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Irish Spring Soap

Discussion in 'About My Outbreaks' started by LMC, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. LMC

    LMC Member

    ok im having an outbreak... i think.
    If anyone has read any of my posts im never 100% sure if im having an OB.

    So last tuesday i was tingling and itchy down there.
    Im still having issues. over a week later. Normally it lasts 2-3 days max then goes away. But now im bleading a little and im not due for my period for another week and a half. I have no sores though?

    So i read a few thinks on the forum (never google lol) and maybe im having an internal OB?

    IDK but this is what i do know, i showerd monday with irish spring, tuesday it began. Wednesday i was at my sister and used her Dove (which is what i normally use cause its liquid) and i felt a little better

    Thursday i used Irish Spring and it got bad again, but i didnt realize the conection yet. So i was washing with irish spring till yesturday and i havent used it today and i feel slightly better down there.

    I used to use irish spring before i was diagnosed, but i noticed it made my skin dry. Has anyone ever had issues with this soap?

    When i use Dove i almost never had a OB. Buying some when i get paid tomorrow cause im poor lol
  2. You might be allergic to Irish spring soap. A friend of mine stayed at a hotel and used the bar soap there just to clean her genital area. She freaked out because she broke out in a rash and bumps. After some questioning we figured out that she used a different soap for her body and that was why she only broke out on her genitals. Not sure if you are but it is something to think about.
  3. LMC

    LMC Member

    I used my Dove soap and i feel so much better
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