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Is Quickclear a scam?

Discussion in 'About My Outbreaks' started by woo, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. woo

    woo Newbie

    Hi has anyone tried this product (QUICKCLEAR)? ive just been diagnosed wtih hsv2 (could the doctor be wrong could it be shingles???) anyway, ive started on valtex one a day as a suppression and i saw this product claiming it gets rid of the virus. even as im writing this im guessing ive just done my money.

    im taking 1000mg of c
    500mg l-lysine
    2 salmon oil caps

    a day.

    its very scary all the not knowing. I did ask my doctor some questions when he said i had hsv2 but i was crying so much i dont remember it all. maybe i will go back in tomorrow.

    anyway, if anyone has any ideas on supplements that are helpfulor foods that are really great immune boosters i would love to hear from you as i would really like NOT to be taking drugs every day. also i dont know what hte side effects of valtrex are.

    wish we werent here on this website.
  2. ouch

    ouch Well-Known Member

    I, too take lysine, although I only take about 500mgs a day when NOT having an outbreak, and then I jack it up to 2000mgs during. I also take about 1000mgs of C and a Bcomplex vitamin. That is it. nothing fancy schmancy. Until recently, I went about six months of no outbreak, if I felt "the tingle" down there, then I would up my lysine.

    I think I had this recent outbreak because I was eating nuts, and a TON of oatmeal! (I made oatmeal cookies too... :oops: ) I didn't know oatmeal was a MAJOR force in contributing to outbreaks. So....no more of that. Ahem.

    This outbreak I am having now is just brutal. Add to this I am having my normal monthly "girl problems" and I am just so bummed right now, but I have jacked up my lysine intake. I hope that helps. I tried taking acyclovir and I think it made things WORSE for me. When this outbreak first started....I took the meds...and it felt as though the one tiny lesion was going away. After a week of meds, I felt great (except THEN I got weird bumps on my lips...this has happened before!) Stopped taking the meds and almost immediately, i felt another outbreak coming on. I said screw it, I am going to ride this crap out and NOT take the meds. And that is what I am doing. So, lets see what happens after this outbreak. If I can go another 5 or 6 months outbreak free, then I shall continue doing what I am doing and I will NEVER take meds again. They just seem like a joke to me. A very expensive joke.

    If I start to get outbreaks every month again like I was before, I might alter my diet some and do suppressive therapy for a few months, just to get my outbreaks in control. But I am like you, I don't want to take meds all the time. yuk.

    Unfortunately, this virus affects us ALL differently and we all have different 'triggers" to set this virus off. You kinda have to be your own guinea pig. And watch out for those folks who say they have the "cure" for this shit. they don't. They just like the looks of your wallet.

    Good luck to you ...have fun being your own personal guinea pig. Let us know what works for you too...it may help another person on here!
  3. bledflower

    bledflower Member

    oh shit. i was considering switching to oatmeal in the mornings. thank god i read your post. i dont know about quick clear but coraphor helped for me.... although you cant expect anything to completely stop outbreaks cold. but it helps. ouch is right - *Unfortunately, this virus affects us ALL differently and we all have different 'triggers" to set this virus off. You kinda have to be your own guinea pig. And watch out for those folks who say they have the "cure" for this shit. they don't. They just like the looks of your wallet. * good job ouch.
  4. woo

    woo Newbie

    is quickclear a scam

    can i just say thanks so much for bothering to reply. Ive been on panic stations just trying to devour as much info as possible

    so im going to take the valtrex for six months, give up drinking wine, up the vitamins (just bought chlorella and iron yesterday) and wait and see.

    my dr seemed to think that outbreaks generally not as strong as the initial one but guess there is no knowing at this stage.

    i gave him all the crapola i had printed out about quickclear to read this morning and he said he would look it over to see if he thought any value in the herbs but im guessing its probably just a dream for sale.

    is it possible to have 1 outbreak and then never again? or is this wishful thinking.

    ive felt like crap for a week and a half. when you get an outbreak do you feel sick? how do you go to work if your neck glands are swollen and you are sore?
    or do you just get pain in the area after initially contracting hsv2?
  5. woo

    woo Newbie

    is quickclear a scam

  6. ouch

    ouch Well-Known Member

    hey there woo,

    oh absolutely when I have an outbreak I feel like crap. I have had headaches the past few days, and I am really tired.

    Again, I would not go overkill on all the herbs and stuff. This is typical for "newbies" to herpes to go loco (crazy) over using new products and stuff....sometimes we overdo it and make ourselves worse.

    I will find the list of bad/good foods that might possibly trigger herpes and post it here for you and bledflower. I just recently ate all KINDS of oatmeal and THEN oatmeal cookies to boot (mmm homemade.) next thing I know....UGH! a super bad outbreak. SO, no more oatmeal for me. Live and learn, eh? owwwie! the hard way! :lol: However, it says (and people on here will tell you) nuts are bad, but honestly, I haven't had a problem with nuts. Especially when I was doing a high protein, low carb diet, I ate a TON of almonds and I NEVER had an outbreak then. Maybe the answer there is all the delicious, yummy, meat and proteins I was consuming then. (I REALLY need to get back on this diet!)
    And lysine lysine lysine.

    I will post that for you too Bledflower, I happened upon it here somewhere, but I will repost it all the same. Might help alot for folks to play around with different foods and stuff.

    I have read posts on this chorphor (sp) stuff...I may try it, not to HEAL me, but to just have it clear up the outbreak quicker. Worth a shot. Hydrogen peroxide does wonders and keeps things "sanitized" but the healing process is not neccesarily quick.

    Back to WOO....there ARE some lucky souls who have one, maybe two outbreaks in their life, then nothing ever again...OR one in like, five years or something . Again, everyone is different, this virus affects us all differently. I NEVER had outbreaks until I was 6 months pregnant with my son, and now I have them all the time. It is weird. I am sure hormones, stress, crappy diet have all played a roll in this. Don't let yourself worry about it too much, that will also make things worse (as the recent stress you had might have 'triggered" an outbreak. Also, don't go overkill on the garlic. They have those garlic pills you can take, might be better. (and less stinky! hehehe!)

    Try your best to relax, and take everything (herbs/meds/etc) in moderation. you are lucky you get valtrex so cheap......compared to us here in the US. it can also help with your outbreaks if they are frequent.....good luck woo!
  7. ouch

    ouch Well-Known Member

  8. boazhkg

    boazhkg Newbie

    did you find out about quickclear? what did your DR say?

    tahnk you.
  9. desperate

    desperate Member

    The same thing happened to my lip while I was on Acyclovir after my first ob.....
  10. jackerz087

    jackerz087 Newbie


    so i found out i had HSV2 about two weeks ago and was devastated. who isnt? sence then i have done a ton of looking up and reeading all the time, i have discovered that ur body fights the virus better when ur immune system is strong, so i take dan active immunity everyday. for the past 10 days and my sores on the out side have cleared up. i feel better energized and healty and hopefull. i also used rubbin alcohol(burns bad ) once a day on my sores but only for 2 days. and i think that worked wonders after the shower i would lay down and take a cotton swab and just clean it no matter how badly it hurt i would cry, another thing thats kinda odd is i went swimming in my pool (mind u i couldnt even pee at the time i was in soo much pain) and after i went swimming i had to pee so i braced my self for the pain i knew was coming and it never came i went to the restroom with out haveing to cry. i do not know how this may have helped i kno it did tho. i hope all of you out there looking for a cure realize the cure is you! learning that this does not have control over you you control it, i guess for only being 19 i have realized what some ppl take years to figure out... you must take care of ur self no matter what. read all you can learn discover and most importantly know your self know your body know your limits.and for being a piggy i guess u have to be u have to figure what works best for you. like i said dan active is my choice of help. i hope yall become happy again (that is to say if you are not) do not stress that small things in life this virus is not who you are its just a small part of you. your forhead does not say oh look i have herpes. does it? NOPE it says nothing so mold and bend ur life like you once wanted to.
  11. MEROSE

    MEROSE Newbie

    I am thinking about using quickclear. Have u tried it since your posting? Does it work?
  12. moviestar

    moviestar Newbie

    Herpes Help

    I just read all the posts and would like to offer a suggestion. I have had genital herpes for the last 20 yrs and found that if you keep your immune system up, the outbreaks are a lot less frequent and the only thing that seems to make my happen at all is when I have my period and thats not even every month, which I am very grateful now for. I am 46 yrs old and try to live a healthy life. I take a multiple vitamin (1 cap a day) milk thistle herb- 2 caps a day for (liver function), Natrol- glucosamine - 2 caps a day (joint care), L-arginine - 1 cap a day (metabolism) and finally Bee Pollen -6- (500mg)caps a day (good for everything in your body, especially your immune system which it boosts tremendously), I recommend the Spring Valley brand- you can buy it at Walmart, it is $4.95 for a 100 capsule bottle, I take 3000 mgs a day (6 caps) although you can take any amount that you feel comfortable with. As far as QuickClear is concerned, I dont know if I believe that it cures Herpes forever. I wish there was a cure for it because I just recently got engaged and I dont know how I am going to tell my fiance I have it, he is going to freak! I currently take Valtrex when I have an outbreak and I have never had any side effects whatsoever with Valtrex. There is a church with a free clinic here in the Tacoma area that pays for my Valtrex prescription when I need to take it so I dont have the expense, thank God.

    And to the person who has pain when they pee (when they have outbreaks) you need to go see a doctor because your herpes virus is speading inside of you and that is dangerous, it can kill you.

    Also I have also used hydrogen peroxide on my butt when I have herpes outbreaks there and it cures it overnight! Can you imagine that? It dries it right out, no joke. And also when you all have an outbreak, if you happen to accidentally touch your self on your outbreak sore, make sure to wash your hands immediately with soap and water , that way, it wont spread the virus to the next place you touch. This does work. If you have any questions feel free to ask me.
  13. ginnyp

    ginnyp Well-Known Member

    Lots of people have pain when they pee, especially when a sore is right in the stream. It does NOT mean the herpes is spreading around inside you and does not mean it will kill you. Actually, herpes is known to be lethal if it mutates to your brain, which is nowhere near where you pee. It can also be lethal in newborns that get neonatal herpes, which is also rare. Herpes Encephalitis is very rare and mostly caused by HSV1. I have read that 50 times today because I was petrified of this tingling I felt all over my face. And the tingling is probably caused by something other than my genital HSV. It is normal to hurt when peeing when you have an active ob in the vicinity.
  14. gotitsowhat

    gotitsowhat Well-Known Member

    I agree

    with the above post; herpes is not going to get worse because you burn when you pee, it's not going to kill you.

    BUT, I would add, that although burning when you pee is a common "normal" experience with a herpes sore touched by the urine stream, you can relieve the burning by putting a big dab of vaseline or neosporin on the sore before you pee and then pouring a pitcher or cold water over the area while you are peeing.

    As for the immune system...I did not take any meds during the first two years I had GH and I think that may have helped me to develop antibodies to the virus. Now I only take Valtrex when I have a major outbreak which has happened less and less over the years.

    I have taken a lot of things to help my immune system but the one that has helped me the most is: ginseng. I take one capsule a day of ginseng and it really helps. The other thing that has helped me has been Dynamaclear which costs a bit but not only does it shorten the time of the outbreak but it helps prevent future outbreaks. These two things have really helped me. Each person with herpes has a different pattern, though, so you have to experiment and see what works best for you.

    By the way, for whatever it's worth, I eat oatmeal whenever I feel like it (oat bran cereal, actually). I don't worry about the dietary thing because I have never found that it helps me. But, as I said, we are all different so you have to try and see what will work best for you.
  15. happyrightnow

    happyrightnow Newbie


    Hey there. Have you tried QuickClear ?? I have & I have not had a breakout in 6 months. Just thought I would let you know. I also take L-Lysine.
  16. mel007

    mel007 Newbie

    I dont understand why you would place the alcohol there other than to torment yourself, it wont make it heal any faster. I have had genital herpes for almost 11 years. I have tried changing my diet, taking costly vitamens and other things. It is a virus and nothing will cure it, I wish there were more studies about herpes, but everyone seems to focus on dementia treatments. I take famvir when I can afford it and my husband and I always use condoms. Im still trying to figure out what triggers mine and after this whole time I can not pin point it. I tried the quick clear and all it did was burn my hoo-hoo to no end,I think I cried for awhile after that. Im sure everyone tries anything in the start out of desperation. I wish I could tell you a secret to getting rid o it, or making it better.. but I have learned to just wait it out and the outbreak goes away eventually. Meanwhile you are upset, cry and depressed. I got herpes when I was 21, I was raped and ended up with it. You can lead a somewhat normal life. No one really knows I have it. I am married and a mom of 2 . I hope you can work through this, you get less angry over time...
  17. mel007

    mel007 Newbie

    I use a squeeze bottle of water when I pee so it does not burn as bad, I also slap on some vaseline, it helps coat the area..Sometimes when I sleep the outbreaks burn when they touch. I put a thin piece of gauze in between my area and it seperates it and does not hurt as bad. I had 2 outbreaks in 8 years, then all of a sudden I have them 5-6 times a year.. still trying to figure out the issue, stress I am told. I had c sections with my kids and the breakouts started to get stronger after that.. see kids just are not a pain in the bum,..... but the hoo-hoo too. I take meds when I can afford it, other than that I deal with it when it happens. I thank support systems like this for helping along. I wa amazed that my Dr had no clue about the virus so I talked to a pathologist who knew more and has really helped me. I wont take baths with my kids and I always wash my hands. Dont try the "maricle" cures cause all they do is show you how amazingly fast they can suck your money out of your wallet with no results. Shame on them for taking advantage of those that are scared.
  18. tom626

    tom626 Newbie

    I don't know if Quick Clear is just a scam or not, but I do know that after 2 days of taking it, It messed with my stomach real bad. Of course, it may have been something I ate or consumed that also messed with my stomach because it began happening after I finished a mountain dew at the movie theater, so I don't know for certain if it was quick clear or not.
  19. RioRose

    RioRose Newbie


    Hey Just letting you all know my experience with quickclear.

    My boyfriend of two years (who is still to afraid to even touch me) found it online hoping it would be the miracle cure that would mean we could be together ha!

    BUT.... while I have no idea if it can actually CURE HSV2 I can say that while on Acyclovir- if I ever skipped doses I would get an outbreak every month, while on Quickclear I was able to stop taking the acyclovir completely and zero outbreaks.

    I have had zero side affects with quickclear besides the very mossy taste the capsules have if you burp after taking them! ha! Like with anything I'd drink lots of water and have a bit of food in your stomach.

    For whatever reason... I wasnt completely faithful taking the quickclear so i can not say if my herpes could have been cured by it completely so I'm now giving it another shot! :)

    Would love to hear from anyone else who's been taking it as well!

  20. FAFA

    FAFA Newbie

    Quick Clear

    I suffered for 3 weeks with my last OB, was really bad this time.
    Desperate I ordered Quickclear 5 day treatment, and it worked pretty good.
    I am think I am going to try the 3 month treatment , see if it helps.

    I have had the virus for 5 years, I am 62 now, Valtrex does not work for me, so I work hard naturally with herbs and vitamins.
    I also have used "Never an Outbreak" DMSO cream w/aloe for
    4 years, and if i get I applied the minute I feel a tingle , it seems to keep it at gone.( most of the time).This time I think my immune system was really low fighting a sinus infection.And I ate a whole batch of Oatmeal cookies( just read about the possible effect of that on this forum, had no idea) And lots of stress lately.

    My friend recently turned me onto a product from the drugstore call"
    Lysine+ by Lip clear
    it is a cream for fever blisters ( Blue and green box ) but it works great on the other areas.
    she has had the virus for 25 years and swears this product helps heal her fast.
    I tried it this week, it did OK, I was doing about 6 different things to get some relief , so not sure if it really got to the virus.

    The burning urine was a problem so I went to the drug store and bought some of those orange pills for bladder infections and it neutralized the acid and turned my pee orange...but it helped a lot during the most painful days.But the other ideas in the forum are good ones.
    soaking in a warm bath with Aveeno Bath It is made of 100% pure natural colloidal oatmeal really helps with the itching. And Icepacks when the burning and pain is too much to take.

    I will let you all know what I think about this Quick Clear system...I do believe as others do, that each of us react differently to the virus and the treatments. Keep your fingers crossed. And keep in touch.

    Good days to all of you, glad you are here to communicate with.
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