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how long do you take valtrex for

Discussion in 'Herpes Treatment Zone' started by regret, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. regret

    regret Well-Known Member

    also does a person take valtrex only during ob or are you suppose to take it everyday of your life??? my dr. had no pamphlets on it, she was nice but she only spent 5 min with me after telling me, no real info on this virus, just gave me a perscription and said its not the end of the world? it amazes me that the dr.s know so little about this virus, and do not educate on all thier is to know about this stuff.. ive read where it burns to urinate? i dont feel that right now?
  2. exhausted

    exhausted Newbie

    My doctor told me that I have the option of taking it for suppressive therapy. I was diagnosed last week. I think I am just going to make sure that I am taking good care of myself, making my immune system strong, and try not to stress. I have read that stress will break you out faster than anything. Also, the others on this forum are wonderful advice givers. I had one to tell me to just let mother nature take it's course and let your body build up an immunity. Also, if you do not have the painful burning while urinating, be thankful.... I had that for a good 8-9 days. It is probably the most pain I have been in and I just gave birth. :D
  3. ginnyp

    ginnyp Well-Known Member

    Hey there regret...
    we've all realized that there are lots of doctors who -don't-know-crap- about this virus. They know what they're learned in school or more recently from practicing on a patient, but many are clueless. Most of them seem to not really care how we feel about it, just to give us valtrex and send us on our way. Almost all doctors will prescribe valtrex during the first ob - some will recommend you take it for a year, others will recommend you take it only at the beginning stages of an ob. It's a personal choice. If you have frequent or severe obs or if you have a negative partner and you want to reduce their risk of contracting, taking valtrex (or Famvir or Acyclovir - cheapest) would be helpful. If you don't have someone to protect right now and you want to see how your body will handle the virus on its own, you might only want to take natural supplements. Or you might want to take meds only when you feel symptoms. If a doctor tells you to take the meds and you don't feel the need, that is your choice. The meds do not make it go away, they just may shorten the duration of the ob or its severity. But only you can really decide if you want to be on daily medication.
  4. regret

    regret Well-Known Member

    wel what natural substance are thier? and if a person took valtrex everyday wouldnt your body buid up a tolerance for it and not work as good later when you really needed it? this is my first outbreak and it kills, i hear the first one is the worst, but i dont want to take any chance of going throught this again(which im sure its not for me to say!!)
  5. ginnyp

    ginnyp Well-Known Member

    There are a LOT of natural substances to try. Most people take L-lysine. It is an amino acid that helps to block Arginine, another amino acid, which helps herpes to thrive.

    Another excellent supplement is Olive Leaf. It is known to do lots of things for the immune system, helping it to fight bacterial and viral infections, and is also known for helping tremendously with herpes.

    Oil of Oregano is another one. There are threads about that on here.

    Do some research on the right under fight back, there are all kinds of supplements. Licorice root, red marine algae, and simple vitamins like C, B, zinc, etc. :)
  6. regret

    regret Well-Known Member

    which med to order?

    so does that lysine really work? is it better to order the cobo kit or just the pills? this stuff is expensive? do they sell it anywhere else? health store?
  7. helied2me

    helied2me Well-Known Member

    You can buy these in health food stores and you have the benefit of asking a sales person questions.
  8. Cindy Robinson

    Cindy Robinson Dynamiclear Representative

    Buying Supplements

    Hi regret,

    I hope I can help you get the most value for your money if you are considering buying supplements.

    Many people prefer to buy herpes supplements online because they can do it privately and anonymously, but you can buy Lysine from many local stores as well as certain herbs such as Olive Leaf, if you prefer.

    To my knowledge you cannot buy these exact formulas combined in one tablet anywhere else, so you would need to buy the components separately if you wanted to achieve the same thing.

    If you buy each of the ingredients separately (e.g.. lysine, zinc, vitamin C and bioflavonoids) it is likely to cost you a lot more money then if you bought them in one tablet, or you may compromise and miss out on some of the active compounds.

    For example, in clinical studies bioflavonoids help to reduce the prodromal symptoms (such as itching) and can stop an outbreak from developing into the blister stage. They have been proven to work best when taken in synergy with the other ingredients in the Combined Lysine Formula.

    Similarly, the antiviral herb Andrographis is a key component of the Immune Support formula and one of the reasons why this product is so effective against herpes. Andrographis helps to interfere with the way retro-viruses alter healthy DNA. It works alongside Olive Leaf to inhibit the virus and Echinacea to help ward off future recurrences.

    Quality is an important consideration if you want any natural therapy to work, so research a brand before using it. Some things to be mindful of:

    • The ingredients in Dynamiclear's Combined Lysine Formula are derived from real food sources. Many brands of supplements use artificial ingredients, synthetically made in a laboratory. This makes the product cheaper to manufacture.
    • The herbs in Immune Support are 'standardized', a special process which ensures that you are getting the quality of concentration required for the herb to work.
    If you intend on taking supplements for herpes this is one of the most effective and economical ways to do it because the most essential ingredients that you need are combined in 2 tablets; one a dietary supplement with vitamins, minerals and the amino acid Lysine and the other a blend of antiviral immune boosting herbs, made to precise and proven concentrations.

    I realize that buying supplements regularly can add up. So that you know, there are lots of savings that you can claim on.

    :arrow: If you buy any of these supplements in lots of 3 you get an automatic bulk discount of nearly 15% off.

    :arrow: Dynamiclear's Customer Loyalty Rewards Program gives any repeat customer an additional 5% off any supplements for the rest of your life.

    If you get active outbreaks (meaning, if you have symptoms that break-out that you would like to clear quickly) then the Dynamiclear Combat Kit is the best choice to begin with.

    The reason for this is that this package contains all of the components including the Dynamiclear topical solution, supplements and Aloe vera gel and you save over $20 when you buy the products in this bundle pack. You can however purchase any products separately if you prefer.

    If you would like more information you can print and read this brochure. It has some practical tips and outlines how each of the products may be helpful.

    Last edited: Jun 10, 2008
  9. Emma4366

    Emma4366 Newbie

  10. Nibs

    Nibs Newbie

    My GP gives me a script for 20 1mg Valtrex. She tells me to take 2 "only when you feel like you're getting an outbreak". So that's what I do. Sometimes I'll take it the next day also just to make sure if I do get the sores on my lip they won't last forever.

    My problem is she only gives me 20 frikkin pills with no refills! So basically every 3 months I have to call the office and get a script called in. It's frustrating. I want to ask her if she can give me a continuous script for the 250mg valtrex and just take it on a daily basis.

    Thank god for insurance. My generic valtrex is always $0. :cool:
  11. touched

    touched Newbie

    trying to cope

    I have been taking valcyclovur. 500mg for two and ahalf weeks my face has a slight irritation I think form the medicine like. One of the article s I read my obgyn doesn't seem to know anything . I have been very depressed lately, I want to stop taking this medicine because of my face and find another one to take.but I don't know what to fo I am going to my doctor s office tomorrow I hope dhe can help. Any advice
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