, I have my theories, I'll share but they are just my thoughts, nothing proven. As I mentioned before, I was sexually assaulted from the time I was four years old. My mother was infected and we shared the same men. I have always had what I thought was reoccurring yeast infections, for as long as I knew. Treating with yogurt and over the counter meds but it always took longer to heal than the treatment said it should. I was way too under exposed to know I could be infected with something... I didn't even know of STDs. After having cancer, my first ob was exactly like my prior yeast infections only worse. I was leery of yeast infections after the cancer, because it was a really bad one that drove me to the doctor, where they discovered cervical cancer two days later. So when the bad yeast infection returned, off I went to the doctor again... this time... with a new doctor, it was more than a yeast infection. NO OTHER SYMPTOMS other than severity.

    Since the surgery, my obs have gotten increasingly worse, showing themselves all over my body.

    I believe it is possible for HSV to lie partially dormant... until your immunity levels change, like with my cancer. My immune system took a major shock from that, then I fell near deadly ill ten months after with a related infection... Then, I believe it WOKE UP in places where my old immune system suppressed it.

    This is just my Humble Opinion based on my experiences...
    Love and light go with you all...
    Ms. Rachel E. Milano
  13. OneTiredMom

    OneTiredMom Newbie

    I had my first ob a few weeks after I got married....and I was a virgin, so my hubby was obviously the one that gave it to me. He got it from his first wife, who, during thier divorce finally admitted to him that she had been sleeping with many men during their marriage. Anyway, we weren't told it was herpes back then, we were told it was another STD, and the Dr. said I was the one that gave it to my hubby....which I knew for a fact wasn't true. Don't ya just luv these quack doctors?

    Anyway....17 years later, and I had my 2nd really big outbreak, and that's when I was diagnosed. When I told my hubby how my Dr. visit went that day, he told me he had a rash that he was now thinking wasn't just a heat rash, so he made an appt. Sure enough! After getting better educated with herpes, I recognize now, that we both have had minor little outbreaks over the years, but never knew what they were....

    Anyway, both of our Dr.'s said that the virus can lie dormant for decades sometimes. Being older now, and having a better Dr. than when I was younger....I tend to agree with both of their comments.
  14. irenesletters

    irenesletters Newbie


    okay ive been with this guy that i really love for about six months i haven t had a ob since 06 and i was wonder can u spread the hperies even though its dorment in your body:confused:

    cuss i want him to not have it
    im not controling it with medication
    i just haventhad one in a really long time sooooooo any clues???????
  15. Denise 07

    Denise 07 Active Member

    Unfortunately yes there's always a chance you can pass this virus on to other partner's :( Until there are better treatments or a vaccine this will always be the case. Being on suppressive therapy cuts the risks down as using protection (condoms). It will never bring it to zero but it cuts it down alot more.
  16. Tandy

    Tandy No longer a member

    My husband gave me GHSV1 ten weeks ago after we have been married 28 years. He has never had any cold sores that he can ever remember. His showed up as an old infection while mine was new. We are faithful to each other and have a great relationship. I don't know why it took so long, but he still has had no cold sores or any other kind of sore. So yes, it can lie dormant many years and yes, you can give it to someone even if you are not broke out.
  17. loved2dance

    loved2dance Newbie


    canker sores are no herpes...so if she only had canker sores in her mouth she couldn't transmit HSV2 to herself. If she has cold sores on her lips...then yes possible
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