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Just an illusion

Discussion in 'Poetry Corner' started by OopsNowWhat, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. OopsNowWhat

    OopsNowWhat Active Member

    Your all just an illusion to cause me confusion. Cause in real life you don't even exist. Try to trick me into thinking I'm not all alone in this, which is just a wish that I wish was true, but some things in life are just to good to be true. Cus there is no you. There's just me and him, and he really wants to win. Him is the devil and he lives in my ear, he's begging me to share. I don't mean disclose, I mean nobody has to know. Nothing wrong with banging a hoe. Time to move on to the next, but I'm forever haunted by my ex. Not to complex, but rather simplex one from one night of fun. Time to wrap it up. You see what I just did there? Of course not, no one else is really here.
  2. ariel0285

    ariel0285 Newbie

    Nice I really like this. An illusion, maybe one day it won't be :)
  3. Finallyhopeful

    Finallyhopeful Active Member

    Actually, I like this too, and I usually don't like the herpes inspired poetics :)
  4. Acesheart

    Acesheart HC Support Provider

    Hey OopsNowWhat, I liked this. It sounds as though your still struggling. Good job on the poem. Truly, Ace. :)
  5. OopsNowWhat

    OopsNowWhat Active Member

    Thanks I'm glad you liked it.
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