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Kidney pain from Hsv-2 ????

Discussion in 'Newly Diagnosed' started by JustAlady, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. JustAlady

    JustAlady Member

    :confused:When I was diagnosed I had a Uti and some kind of awful bacteria infection. they put me on amoxicillin and it's still present and making my kidneys feel something fierce! I'm scared,,,what's stronger than anykind of 'cillian' that could kill this infection? Could taking acyclovir have anything to do with this? had ANYONE been through this. oh god...i'm prolly gonna die. lol. :( I don't want to go back to the hospital. But this is really hurting badly. it feels like my left kidney will explode at any given moment.
  2. Amalia

    Amalia Active Member

    I would go back and see a doctor as soon as possible. It sounds like you might need a stronger medication to get rid of that infection. Stay hydrated too.
  3. pinkprincess

    pinkprincess Newbie

    hey hun!

    wat a coincidence... i went to urinate last night and caught a really sharp strong pain in my left pelvic area. i dont know exact wat it is. i am hsv 2 genital, and i just figured maybe this is a sign for an outbreak. i havent been takin my vitamins lately and i dont take valtrex or anything anymore. so i figured this is a new symptom of my obs. i would say to go get it checked out just to be safe. hope u feel better!
  4. Canadian Daisy

    Canadian Daisy Active Member

    Whether you want to go back to the doctor or not..at this point you kinda have to. When you get a uti and it isn't properly taken care of it could lead to a more serious infection. They may need to put you on a different medication and for a longer duration.
    Herpes does not cause kidney pain. I have never had any side effects from any of the antivirals out there either. Good luck. Don't put this off though, go back now and get checked! Keep us posted:flowers:
  5. JustAlady

    JustAlady Member

    I went today and they told me that there was nothing wrong with me. They haven't any clue what could be causing my kidneys to hurt? :| But then he didn't ever refer me to a specialist or anything? So, I guess I am going to call my obgyn Monday.
  6. JustAlady

    JustAlady Member

    Thanks everyone for the responses. I really appreciate it! :)
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