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HSV-1 on the genitals

Discussion in 'Just signed up? Say hello here!' started by kloha, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. kloha

    kloha Newbie

    I'm am so unbelievably dumbfounded, shocked, scared, regretful, depressed...the list goes on.

    Last summer I hooked up with a friend. We practiced safe sex, but then a few days later I noticed some bumps on my genitals and my clitoris was on fire. Not realizing what it was I went on vacation and made the situation worse by swimming in a lake. I ended up in a hospital with 'Dr. Granola' telling me that I had genital herpes. I couldn't believe it. It was the worst day of my life, and I refused to believe it. When I got home I went to my own doctor and begged for blood testing. He managed to convince the lab that it was imperative that my blood be tested for HSV-2. The test results came back negative for HSV-2 (genital herpes) but it came back positive for HSV-1 (the cold sore version). I was never so happy in my life, and I continued living my life as if nothing had changed. I didn't have genital herpes...life was good.

    So why am I here?? Well, it's been a while since I 'hooked-up' with anyone as my last experience left me really frightened...so I do what any other randy gal will do...I masterbate. And I've done so several times before with nothing happening...until recently. It seems that every time I masterbate my clitoris becomes very angry and swells into a herpes infection. Now how can this be?? I tested negative for the HSV-2 virus, but I'm now experiencing herpes infections. My doctor said that the HSV-1 virus will show up wherever it first presented itself...wonderful! And here is the kicker...I was put on Valtrex and it lessoned the blister on my clitoris, but because I'm so sick to my stomach and stressed out it hasn't gone away. I don't know how to calm myself down or what to do. I just feel sick and ashamed.

    Has anyone else experience this type of breakout?
  2. i feel ya

    I'm a guy with the same problem. I got HSV-1 from having oral sex with my ex-girlfriend about 8 months ago. I had no idea what was going on down there until I went and got a blood test that confirmed I had type 1. I was at first relieved that I didnt have an STD like type-2. But I quickly realized type 1 was pretty much the same thing and was going to have a huge effect on my life. Most of the last 6 months have been pretty depressing, but im starting to come to terms with it especially after i've found ways to control it. I've never had another outbreak after the primary one, but i'm symptomatic (itching, tingling, little bumps) most of the time especially when stressed out or masturbating. Here's what I've found helps:
    I take 500mg of Valtrex, 2,000mg of Lysine, 500mg of Vit C, and 50mg of Zinc twice a day with meals. You have to take this with meals or your going to get sick to your stomach. On this regimen, I have very few signs or symptoms even with irritation to the area. Another thing I've found helps is applying germ-x or purell to the affected area after its been irritated. This kills the virus rising to the surface of the skin and keeps symptoms from getting worse.(stings like hell though) I've also tried resveratrol(red wine extract) and red marine algae but these leave a terrible taste in your mouth and made me feel like I was going to vom the whole day. I took really high doses of cimetidine for a while, which really worked, but i quit b/c I dont want screw up my liver. As far as the psychological part of this disease, you have to remember you have no reason to be ashamed. Pretty much everyone gets coldsores and I imagine if the truth were told that alot of people have this. Hope I've been some help.
  3. Flicken

    Flicken Active Member


    If you got blood tested right after you got originally infected, that blood test wasn't accurate. You need to wait 3-6 months, so that antibodies have time to build up. The test that came back positive for hsv-1 was most likely something you've had for most of your life (80% of the US population carries the hsv-1 virus in our systems from cold sores we got when we were younger. A lot of people don't even remember having cold sores because they were 3 years old when they had one. Hsv-1 is so highly contagious that you could've gotten it from your mother kissing you.)

    Your symptoms sound like hsv-2, not 1....when you get type 1 on your genitals, it's not the preferred area for that type of virus, so you typically only get one outbreak or very minor outbreaks. It sounds like you've had several outbreaks. When you have your next outbreak, go to a doctor and get a culture/swab test of the breakout. Even if you're not having a breakout, go get another blood test done and request the IgG blood test. If it's been a few months since your initial episode, you should have enough antibodies built up to the disease that this will show up in your test as hsv-2.

    I hope for your sake that you only have hsv-1 down there, but there's definitely a chance it's hsv-2.
  4. NeedToKnow

    NeedToKnow Active Member

    If you've had cold sores previously, then it's more likely to be genital HSV-2 now. If you've never had cold sores, then it sounds like you have genital HSV-1.

    And keep in mind that the blood test for HSV-2 is less accurate at detecting a positive if you have had HSV-1 previously. So your blood test could just indicate that you had a previous HSV-1 infection (like orally). If possible get a swab test during the next outbreak.
  5. ginnyp

    ginnyp Well-Known Member

    Just have some input... either way she is getting lots of obs - so whether it's hsv1 or hsv2 it really doesn't matter - some people with hsv2 don't get ANY obs while some people with hsv1 get more than those with type 2.

    Flicken, you said I hope for your sake it is only type 1 down there, not type 2, but does it really matter what type if she is getting obs every time she masturbates? The most important thing is to get it under control. And find out for sure what is going on.

    I am someone with HSV2 and I don't think it matters which type you have. I have a friend who's had more genital obs than me and she has type 1. I have type 2. We all have different experiences, it's best not to make people feel falsely ok by saying "you only have type1" Either type equals herpes, you can't say people with type 2 have an STD and people with type 1 don't, because if you got it genitally then you got it through some kind of sexual experience, thus, it's still an STD. It all depends on how our body is going to deal with it.

    Sorry for the soap box, but I do get tired of people saying yeah! you've got type 1 so you're better than her because she's got type 2. BS. They were acquired the same way, and mean the same thing. Both are STDs, don't let the stigma get you confused. If it's type 1 but genital, there is still a stigma. The stigma is about the location, not so much the type.

    Kloha, if you were swab tested and there wasn't a lot of virus present, then you could have had a false negative. It's very common to have a false negative on swabs. It's best to wait a little while and then get the blood test for both types, (IGG type specific) or next time you have an ob get it swabbed immediately. Your obs don't sound necessarily typical of either type, both type 1 and 2 can cause the same symptoms and like I said, it all depends on how OUR bodies deal with it. My friend with type 1 has more genital obs than I do. So, find out for sure what you have, what type,and I hope the best for you. (My hoping the best doesn't mean I hope you have type 1 or type 2, it means I hope you figure this out and get it under control and have very few future obs). Then you can do your own research and move on and start to feel better. :)
  6. NeedToKnow

    NeedToKnow Active Member

    I guess the reason people say type 1 is better is that more people have type 1, so there is less problem finding a partner that will accept it. I mean they say such a high percentage of people already have type 1 orally. So those people should be able to have sex with someone with type 1 genital and not get it since they have built up an immunity.

    But I understand that the type 1 outbreaks can be worse than type 2. So in that regard it can be worse.
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