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I used rubbing alcohol

Discussion in 'Herpes Treatment Zone' started by catgirl, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. catgirl

    catgirl Newbie

    I get really bad OB, and can no longer take the medications prescribed, so I've been looking for alternatives. I had a horrible OB this past week and was SO sick, I raided my medicine cabinet for anything that could comfort me. Now I understand the logic of trying to dry out the sores, so I didn't want to reach for something like Vagisil (which does cut the itch, but keeps it around longer), so I tried good old rubbing alcohol and it's been three days and it's starting to scab up already! I usually get a bad OB around the same time I contracted HSV2 over 4 years ago; not sure if anyone else has the same experience. I don't think I would try this if it was internal, but this time my OB was not "inside". I would put the alcohol on a cotton ball and leave it on the sore for a minute or so. If the itching was really bad, I would do repeat a few times.

    Hope this helps!
  2. daisy#1

    daisy#1 Member

    didn't that burn???
  3. catgirl

    catgirl Newbie

    No burn

    Honestly, they are not open sores yet, so I probably wouldn't suggest doing it while they are open. It didn't burn and it took away the itching a little bit.
  4. smh1

    smh1 Member

    ouch, mine were painful before they opened!! i couldn't imagine putting alcohol on it!! hahah =]
  5. KneeDeep

    KneeDeep Newbie

  6. jeninla

    jeninla Newbie

    I recently read somewhere to put alcohol on the sores and of course I did!! With this ob I am having, I am willing to try almost anything. Well, I did the alcohol for a few days and besides it hurting like hell nothing else happened. :(
  7. JS21

    JS21 Member

    I have been using Purell, which apparently helps due to the alcohol. It burns, better the sores feel better after the burn goes away.
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