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Genital Herpes Intense itch..is this normal?? Please help

Discussion in 'About My Outbreaks' started by JJNL, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. JJNL

    JJNL No longer a member

    I have this really intense itch going from the bottom of my vagina majora (both sides), the perineum (between anus and genitals) and half way up my butt crack. It itches sooooooo bad. I've never had an outbreak with such an intense itch before its so frustrating.:madd: I'm not sure if the symptoms should be this severe or not.... Someone please let me know if this is common...my mind has been going crazy thinking of other things that could cause such intense itch. :( thanks in advance
  2. chickentuna

    chickentuna No longer a member

    is this ur initial outbreak or another one/. I have had two out breaks where the anal itching was almost unbearable... so yes its possible symptom and can be severe itching ..
  3. JJNL

    JJNL No longer a member

    Another one . I've been + for 10 years but has never had intense itch like this that causes that WHOLE area to itch.

    I would rather it be painful then itch....I tolerate pain better
  4. chickentuna

    chickentuna No longer a member

    yeah itching is so annoying.. well.. I mean ive had 7 outbreaks and out of them all 2 have been pretty bad.. and they were the oens with awful itching and it was also hard to poop and pee.. but the others were mild... maybe you are having a weakened immune system....some stress levels are high you know..getting some symptoms that way
  5. dangitinAL

    dangitinAL Well-Known Member

    I get the itchies all the time and sometimes it is overwhelming to not just scratch like a dog at the itching. I have found the only thing that eases it for me is a mixture of coconut oil, tea tree oil, and maybe lavender too. I put enough tea tree oil that it gives the refreshing bengayish warm/cold feeling. I use quite a bit of tea tree oil in mine but I like it strong. It usually eases the itches for about 6-8 hours on average. Others swear by zinc cream or baby salve stuff. Hope it helps.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2013
  6. JJNL

    JJNL No longer a member

    Thank you for replying. So how Long does this itch typically last...I'm going on 2weeks now:(
  7. dangitinAL

    dangitinAL Well-Known Member

    You really don't want to know. But, I am the rare bird on here for my crazyass prodome symptoms in weirdness, length of time, and so on..lol. I am the exception to the rule. For most anywhere from 1-2 weeks but me..well I am going on 2 years with general itching constant if not using my coconut oil concoction. Only thing that works for me. Again, don't freak. I don't think I have heard of anyone having this particular issue.
  8. JJNL

    JJNL No longer a member

    Wow....I'm sorry to hear that you have to suffer with this pain in the ass itch all the time. I really don't know what I'm going to do if that is my prodome symptom. This is the first time that I've itched this bad with H. So I'm not to sure if I can even have a prodome symptom after years of not having any. Oh and another thing....do you itch in the areas where I described in my post. (If your a female that is) lol
  9. dangitinAL

    dangitinAL Well-Known Member

    Mine is almost exclusively outside the vagina for itching.. but the virus does everyone differently.
  10. Loveable

    Loveable Active Member

    Very annoying. I've had the itch type outbreak, the pain outbreak, the I can't feel anything there but my legs and back hurt outbreak. Dynamiclear works for the pain/tingling. Tea tree oil and zovirax cream helps for the itch i notice. Its all a pain for me cause I never know what I'll be feeling. The PHN in the legs is the worst for me. It ruins my whole day.
  11. JJNL

    JJNL No longer a member

    Its been about 3 weeks now and I still itch (Although the itching has subsided a lil) That means I still have some hope that this wont be forever. :( Ive noticed that its worse in the early am...Weird right? @Loveable How long did your itch last?? I so wish that my legs itched and not my lady parts ...lol Its kind of easier to scratch your leg in public and not your butt....lol well a lot easier..lol. I'm sorry to hear that you have unbearable pain sometimes :(
  12. cupcakes12

    cupcakes12 Staff Member

    • Moderator
    For the first few months I would get horrible vagina and thigh itching. I felt a dog with fleas lol. When I started taking daily meds, the itching decreased significantly.
  13. FuzzyArtist

    FuzzyArtist Newbie

    Try popping a Benadryl.
  14. JJNL

    JJNL No longer a member

    oh believe me I have with no avail. Doc has me on a prescription strength antihistamine. Which helps a lil.

    TODAY/TONIGHT However I feel as if it is going away. I feel just a slight itch......Thank goodness!! I was beginning to think horrible thoughts :/. Anyway for anyone else out there that is going through this issue....Their is light at the end of the itchy tunnel :D lol Im at 3weeks with this horrible scratch and I can happily say its almost gone
  15. chinacat

    chinacat Newbie

    I have experienced itching in the past from HSV2 virus; however, when the itching is intense (for me at least) it means a yeast infection. If yeast get word that HSV is in town they might want to party with them (while your immune system is down).

    Feel bester soon!
  16. dreamer920

    dreamer920 Newbie

    For me personally I had experienced a really bad itch when my sores were healing, like really bad, as you are describing (it was also my initial outbreak). Could it be because of that? Sorry I'm not much help I've only had one outbreak so far but I'm glad the itchiness is starting to get better!
  17. Isla

    Isla Newbie

    Hello, I was diagnosed with HSV2 on Apr 1st when I had my first outbreak (genital area), right now the sore are gone, but I'm experiencing a really bad itch all over my genital area even where I didn't have any sores, I have been trying whatever I read in all this post and nothing seem to help to get away the itch, some stuff give me a temporal relief...
    I tried:
    Tree tea oil - relief for 15 min and after start itching really bad, so I have to rinse with water
    Coconut oil - which take away the dry sensation, but I don't think it helped with the itch
    Vitamin E - same as coconut oil
    Epson Salt - don't stop the itch after 20 min Im out of the bath
    I got Lancane for the drugstore (over the counter), it worked really well for the first 3 days, but Im not sure is working right now.
    Right now Im taking a multivitamins, L-Lysine 500mg (2 each meal).
    I'm trying to eat very healthy and stay calm (which sometimes is hard due to this bad itch)

    I'm taking valacyclovir twice a day, Doctor gave me a prescription for future outbreaks and told me don't take it for this first one because I already had sores, I didn't listening and I took it anyways (I read that is important you take medication during the first outbreak).

    I know everybody is different and symptoms are different too, I'm new to this illness and I'm just experiencing the symptoms, my doctor was not very helpful and advise to look on internet about the illness to know more about it.

    If anyone knows about something else that can help to stop the itch I really appreciate some advise.

    Thank you!

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