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How long can it go undetected?

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by HoustonMan, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. HoustonMan

    HoustonMan Newbie

    My regular sexual partner had a baby with me in December. Just before the baby was born, she noticed cysts on her buttocks (three in a triangular position). She recalled seeing one on my right hip which I broke and cleaned with my knife. So she had the doctor test it.

    She just now told me that, on the day that my baby was born, she was told that she had Herpes. So, now I have been engaging in sexual activity for the past four months with a woman who knew she had Herpes and did not tell me because she refuses to trust me not to sleep with other women.

    The thing is, she had herself tested when she was four months pregnant (without telling me) and claims that she was clean at that time. However, I had my first experience with an unexplained sore in my genital region (just below my belt) shortly after meeting her in 2008.

    Can the virus go this long without being detected? I am certain I got it from her as I have had no other partners since I met her, and my first cyst was shortly after my first sexual encounter with her. She is certain she got it from me because of her chosen paranoia.

    Could the earlier test truly have come negative if she had it for a minimum of three years? Or is it just me?
  2. ScaryJimmy

    ScaryJimmy Active Member

    Hey man. The herpes "whodunit" game can be tricky. But, obviously, it's not outstanding that your sex partner didn't let you know when she found it. If she truly tested negative when she was four months pregnant then she couldn't possibly have given it to you in 2008. But, you might want to take a look at those actual results.
  3. Kitty123

    Kitty123 Well-Known Member

    • VIP Supporter
    From my research, and other conversations on this forum and from what I understand by speaking with doctors,the typical seroconversion time period once exposed to Herpes is a maximum of at least 3-4 months for it to show up in your bloodwork, but it most commonly can show up earlier than that too. I seroconverted for HSV2 within 1 month. Does that mean if you have sex, you can go 4 months, and then BAM - it appears? No. It means that if you are exposed, and are experiencing outbreaks but having negative results, means that you are testing too soon. Thats what that means.

    I agree with ScaryJimmy. I would definitely ask to see those results with your own eyes. If she refuses. She's hiding something. Although by refusing, she doesn't HAVE to show you anything, because it's her own personal business, but I'm sure that if she was trying to prove to you wholeheartedly that she was indeed 'negative', I'm sure she would have NO issues with showing you her private medical information.
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