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Is vagisil okay to use for itching?

Discussion in 'Herpes Treatment Zone' started by Denise 07, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Denise 07

    Denise 07 Active Member

    I've heard to stay away from hydrocortisone but I didn't know if vagisil would be okay for itching. I don't think that I'm having another genital outbreak but for some reason I've been having some intense itching. I don't have a discharge or odor so I don't know what's causing the itch. I applied it earlier and I feel alot better! Just wanted to see if anyone has heard anything negative about vagisil and herpes.
  2. MsWiser

    MsWiser Member

    Hey I realized that I have that also.....I've come to terms that as long as we have genital herpes.....well have serverr itching at times......its so devastating trust I know that.....I did buy vagisal n it didn't really work because my cllitoris was itching but u can't put vagisal on it or really internal as it will burn......The best thing that works for me is The Zinc Oxide cream n Or Bacitritian and Zinc combined from Duane Reade Buy those two n put it on in the morning before u head out. N take a shower at night n put it on before u go to sleep........Hope this helps
  3. cookie1978

    cookie1978 Active Member

    Intense itching is horrible. I get it a lot. I have tried several things, but I never had the itching inside the labia like that. Vagisil is supposed to help with itching inside the labia as well, not sure why it burns you...maybe you scratched yourself raw? (Ive done that)

    Monistat also helps with itching, but it is more related to yeast.

    Other remedies I have used OUTSIDE the labia are Lanacane, Purell, after sun GEL with lidocaine, and more recently ( and WITH GREAT RESULTS) Tea Tree Oil. I apply a drop or two on the labia in the morning and at night. It has a smell to it, and it gets hot like menthol... butthe itching is VERY sporadic now!

    Hope you have good luck with your itching. *hugs* :flowers:
  4. MsWiser

    MsWiser Member

    Tea Tree Oil? all over the vagina
  5. queennie4

    queennie4 Active Member

    I didn't used vagisil for herpes, but I do love it for the external itching. it worked just fine for me.
  6. Denise 07

    Denise 07 Active Member

    Thanks guys for the help! I've been putting pure aloe vera gel that doesn't contain alchohol and it seems to be working just great :) The vagisil seemed to work at first but as I put more on it seemed to worsen so I just used the aloe vera gel and it works much better. It's made by Fruit of the Earth if anyone is interested. I'm also considering buying tea tree oil because I've heard alot of positive things about it.
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