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How long does it take the "initial bumps" to turn into blisters?

Discussion in 'About My Outbreaks' started by artgirl87, May 26, 2009.

  1. artgirl87

    artgirl87 Active Member

    Ok, I'm not sure I actually have herpes, I just posted the big long story in the could I have herpes or coldsores board...anyway I have these things that could possibly be the "initial bumps". However, it has been 2 1/2 months and they have not blistered or turned into sores. There is literally like 50-75 of them, so if they did turn into sores or blisters that would really really suck. Is it possible that they won't turn into sores at all? Even though they are not blistering the area still hurts (although its not a constant pain, its on and off) and I just want them to go away.
  2. GntiNh

    GntiNh Staff Member

    • Super Moderator
    Hi, go and get them checked out, then you will know. I found the not knowing worse.
  3. ntdc

    ntdc Well-Known Member

    To answer your question , the blisters erupt after a few DAYS not weeks, not months.

    Reading your other post , it does not sound like HSV. You got ORAL sex, and you have existing hsv-1 infection (probably), so getting ghsv-1 through oral sex is unlikely for you. Also you said it was 8-10hrs later. HSV shows up from 48hrs after exposure. most people say around a week or so.

    Obviously you have something going on down there , go see a GYN or internist or STD clinic as soon as you can, no need to suffer so long.
  4. artgirl87

    artgirl87 Active Member

    yeah, I was just worried because in a lot of the information pages on this site it says that bumps may turn into painful blisters, or a person may just have redness and irritation and no blisters at all. I know that ghsv-1 is very unlikely as I have had it orally for 16 years, but even though we didn't actually have regular sex there was skin to skin contact. I also had the pain running down my thigh and the tingling sensation, and I don't know what else that could be from. I want to try and find out as much information as I can before going to the doctors because it will be very expensive. Also, I've read about people just getting false negatives several times on this board and I just can't afford to go more than once. The sores aren't big enough to biopsy, and it won't have been in my blood long enough to show up there. My insurance only pays for one pelvic exam a year, and unfortunately I have already had mine just before this incident. I've heard that planned parenthood is actually quite expensive unless you can prove that you are in need or under the age of 18...like it would actually be several hundred dollars, and even if they could work with my insurance I can't have planned parenthood contacting my parent's insurance.
  5. wondering333

    wondering333 No longer a member

    Call and ask PP how much an appointment would be. I believe it is under 100 for an exam. I could be wrong though.

    Even if it is 100 dollars, it is worth it to know.
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