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I was just told today that i have been "exposed" to H2

Discussion in 'Newly Diagnosed' started by fighterchick, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. fighterchick

    fighterchick Newbie

    I was diagnosed with HPV about 6 years ago (thanks to my cheating ex-husband) and developed cervical cancer. The cancer was removed and I am happy to say I am cancer free. I got divorced and was dating someone for a long period of time, then we broke up and I started dating someone else when after about a month I realized I had red sores with white lumps, they really weren't blisters, but flat. I immediately went to the dr and was STD tested, it came up positive for HPV and exposure HP1 but not HP2. The dr said my bumps were caused by HPV and I had Genital Warts. I was freaked out but was relieved it wasn't herpes. That was last February I went the dr again this past week for routine screening and found out today my blood test said I have been "exposed" to HP2 and that my antibodies are high. From everything I have read I think that my dr may have misdiagnosed me and that what I have had since Feb is and has been herpes! I've looked at the pictures on-line and mine don't look like either. They only arrive on my genital area and since the first occurrence of about 6 bumps to include one near my anus, and it's usually only one or two bumps at a time and they are usually not close to one another, but never spread to anything further. They last about 4 days, the stubborn ones can sometimes last up to 7. When I was at the dr last I explained it seems like they are never in the same area and that I have had continuous recurrences, maybe 2 a month. I am under a lot of stress and have been for the past year and this is NOT helping. Does this sound like I have had herpes since Feb? If so does anyone have an suggestions on the best solutions to get a hold of this and slow it or keep it from reoccurring all together?
  2. Unbelievable

    Unbelievable Active Member

    I am a little confused... HP??? is that HSV??? Herpes???

    and a test doesn't tell you were exposed.... it either says you are positive or negative.... either you have it or you don't.... so if your doctor said you were exposed.... I would get another opinion...
  3. fighterchick

    fighterchick Newbie

    Well HPV is the Human Papillomavirus is very common. It is carried by many males with no symptoms at all so it goes undetected (unless he is tested for it) until it is passed on to the female partner who will get it detected in a pap. There are several strains, but HPV has been found to be the cause of cervical cancer in women. As far as the STD test, it was a blood test and vag culture. The vag culture came up negative for anything- good news for me no more cancer, but my every six month STD blood test came up positive for according to the nurse "exposure" to Herpes 1 and 2. The last time I was tested in Feb I came up positive for "exposure" to Herpes 1 and I asked the doctor what that meant and she said it meant that I have been exposed to it, my body was producing antibodies but it doesn't necessarily mean I have it. I left a message for the dr to call me since when I asked the nurse who called to give me the results if I had Herpes 2 she just said the results said I was "exposed" and that I need to discuss it with the dr. TALK ABOUT FRUSTRATION! So since I couldn't get a strait anwser from her and no call from the dr yet I have been online researching the heck out of things and from what I gather there are several types of tests and when it says your exposed to the virus it means you have it as your body wouldn't be building antibodies if you didn't. I don't know.. Can anyone else shed light?
  4. beautifulmorning

    beautifulmorning Active Member

    Being exposed to herpes means you have herpes. Antibodies build up in your system to fight the invasion of the virus. Your doctor was incorrect in the statement that exposure doesn't necessarily mean you have it. You have HSV-1 and HSV-2. Make sure you are tested with the IGG method since the IGM method not accurate and doesn't determine if you have HSV-1 or HSV-2.
  5. RealisticGal

    RealisticGal Well-Known Member

    That darned misnomer --- AGAIN! So many medical providers misuse that term...urgh!!! :madd:

    Okay, I'm going to try to clarify this a bit more.

    Yes, you CAN be exposed to herpes simplex without contracting it. Many exposures do not result in infection.

    HOWEVER, if you get a proper (accurate, reliable) herpes simplex antibody (blood) test that detects antibodies in the positive reference range, it does not simply mean you have been "exposed" in the past, it means you have a herpes simplex infection.

    The reason some medical providers originally began using the word "exposed" was to explain to their patients that the virus had probably been contracted during an exposure that was in the past, not recent. And also to explain the fact that even though the patient was not having an outbreak at the time, they still have the virus.

    Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, the meaning got twisted out of shape beyond all recognition.

    So no, it does not mean you have simply been "exposed" and do not have herpes. If you got a true positive result on the right kind of test, you have an infection with HSV. That is a forever thing, unless and until a cure comes along.

    Now, to address the issue of your symptoms. Unfortunately, a blood test cannot tell you where your infection is. The only way to know whether or not your genital symptoms are being caused by the Herpes Simplex virus, as opposed to the Human Papilloma Virus or even some other condition that could potentially mimic HSV, is to have fresh lesions swabbed and cultured for HSV.

    Hope this helps a bit.

  6. fighterchick

    fighterchick Newbie

    Thank you

    I will look into the testing further. My frustration was with the Dr's office- they were trying to down play it, and that can be dangerous. The LAST thing I would want to do is not realize that I actually have it and give it to someone else unknowingly. Day 3 since I found out... It's getting easier- told one of my really good friends today- she was very supportive. I found my self less confident... shying away from men as they smile and walk past me.. Thinking to myself.. boy - if they only knew. It's hard not to do the natural thing and smile back. I even got approached at the gas station by some guy who ran over and gave me his card, said he wanted to take me out to dinner. I threw the card out the minute he turned his back. Its funny how you can feel so ashamed, when you are a victim others dishonesty and of life's circumstances.