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itchy bumps on inner thighs

Discussion in 'Herpes Symptoms' started by plotterplot, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. plotterplot

    plotterplot Newbie

    hi, I'm a 23 year old guy. I had skin-to-skin sexual contact and oral sex with another guy yesterday.
    Today (22 - 23 hours after our physical contact) I noticed a red itchy rash-like-ness on my inner thighs. they are very small little slight bumps spread out over a few inches square on each side, with one area having a little cluster of them. They do not hurt, and are very small-- they don't seem to contain any liquid.
    After taking a shower this morning (33 hours after contact) they are less itchy than yesterday but still a bit itchy. They now look like a lot of little white circules, due to dry skin scabbiness. They look like really tiny white-head pimples that have just finished healing... normally when I get pimples they leave little white circles when they die down due to my dry skin healing. Putting lotion on the area makes the dry whiteness go away.
    There is no pain at all associated with any of this, and there is nothing else going on funky with my penis or other areas.
    Is this possibly herpes? Especially given the short reaction time? I've never experienced anything at all like this before (or any STD scares)...

  2. plotterplot

    plotterplot Newbie

    Another note: when I said one area had a cluster, it is not a red patch with a whole bunch of bumps or anything... just individual of these bumps in a NOT-red-patch region but they happen to be closer together than the other bumps which are more spread apart
  3. Itwillbeok

    Itwillbeok Newbie

    Get it looked at.

    Hi plotterplot~
    My opinion you might want to get it looked at. My husband and I both have HSV. Our outbreaks look different from each others. What you described is what my husband sometimes gets on his penis. His itches also whenever he gets it. His looks like dry flaky skin and little white pimples that are drying up. I am not an expert and so I definitely would get it looked at. I am only telling you what my husband's outbreaks look like. Yours could be from simple chaffing also from skin rubbing on skin. Hope that helps.
  4. Kya

    Kya Well-Known Member

    I was going to suggest that it might be like a heat rash, or friction rash. I somtimes get heat rash on my hands (if indeed it is that and not herpes) which really itches and when I scratch it, get little while bumps, which go away if I dont scratch it for a while. (Nomally gone by the next day anyway)

    But perhaps getting a professional to look at it might be an idea. Just to be on the safe side.
  5. plotterplot

    plotterplot Newbie

    How long does this last for on your husband? It has been less than 2 days since I noticed them and it's basically gone. The itching has gone away, and some moisturizer has made the little white dry areas disappear.
    I will get it checked out, but it does not seem characteristic of a primary herpes outbreak... the bumps/itchiness developed in less than 24 hours of contact, and disappeared within 2 days after this... hmmm.

    It could be heat rash which I get on my hands sometimes-- just itchier because I keep my hands very moisturized. There was also a lot of rough friction when there was skin to skin contact... then I was at the beach all day the next day.

    I hope it's not herpes!
  6. plotterplot

    plotterplot Newbie

    Since the bumps are basically gone now, I don't think I can get swab tested? So do I have to get a blood test? Doesn't that only work after a few months?
  7. Itwillbeok

    Itwillbeok Newbie

    Hi plotterplot~
    My husbands lasts about 5-6 days so maybe it is just chaffing or a heat rash. About a blood test look up this website: http://www.herpes-coldsores.com/accuracy_of_blood_tests.htm and it will tell you more info on blood tests. It takes about 2 weeks to 3 months after exposure to herpes for antibodies to appear in the blood. I think you are ok but if it comes back then definitely go to the Dr. right away. Hope that helps.
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